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  1. My biggest take away tonight is the Fretwell does MUCH better with a broadcast partner.
  2. That last shot show a big gash on the side of his nose going toward the bridge.
  3. The L is that you were happy to call the duck when you had no idea. Now you are just trying to deflect to avoid the L. The L is the L.
  4. "Daniel LaRusso is gonna fight" Best line of the two days.
  5. They said Schultz had his head gear on too. Oof.
  6. That can't be right. It ruins @AHamilton's narrative.
  7. I am not giving you a new avatar. Nice try though.
  8. Fretwell: "This is no pin December for this ref."
  9. He clubbed Lee hard a couple of times off the first whistle. Then when he fell behind he got in a good Peleton workout.
  10. He did something. He ran. Pulled a hammie doing it, too.
  11. Actually the guy with the higher score wins. This aint golf.
  12. The fact of injury is often shared witbout the specifics of injury. Some sports even make that a policy. In the NHL, for example, all you get is the half of the body, upper or lower, where the injury has occured.
  13. Parris, Micic, Red, and 3 Lees would like to have a conversation with you out back.
  14. A few years back after watching an Indiana high school semi-final where one of the wrestlers routinely dropped to wrestle from his hands and knees without any contact from the other wrestler (not as a result of a snap down, for example), I went on the Indiana message board to argue that this was stalling as it was an attempt to avoid wrestling. Boy, was that an unpopular stance, but I stand by it. There is no way to make a bright line rule for stalling though, so it will have to be like Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart's definition of the obscene. We know it when we see it.
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