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  1. Examine the phrase "a healthy Iowa team"
  2. It was reported on the Nebraska board that Red had the flu. That would certainly explain his performance.
  3. I agree Berge won't get third, but there is no way Micic sniffs fourth either. And I do not see Lewan as a finalist. I am not sure what decompression will do to the scores overall, but this will be a fascinating case study among Iowa, Michigan, and PSU.
  4. Don't have one yet until I see the seeds. I will put together a range of outcomes for everyone once they come out.
  5. Based on your description I have the range of outcomes (pre-bonus points) at 75 - 127. 75 assumes the low end of the range you describe (8th for AA) and 127 is the high end of the range (2nd for AA). That gives a whole lotta credit to Micic. If we assume "will AA" = upper third of range and "likely AA" = lower half and Micic is round of 12, then your range tightens up to 80 - 97 pre-bonus. To get to 125 with bonus they will need a lot of things to go right (which they did at B1G, so can't discount it).
  6. They loved his answer on HR, too. Whole lotta Nick Lee love from the HR faithful yesterday.
  7. For anyone who wants to do the work (I do not), there is a two stage process for determining the at-large bids. First the pool of eligible wrestlers is determined. To be eligible, a wrestler must meet at least two of the following criteria: .700 overall winning percentage (at the weight) .700 Division I winning percentage at the weight class Top 33 RPI (taken after the qualifying tournaments) Top 33 Coaches Ranking (Taken after the qualifying tournament) One win against a wrestler who qualified for the National Tournament Qualifying event placement one below AQ Then from that pool, the following criteria are applied to determine at-larges: Head-to-Head Competition Quality Wins (defined as current year AQs and allocated spot earners) Coaches Rank (final poll, after the qualifying tournaments) Conference tournament placement Results vs. common opponents Win percentage
  8. Bad rule based on a bad assumption. It assumes everyone is lying, so punishment is required.
  9. Do we need to assume the laws of gravity no longer exist in this scenario also?
  10. I do not have a Twitter account (I want that on my head stone) so I am unable to see the comments (a recent Twitter change to try to encourage me, apparently the last Twitter holdout, to stop holding out). Your premise in the last case is faulty. 1.) None of this stuff is binary. 2.) You want me to pretend I have knowledge when my premise is that none of us have knowledge of what their injuries are. I won't play that game. But say they have a legitimate injury, but they think they can gut through a match or five, they will clearly save what little they have left for when it matters the most. We hear this all the time in professional sports, "if it was a playoff game/Super Bowl/ whatever then I would have played".
  11. While I don't agree with your definition of hurt, or the assumption that a prior injury is somehow always not still an injury, lets play this out. So who do you know not to be injured? I ask because we all only knew about Spencer Lee's and Yianni Diakomihalis' torn ACLs after the fact.
  12. I hear people say that without saying what the distinction is, leading me to think it is just a thing people say. As a swimmer, my coach made it clear. If your are experiencing muscle pain, quit your bellyaching and get back in the pool. If you are experiencing joint pain, stop. What is the difference for you?
  13. Because in a sport that is absolutely brutal on the body, it is silly to assume someone is not injured when they say they are injured.
  14. That certainly seemed to be the case for Brady Berge, leading to his retirement.
  15. I agree with the position statement even though I find your reasons to be weak.
  16. Double unders isn't pushing. But, you already knew that.
  17. Nick Lee. Always brings it. Always classy in victory or defeat.
  18. Well we don't have to, but boy do we need to.
  19. How much of the real concern (as opposed to easy partisan sniping - guilty) is because it made for bad TV, while being good strategy? If this was a streaming only event, would people be so up in arms?
  20. So false. Marinelli digging double underhooks is him taking a shot. His shots are upper body. Ask Amine. The second Amine felt that second hook coming, his ass dropped and he peddled hard backward. Vincenzo Joseph is about the only guy who didn't back out of that position. And even he had mixed results.
  21. How did you know my nickname was "Tasteless"?
  22. Who is keeping a running total of what you were wrong about? I admit I can't keep up.
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