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  1. Or even do them ala the Big 10? If so, it would be nice to see how/who they seed at certain weights. Maybe we would all care about a weight like 183 or 185 or any others in that range.
  2. "What a dork, shut up." Was one of two acceptable answers to my call for citation. The other would have been, "Thank you". But since "What a dork, shut up" is exactly what you say the first time one of your friends accuses you of liking a girl, I think it is an even better answer. As an aside, today's FRL is the perfect rebuttal to those who complain about lack of content on Flo. The interview with Coach Storniolo was fantastic. His explanation of his position on the Dresser situation was compelling, brutal and honest.
  3. I will go with some recency bias here and say if anyone but Pletcher or Lee wins the Big 10s I will be shocked. If you have to go back four years to find a data point (and pass over two opposite and increasingly lopsided data points in the pursuit) I feel good. That said, it sure isn't a 100% proposition. He is a very talented wrestler. I give Red a puncher's chance. For him to beat Lee and Pletcher he has to go big. I don't see him winning a take down battle.
  4. Let's not forget that one our Mt. Rushmore wrestlers, the man they named the "Heisman of wrestling" for, Dan Hodge, only wrestled 46 matches in his three year career. I admit that I have no historical context to place 15 matches per year into.
  5. I believe he is 0-1 (at least) against drug testers this year.
  6. No, Dr. Spock was on the Yale crew in 24. This team came from University of Washington. That is another element of the story. In a sport traditionally dominated by the east coast elites of the Ivy League the UW team were working class. They initially could not come up with the $5k needed to travel to Germany so a Penn alum offered to pay, but only if the Olympics committee sent the Quakers instead. They had to overcome a lot of challenges, not unlike wrestlers.
  7. Oh, so Nomad you will go after, but you backed off bullying Askren pretty quick. We want Askren. Give him what for. And remember to do it live, in person and on air.
  8. If we are going to take this thread off the rails, let's go all the way to Tangent Town. For those interested in rowing I recommend a fantastic book called "The Boys in the Boat". It is the story of the 1936 US mens 8 Olympic rowing team. There are a lot of parallels to wrestling with the extreme training, self discipline, and drive. Millions listened to rowing on the radio. There are rock star coaches, Nazi to beat and the amazing personal story of Joe Rantz. The twist in his personal life is too bizarre to be fiction. Read it and you will thank me.
  9. I feel like that was just Nomad being Nomad. Spey comes in here all the time and engages intelligently. I've learned to ignore everything Nomad says above a certain pitch. When that voice gets real high is when the too hot takes come out.
  10. We are just viewing the same data differently. while he over performed his seed both years I am saying that is due to having bad seeds that were the direct result of regular season underperformance. So, by extension I am saying he out performed prior underperformance. There was an interesting article about this earlier in the year. https://huskers.com/news/2019/11/21/wrestling-red-confident-after-overcoming-mental-hurdles.aspx It is good to see him back to his motivated self.
  11. Not THAT dangerous. He finished 7th and 8th the last two years at NCAAs which is about where you would expect given his talent level and if you ignored his sub-par regular seasons. Then at Big 10's last year he got the most favorable possible draw by being on the same side of the bracket as Mike Carr (and opposite McKenna and Lee). Carr was the poster child for questionable seeding when he was given the #1 after not having wrestled McKenna or Lee. He then proceeded to drop three matches at Big 10s and two more at NCAAs and not AA. I do feel bad for Red this year though. They gave him the 4 seed and Murin the 3. Red beat Murin head to head. And while Murin has fewer loses in the conference he did not take the mat against Pletcher or Lee this year. I think you can make the case that Red should have been the 3.
