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  1. Before we move on I just want to say Holy crap, Ridge "Gumby" Lovett. I pulled a hamstring out of sympathy. These guys are amazing.
  2. Agreed, but there was no attempt to turn.
  3. Crickets on theis ankle ride tthough
  4. How is double boots in any different than the ankle ride.
  5. I just watched the Eierman v Zargo match. Eierman is constantly adjusting the heavily taped finger on his left after each takedown. It looked to me that it really affects his grip when on top. I imagine this has something to do with his lack of pins. It looks like now he is mostly looking to go double boots in and ride like hell. If the bottom man makes a mistake, he is happy to take advantage, but it looks like he is having a hard time forcing the issue with that injury.
  6. You missed the point. I have no opinion one way or the other. Crowd sizes and attitudes neither fill me with joy, nor depress me. I am just mocking your opinion because it is worthy of being mocked.
  7. I do not believe any of the multitude of Iowa fans who repeatedly chanted f*** Penn State or the one who threw the bottle were made of straw, but they all wished they only had a brain.
  8. It is telling that you think I exaggerated. I saw it fly through the air, barely missing PSU coaches and wrestlers as it bounced between them. Unfortunately, you seem to think that constitutes fun.
  9. Could not agree more. The thing that made it obvious for me was no PSU fan cared enough to start a f*** Ohio State chant or throw a beer bottle at Tom Ryan. And they call themselves fans?
  10. From a tram perspective it might be better to lose early and place third than to place second, not that I would recommend trying it.
  11. With Big10s a month away he would need to start the descent now if he weighed 165 in Iowa.
  12. This is wrestling. There is an 83% chance he is right and an 83% chance he is wrong.
  13. Gable will have my eternal respect if he does this AND calls stalling on himself.
  14. Looking at the Wrestlestat list of pin leaders shows why the Hodge is no longer an award for the wrestler with the most pins. I think my favorite is Anthony Sobotoker, second on the list but first in my heart, with 11 pins AND 11 loses.
  15. Something has been bugging me about this list and I just realized what it is. It includes a bunch of guys who are red-shirting. Derek Fields, Blake West, Teague Travis (not Travis Teague), Patrick Kennedy, Joey Milano, Stoney Buell, and Andre Gonzales are all red-shirts. And no, I did not make up any of those names.
  16. Wait. That means you think my statement that I made up one name is also fake.
  17. That is probably a true statement for everyone on that list. For example, Sebastian Rivera has teched the murderer's row of: Christopher Kim, Jordan Hamdan, Brandon Meredith, We Rachel, Joseph Zargo, CJ Composto, McKenzie Bell, Corey Shie, Ethan Szerencits, Justin Hoyt, Francisco Valdes, and Seth Koleno. By the way, I made one of those names up. Can you guess which it is?
  18. No, no, no. A thousand times, no. My team is different and special. When we take transfers it is good and virtuous. Our motives are noble. Our ideals are high-minded and pure. Our competitors, however, are the lowest of the low. They serve only to stand in contrast to our bright shining light with their under-handed, nefarious, back alley, smoke filled room, dirty dog, morally bankrupt, spirit of the rule skirting, dark shadow loving, mercenary, good name besmirching, so called "transfers". I will have satisfaction for it is pistols at dawn.
  19. I would never explain that to a fourth grader.
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