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  1. I am never wrong. I just occasionally run out of time to be right.
  2. Agreed, but not so much because of Eierman, but because it was Nick Lee. And NO ONE takes down Nick Lee. Which was amply demonstrated in the NCAA final.
  3. We even have an Iowa based example of this last year. In the Big 10 final Jaydin Eierman lost the take down battle 1-2 against Nick Lee, but won the match 6-5.
  4. It was a general finger wag, rather than one aimed at you. Apologies.
  5. He also planned to win 3 before he wins 4. How did those plans go?
  6. Possible? Sure. But he said his intention is to put the Hawkeye singlet on again. "My goal was four national titles, not three." He was also quoted as saying "I don't know if I can do this for another five years." meaning wrestling with the pain, icing, electric stim, swelling, etc. I assume the five years includes his planned freestyle career.
  7. Not necessarily. No telling what would have happened had he had the surgery last year. Heck, no telling what will happen this year.
  8. So you are saying Spencer Lee and I have a lot in common? Cool. Can't wait to tell everyone.
  9. I am pretty sure a lot of people said it too (though I could just be remembering a few people constantly repeating it), but anyone saying "I told you so" at this point is really just revealing a confirmation bias. None of us could possibly know what he is capable of or enough details about his medical situation to have formed an accurate opinion. But if presented with a binary option (get surgery / don't get surgery) anyone with an opinion had a 50% chance of guessing what wound up being the ultimate course of action. Notice I didn't say they were right. Next we get to second guess the decision to get both knees repaired at the same time.
  10. Given the quote from the article above that certainly seems like a strong possibility.
  11. That is addressed in the article: "But eventually, the strain on the “good” knee (the right) was causing layers of problems. Now, instead of one knee hurting, there were two."
  12. Double surgery. Wow. That is going to be some seriously difficult rehab.
  13. I was surprised that I was able to find this picture of @JasonBryant explaining "how things work" to @NJDan
  14. Lee tweeted it himself. It is a few pages back in the thread.
  15. Wow, if true. Lee has made it clear how much he values the team goals. To take a medical redshirt, again if true, would have had to be an anguishing decision for him.
  16. Dual meet is correct. Duel is fine. Duel meet is incorrect.
  17. Maybe that changes. It was just announced that he was added to the PSU roster. https://gopsusports.com/sports/wrestling/roster/drew-hildebrandt/12586
  18. So, about a 0.3% chance of 9 repeat champs. Sure, seems about right, maybe should be a bit lower, but whatever. The only places I might quibble are where there are a lot of close contenders like 141 (and I say that as an unabashed Nick Lee fan) and 174. But then again, what do I know?
  19. I thought about including that, but in the end I did not. However, I don't have a real good reason for that. It was mostly down to my not understanding the equivalency.
  20. OK, so here is the compiled answers to questions #3 and #4, so far. I sorted by NCAA Titles, World Medals and then HS Titles. I put World Medals second in the sort in spite of the fact that I did not include that in my original questions/criteria, but it fits the broader context of better results at a more difficult level. A couple observations: Baumgartner from zero High School titles to thirteen World Medals just doesn't seem possible, and yet here we are. Ed Ruth has the biggest spread from High School to NCAA with +3. While John William Smith won the same number of High School as NCAA titles I kept him on the list because of the World success. (So sue me.) John Peterson makes the list too. (The lawsuit grows.) I did not include the international wrestlers as High School titles are not a concept in their case. (More litigants.) I did not include the pre-High School championship era for the same reason as the international wrestlers. (The lawsuit can now be a class action.) Wrestler HS Titles NCAA Titles World Medals Kyle Dake 2 4 4 Pat Smith 3 4 0 Lee Kemp 2 3 3 Mark Schultz 1 3 3 Tom Brands 1 3 2 Greg Jones 1 3 0 Carlton Haselrig 1 3 0 Mark Churella 1 3 0 Ed Ruth 0 3 0 Jordan Burroughs 1 2 9 John William Smith 2 2 6 Chris Campbell 1 2 3 Ben Peterson 0 2 2 Jake Herbert 1 2 1 Stephen Neal 0 2 1 Gabe Dean 1 2 0 Ryan Bertin 1 2 0 Tony Nelson 1 2 0 Darryl Burley 1 2 0 Pat Milkovich 1 2 0 Dan St. John 0 2 0 Pat Santoro 0 2 0 Chuck Yagla 0 2 0 Bruce Baumgartner 0 1 13 Ron Jeidy 0 1 0 Keith Gavin 0 1 0 Brock Lesnar 0 1 0 Phil Davis 0 1 0 John Fritz 0 1 0 Matt Reiss 0 1 0 Russ Hellickson 1 0 3 John Peterson 0 0 2 Thank you one and all for creating this list. I appreciate your efforts to make me know something (futile as they may be).
  21. @Paul158, just catching up after Christmas. I wouldn't say John Peterson wins the trophy on any list that includes Bruce Baumgartner (who also never won a high school title), but I love the knowledge. Also, I am not sure why people got so salty about this one. You were correct that the general idea was "greater achievement at higher levels" even if the title was more specific than that. But, let's chalk the title up to my lack of creativity. My mother said I was a very literal child, so I ask four very literal questions when perhaps a single broader question would suffice. Also, I hope to have a list summarizing everything today.
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