  12. It is pretty fascinating how these threads evolve. What began as a question about viewing options has turned into a referendum on Title IX. I chose women's rowing as the example of a niche sport to compare to wrestling because 1.) it is clearly a niche sport and 2.) it was the next most popular program among DI schools. Wrestling has 73 DI programs and women's rowing has 81. I could have as easily picked men's swimming at 134 DI programs, but I intentionally went with the more extreme example to make the point that wrestling is niche whether we die hard fans want to think that or not. By using men's swimming as the example we can eliminate the Title IX noise and just focus on the numbers. Swimming, like wrestling, requires a unique set of skills that must be honed by very specialized training. It requires a very unique facility that cannot be used for other sports (with the exception of water polo). It peaks in popularity every four years and then fades into oblivion. It has only recently begun to have sponsorship opportunities to allow for post-graduate elite participation. I don't think anyone could effectively argue that swimming is a mainstream sport, and yet it is nearly twice as popular at the DI level as wrestling. Back to the original contention of the original poster. Paraphrasing: "Flo is bad for wrestling because it's subscription model turns it into a niche sport." I believe he has his cause and effect backward. Wrestling was a niche sport before Flo came along. Flo is attempting to make the sport less niche. They are also attempting to profit through their efforts. Too quote Don Barzini, "Certainly he can present a bill for such services. After all we are not communists."
  13. I'm just busting chops here. I am a happy Flo subscriber. I think they do a great job and have enjoyed their growing content. And for me the price is right. The way I look at it, it would cost me a multiple of what I am spending to go see live everything I see on Flo. To my way of thinking they are doing a lot to grow the sport.
  14. https://www.win-magazine.com/win-awards/hodge-trophy/nick-ackerman-2001-hodge-trophy-winner/
  15. You need only scroll to the first post on this page. Nick Ackerman had 4 losses. He was co-Hodge winner with Cael Sanderson. He also had no legs. His story is absolutely amazing.
  16. I may know nothing about wrestling, but I do know how to cite a source. You attribute a direct quote you read on your show to "somebody"? You can, and should, do better. No one bothered to look in the rule book to challenge what one of your own guys thought was a specious claim. Know that it took me all of 5 minutes to find that rule.
  17. I am feeling the same way. I think he does get them both this year.
  18. I dont think you need to buy anything if BTN is included in your TV subscription. The BTN+ app will ask you which TV provider you have. It will then ask for your login credentials for your TV provider. After you provide them, the app will confirm that BTN is part of your package. If it is you are in.
  19. The Big 10 brass is certainly savvy enough to put the Big 10 championship on the Big 10 Network, and only the Big 10 Network. My guess is you need both TV (BTN) and computer (BTN+) to see everything. As for Flo, I dont want to torch you, but I will say I think you have your cause effect backward. Wrestling was a niche sport long before Flo existed. For example, there are 353 colleges and universities listed as Division I and only 73 have wrestling. More DI schools have women's rowing. I dont think Flo really has anything to do with that. Men's swimming is certainly a niche sport and yet there are 134 DI programs. It just is what it is.
  20. Going by those who posted their age so far, the average is 58. Going by those who replied to the poll the average is between 42 and 49 with a likely true average around 45 or 46. 42 assumes everyone is at the low end of the range, 49 assumes the high end of the range and 45-46 assumes mid-point of the range (I used 74.5 for mid-point of the top range). So how does that fit in your original hypothesis, tigerfan?
  21. Dammit, you beat me to the punch again. I'm guessing its not that half, its the other half.
  22. There are high school kids who enter opens like Mat Town and Edinboro so it seems that is allowed.
  23. We are not all Catholics, but this may be a good idea. https://www.theverge.com/2020/2/26/21154340/pope-francis-ash-wednesday-lent-speech-internet-insults-phones Trolling can sometimes be hard to distinguish from disagreeing, but I am going to do my darnedest to stay positive in my arguments. Wish me luck.
  24. I think that is unlikely. They signed him to a 7 year, $2.25 million contract to win. And he is trying to do just that. Perhaps a stern talking to. Kind of like Brad Pitt's character in Inglorious Basterds "More like chewed out. I've been chewed out before".
  25. A big thank you to Marcus Cisero for starting this thread. A bright shining light of positivity and a forum to tell our stories. Makes everyone more human instead of some nameless, faceless person on the internet. Raises the level of discourse. Thanks again for doing this.
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