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  1. Per Casey Cunningham's email: If you are not able to make it to the match it will also be on Rokfin live. If you already have an NLWC Rokfin account you will be able to watch it there or if you want to get an account here is the link. https://www.rokfin.com/NLWC
  2. That hasn't stopped either in the past and won't in the future.
  3. I know what you mean. I figure since I have already paid my $10 I will click on the link when it is available. But if they ask for more, that is where it will end for me. But I have faith. Misguided or otherwise.
  4. I am assuming that was poor wording on their part. In one part of the article it says " a user must have a Rokfin subscription through the Journeymen Wrestling Rokfin channel" which is counter to the Rokfin ethos (subscribe through one channel, get all channels). And in another part of the same article they say: "To watch the live streams, a user must have a Rokfin subscription." No mention of the subscription being through the Journeymen channel. With the Rokfin model as I understand it, if you subscribe via a link provided by a specific channel, the channel earns more tokens than if you subscribe in general. And there is an element of compensation that is tied to your usage. For example, if you subscribe via Journeymen, but spend a lot of your time on Matscouts, NLWC, and Intermat channels then those later three will get a larger portion of the variable component of the compensation. I hope I am reading this right as I plan to watch the stream even though my Rokfin account is not tied to Journeymen.
  5. #3 is a number and it is occupied by Yianni Diakomihalis
  6. And his opponents are the "ghosts of departed quantities" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Division_by_zero
  7. Have you ever tried dividing by zero?
  8. The way they phrase their criteria in the Rokfin article is they "used a combination of collegiate achievements, with 2021 accomplishments carrying more weight than past years, along with win-loss records and notable wins. While we are counting down the top-50 wrestlers based primarily on collegiate accomplishments, it is impossible to totally ignore achievements in the international settings, so they did factor in slightly, too." The part about 2021 accomplishments carrying more weight to me suggests Spencer Lee and Gable Steveson will be above Yianni Diakomihalis. And the part about international achievements being a slight factor suggests to me that Gable Steveson will be above Spencer Lee. So putting it together I think we get Steveson, Lee, Diakomihalis as 1, 2, 3.
  9. So the only suspense left is who gets #3 and who gets #4 between yianni Diakomihalis and Nick Lee, and who gets #1 and who gets #2 between Gable Steveson and Spencer Lee. My guess is unchanged: #1 - Steveson #2 - S Lee #3 Diakomihalis #4 N Lee
  10. My favorite kind of argument. First, make up some silly numbers. 1-6? They are 1-1 against each other in college and the two matches were 3 years apart. Perhaps pre-puberty Yianni was 5-0 against Lee. Don't know. Also don't care. Next, claim Yianni was a little sad that day he lost. Oh, he was sad? Well then never mind. That one doesn't count. But you still get your participation trophy. Of course, none of this matters in either direction. It's Rivera's weight to lose, just ask the Flo guys. They are all always Rivera's weight to lose.
  11. The numbers are still hilarious on HWIN. The last official price is 13.75 giving it an undiluted market value of $107mm, but for the month of October the average daily volume was a whopping 2.4 shares per day. They really just exist as a shell intended to merge with a company seeking a US exchange listing. They need to deli to avoid the deadline for mergers imposed on SPACs. So they run the deli at a lose and keep plugging along.
  12. But I have been told that everyone who lost to Nick Lee wasn't trying.
  13. Nick Lee only cares about respect that is earned on the mat. He will be chopping wood and carrying water in the meantime.
  14. Interesting. I came to the opposite conclusion. Given that they tied for the Hodge last year I read that sentence as hinting that they would break the tie with Gable's Olympic gold.
  15. In the accompanying article on Rokfin Corby says: "While we are counting down the top-50 wrestlers based primarily on collegiate accomplishments, it is impossible to totally ignore achievements in the international settings, so they did factor in slightly, too."
  16. Just #8 so far (RBY). Supposed to be 1 per day from here on.
  17. My corollary rule is "It is only your inconsistencies that bother me".
  18. It's always OK to ask. You will get a much more positive response today than when Willie asked.
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