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  1. Yes. I first heard it on TV and then went searching to find this. I'm with @Gantry, inquiring minds want to know.
  2. Your equivalence is perfect and impossible to argue against. Cheering for an athlete is, in fact, the same as World War III. I am sure you have an equally valid argument to explain why cheering for an athlete is poor sportsmanship.
  3. Are we really worried about feelings in D1 college wrestling?
  4. Yes, it would lower the rate to just morbidly obese. And I have the BMI to back it up.
  5. Where to start? It may be an allegory, but you also absolutely imply causation. You even say the cause above. "Nutrition that the US Government has instituted as guidleines and adopted by nearly every school and institution". (BTW, the proper use of quotation marks). But the US government is not the reason McDonald's stopped putting the number of billions served on its signs in 1994. If you want a cause count the number of french fries under driver's seats in the US.
  6. Your cause effect may be a bit off. Something to ponder.
  7. A better way to not get involved in a useless petty argument is to not start a useless petty argument.
  8. @Husker_Du, knock, knock. Anyone home over at Intermat? It's been three days since the last daily release. Still deciding who is #1? And don't tell me you guys copped out with a tie.
  9. I assume that is in reference to you coming here to pontificate rather than taking your imagined issue up with Tom Ryan or the Ohio State administration.
  10. Why you asking me? I presume because you don't really care about the answer. You just want to trash a man who did a good thing.
  11. Why ya gotta be like that? You already know they aren't and can't. Scholarship isn't money. Scholarship is education without paying money. Try the education part some time.
  12. Take a listen and tell me that isn't JB. https://www.ispot.tv/ad/qKC1/stash-paycheck-to-paycheck
  13. Tom Ryan won the day. Very nice tribute to this young man.
  14. Based on an email I just got it seems like in this instance you can either pay Journeymen $9.99 (not clear if that is a monthly sub or an event PPV, but they call it a sub) or NLWC $9.99 (via normal monthly sub). It is implied if you are a monthly sub via any other channel you won't have access without an incremental charge. That seems logical. If you are already paying NLWC, it seems like that should cover a stream involving PSU duals (and spare me attempts to explain how those aren't the same entities). And if your not, then pony up to the stream provider who has the overhead.
  15. I love the "my transfers are more virtuous than your transfers" debates. They change my mind every time.
  16. Per Casey Cunningham's email: If you are not able to make it to the match it will also be on Rokfin live. If you already have an NLWC Rokfin account you will be able to watch it there or if you want to get an account here is the link. https://www.rokfin.com/NLWC
  17. That hasn't stopped either in the past and won't in the future.
  18. I know what you mean. I figure since I have already paid my $10 I will click on the link when it is available. But if they ask for more, that is where it will end for me. But I have faith. Misguided or otherwise.
  19. I am assuming that was poor wording on their part. In one part of the article it says " a user must have a Rokfin subscription through the Journeymen Wrestling Rokfin channel" which is counter to the Rokfin ethos (subscribe through one channel, get all channels). And in another part of the same article they say: "To watch the live streams, a user must have a Rokfin subscription." No mention of the subscription being through the Journeymen channel. With the Rokfin model as I understand it, if you subscribe via a link provided by a specific channel, the channel earns more tokens than if you subscribe in general. And there is an element of compensation that is tied to your usage. For example, if you subscribe via Journeymen, but spend a lot of your time on Matscouts, NLWC, and Intermat channels then those later three will get a larger portion of the variable component of the compensation. I hope I am reading this right as I plan to watch the stream even though my Rokfin account is not tied to Journeymen.
  20. #3 is a number and it is occupied by Yianni Diakomihalis
  21. And his opponents are the "ghosts of departed quantities" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Division_by_zero
  22. The way they phrase their criteria in the Rokfin article is they "used a combination of collegiate achievements, with 2021 accomplishments carrying more weight than past years, along with win-loss records and notable wins. While we are counting down the top-50 wrestlers based primarily on collegiate accomplishments, it is impossible to totally ignore achievements in the international settings, so they did factor in slightly, too." The part about 2021 accomplishments carrying more weight to me suggests Spencer Lee and Gable Steveson will be above Yianni Diakomihalis. And the part about international achievements being a slight factor suggests to me that Gable Steveson will be above Spencer Lee. So putting it together I think we get Steveson, Lee, Diakomihalis as 1, 2, 3.
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