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  1. Ah, to be 130 lbs and be considered fat.
  2. Most people make that mistake. Actually, 43.
  3. Amen, but Ferrari will learn the hard way, nothin' dead about Gable's weight.
  4. I think if Ferrari bumped up he would get humiliated.
  5. Now I am confused. You are much more well versed in these things than I. I was under the impression that the SV1 started in neutral and ended with first score. If so, how do you accrue riding time in the SV?
  6. 1.) Riding time from regulation is wiped out (I believe, but someone check me on this). 2.) SV1 for 2 minutes - any score wins 3.) Two 30 second tie-breakers where each wrestler chooses their starting position. If at the end of the two tie-breakers the score is still tied, the wrestler who has any riding time advantage wins. If no riding time advantage then... 4.) SV2 for 1 minute. - any score wins 5.) repeat steps 3 and 4 until there is a winner.
  7. The subtle difference to freestyle rules is that other than the initial 0-0, there is never a point in a freestyle match where it is tied. Someone is always behind. These rule changes did not affect that dynamic for SV1. In addition to adding a minute to SV1, it only moved the riding time advantage portion of the old rule from the second set of tie-breaker periods to the first set of tie-breaker periods. That means there can still be extended periods where there is a tie in folkstyle, even in the overtimes. I do prefer the freestyle idea that someone is always trailing in a match after the mandatory shot clock actions or the first score.
  8. Interesting formulation. By your logic December 31, 2020 is two calendar years before January 1, 2021. By my formulation that is one calendar year before and one day, but nice try.
  9. Even for November Red (or is it Red November?) it seems odd that he would not take a single shot in regulation, not even a half shot, or a fake. It was 8+ minutes into a 7 minute match when he took his first shot.
  10. I tend to view the situation more benignly. For whatever reason they lost the Big 10 contract, but rather than do nothing they are trying something with the watch parties. While I have zero interest in watching them watching wrestling, at least they are taking their shot.
  11. Was that the time you thought you were wrong, but you were actually right?
  12. What rule should the coach abide by? Cheatin', lyin' sons of $&@#!)!, stealin *#$@!&*
  13. I am on record saying, "it is only other people's inconsistency that bothers me".
  14. That is absolute best case scenario for Mizzou. Only two MD's out of the four defending national champs and three lower rated Mizzou wrestlers all winning. Not saying impossible, but I wouldn't expect their algorithm to settle on the improbable outcome. I think my favorite improbable outcome is 8-7 Nick Lee even though he is 14-0 against common opponents while Hart is 5-4.
  15. I've always been a Chad Red fan, but this is such a bad look.
  16. Seems like a missed opportunity for Stash. Burroughs is such a classy ambassador for the sport. I was very impressed with his work on the Olympics broadcast and hope he is able to pick up some work and grow his own stash as a result.
  17. Yes. I first heard it on TV and then went searching to find this. I'm with @Gantry, inquiring minds want to know.
  18. Your equivalence is perfect and impossible to argue against. Cheering for an athlete is, in fact, the same as World War III. I am sure you have an equally valid argument to explain why cheering for an athlete is poor sportsmanship.
  19. Are we really worried about feelings in D1 college wrestling?
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