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  1. you sound like my wife when she claims she saved me money, but I somehow always have less.
  2. If it helps, I typically find your opinions unpopular.
  3. Confidence pools work. Everyone picks their winner per match and whether it is 3, 4, 5, or 6 team points, then ranks them 1 to 10. Ties can be decided by the most correct team point predictions. You can also use team points predictions in more complicated ways.
  4. Lee v Micic is the chance for Micic to confirm his high school win or for Lee to exact his revenge. Lee had two loses in high school, as a junior to senior Chad Red (completed Red's 4 year unbeaten high school career) and as a freshman to senior Stevan Micic. Hilariously, as has been pointed out on this board, Senior+ Lee is now matched against Senior++++(?) Micic. Unlike Cassar v Steveson, I think it will be better to be younger in this match up.
  5. That's weird. I just saw him upstairs carrying water.
  6. I am saying he will win. I also believe he should win. And I am OK with the shift from objective to subjective that has been happening over time (and was blatant last year when for the first time there was both a tie, and no results of the vote released). If it is a purely statistical exercise then you get Ben Askren type decision making. He has admitted seeking out weak competition to increase his pin totals, for example. A purely statistical award also leads to more of the thing we hate the most that shall not be named (rhymes with dhucking). But even if you make it purely statistical we do not know how the seven categories are to be weighted. Are there instructions for the voters? Is it equal weighted? Or is quality of competition the category with the highest weight? Or is it pins? etc. The other thing that argues against a purely statistical award is that there are voters. Why do you need voters if all we are doing is toting up numbers? The answer is that we are not just toting up numbers. Again, as was made clear last year.
  7. It isn't the pinning award anymore. That is only one of seven criteria. And it was made abundantly clear last year that they no longer take a purely formulaic approach. Steveson. All day. All night. And twice on Sundays.
  8. If it doesn't count in the numerator, why is it in the denominator? I think this is just a mistake by wrestlestat.
  9. Calvin and Hobbes is always the right answer.
  10. Austin DeSanto with Iowa's newest 125? I thought Ayala was bigger.
  11. I heard that as a little kid he stopped getting invited to birthday parties because he would only play Attack, Attack, Goose.
  12. Quit trying to hijack the thread.
  13. I am not 100% sure what you mean by insitutional support, but I assume you mean institutional confirmation. And I assume you will find an issue with this.
  14. Got it. No matter what anyone says, you believe your preconceived notion.
  15. If I recall correctly it was a favorite return technique of Vincenzo Joseph. And I don't recall anyone getting injured from it.
  16. Why is the thing you made up more likely than the explanation the school with actual information gave?
  17. I was at that dual and in person the size disparity appeared even greater. Deakin was freakin big.
  18. This is how I know you have nothing of value to say.
  19. Give it time, this thread will get there eventually. Maybe if I start a Covid thread people will use it to talk about PSU vs Iowa.
  20. No, but that is not what I was addressing either. I fully acknowledge that current Steveson could beat freshman Steveson. As a matter of fact, current Steveson could also beat sophmore Steveson, in my opinion, but I don't know if current Steveson could beat Olympic gold medal Steveson, or Steveson from a week before the Olympics, or Steveson from a week before that. How does Wednesday this week Steveson stack up against Tuesday last week Steveson? These lines are all so arbitrary.
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