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  1. Sports books are already paying out on that bet.
  2. But when the original stance is wrong, the quick back pedal is the best course of action. Anyone complaining about free food isn't hungry enough.
  3. Glad to see you picking Iowa. Now I feel better about my picks. I kid. But, do I? Just joking. Or not?
  4. Is it an -ism if I say this thread is getting really old? And, no, I do not really care what the answer is.
  5. If I knew anything, I would know how to spell Negron's name. And that it is the Carver Effect. But without the edit function working, whadda ya gonna do? Hey, mods ( @Waste Management ?). Is this something that can be fixed? The error message I get when I try to edit says the post has moved or it has been too long since the original post. Neither seems to be the case.
  6. I did not see any explicit predictions thread so I thought I would start one. Priming the pump with (picks in bold): 125: Hildebrandt v Ayala - I am leaning Hildebrandt here due to experience, but it is a very slight lean for me at this point. I just find this so hard to predict given the limited sample size on Ayala. 0 - 3 133: RBY v DeSanto - I have to lean heavily toward RBY until I see an adjustment by DeSanto. RBY's adjustments have been very effective. 0 - 6 141: Lee v Eierman - Lee has picked up right where he left off last year. The wood looks chopped, the water appears to have been carried. Eierman, meanwhile, does not look as good as he has in the past. 0 - 9 149: Bartlett v Murin - I am leaning Murin for the same experience reason as 125. It is also a small lean because Bartlett can throw the one big move at you. 3 - 9 157: Young v Barraclough(?) - The fact that I have to put a question mark after the presumed PSU starter makes me lean heavily toward Young. I can't see Young getting anything more than a decision against either Barraclough or Negron. 6 - 9 165: Berge v Marinelli - I am going with a recency bias on this one. With Berge coming off the Amine win and Marinelli coming off the Karchla lose, I am leaning Berge. 6 - 12 174: Starocci v Kemerer - Also influenced by recency. While Starocci is coming off a win, he looked gassed at the end. I think that Kemerer gets his NCAA revenge. 9 - 12 184: Brooks v Assad - Even though Assad is a local boy, I have to go with Brooks here. He just looks in complete control at this point. I don't think it is a major, but there is the potential. 9 - 15 197 - Dean v Warner - Another real tough one for me. I admit that Warner's style bores me, and therefore biases me. But, I will give him the W as a nod to the Carver (which I am dubious about). 12 - 15 285 - Kerkvliet v Cassioppi - And so it comes to this. I cannot unsee how well Kerkvliet got to Parris' legs and how well he finished once he got there (3 of 4 I believe). 12 - 18 I went with all decisions, which doesn't feel right. So if I had to choose where we might see a major or worse first up would be RBY (after all we have seen it kinda), but the list would also include Lee (I am drinking the koolaid, and truth be told, always will be), Kemerer, Brooks, and Kerkvliet. I look forward to being 100% correct. And the good news is I will get to see it happen in person.
  7. Waste Management sentenced boys younger than you to the gas chamber. Didn't want to do it. He felt he owed it to him.
  8. I bet she can make it with a 20 lb weight in her hands
  9. The Illinois coaches have to hear that sound bite at the 1:00 mark and be banging their heads against the wall. People keep saying UofI should be better given the talent in the state, then you hear they weren't interested in this kid. Oof.
  10. Sadly, no. They just hung out in the season ticket section.
  11. You don't think a Rivera/Lee back-to-back would be equivalent to a Fix/RBY back-to-back? I ask because the Rivera I saw this year looked pretty jacked and is absolutely mowing down everything in front of him. And Lee has picked up right where he left off last year.
  12. Saw her at the UM match. I thought my wife was going to faint, she was so excited.
  13. Since you are new around here, I will let you know the joke is @Jimmy Cinnabon likes to wager, but @Jimmy Cinnabon does not like to pay.
  14. If so, it is not approved for use on politicians. I can't help myself. Any chance I get to post this clip, I will. It amuses me to no end. He is so detailed and specific in his criticism of the Michigan coaches, and yet it means nothing. It is just great.
  15. It seems to flare up only one to three times per year.
  16. Felt bad for Brad Wilton against Greg Kerkvliet. It looked like they sent their backup 197 out there, but then I saw he weighed in at 213. Someone needs to get him on the unlimited meal plan at the cafeteria.
  17. Saw an On the Mat where they talking about how difficult his class load is and what a Renaissance man he is. Very impressive young man.
  18. My narrative is this. This thread is dumb and lazy. In a sport where injuries are a constant and at a time when there is a hyper sensitivity to illness, almost all claims of ducking are dumb and lazy.
  19. Crickets on Micic? Or is it just not supporting your narrative?
  20. Ducking thread in 3, 2, 1....
  21. The Athletic reports: NCAA member schools voted on Thursday to approve a new constitution, the first step in a reform process that could fundamentally change the way college sports works. The new constitution was approved by vote of 801 to 195 at the association’s annual convention, which took place in Indianapolis less than a mile away from NCAA headquarters. The new constitution is a simpler, pared-down version of the old constitution, the bedrock principles on which college athletics are organized. Now, each division will set its own rules and figure out the best way to govern itself. At the Division I level, such a task falls to the so-labeled transformation committee, which is co-chaired by SEC commissioner Greg Sankey and Ohio athletic director Julie Cromer. Their group is merely at its “starting point,” Sankey told reporters on Thursday evening, and it will begin its work in earnest next week. That work is potentially massive, as the 21-person committee will evaluate everything from enforcement and regulatory work to athlete compensation and the Division I governance model itself. The timing of such reform is no accident. Though there are administrators across college sports who have long pushed for modernization, there’s no way to ignore the outside pressure that led the NCAA to this point. It’s come from the U.S. Supreme Court, both branches of Congress and the National Labor Relations Board. In June, the Supreme Court ruled 9-0 against the NCAA in an antitrust case related to caps on compensation for academic-related benefits for athletes. The ruling, which was accompanied by a scathing concurring opinion from Justice Brett Kavanaugh, opened the door to more legal challenges to the NCAA model. On July 1, facing mounting pressure from various state laws and federal legislators, the NCAA changed its longstanding rules to allow athletes to receive compensation for their names, images and likenesses (NIL) in the form of endorsements, sponsorships and the like. But in the wake of the SCOTUS ruling, the NCAA needed to mitigate potential legal exposure and ended up eschewing a strict set of regulations and deferring to individual institutions and individual states, which led to a patchwork set of rules. Meanwhile, members of Congress have proposed various bills over the past two years that address topics ranging from NIL reform to post-graduate healthcare. Prominent senators have criticized escalating college football coaching salaries and lavish spending on facilities. Some have even broached the subjects of collective bargaining and employee protections for athletes. It's clear that the old model of amateurism cannot continue without a serious overhaul. NCAA president Mark Emmert said Thursday “is one of those big-change moments” in the history of the association. But, in reality, that reform may take months. Sankey and Cromer have been given an August deadline to report back to the board with progress and recommendations regarding the future of college sports.
  22. I'm pretty sure getting injured and getting docked a point for the second injury stoppage was a great advantage to Brooks.
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