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  1. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/article/uww-executive-committee-agrees-cancel-u23-world-championships No decision was made about the senior and junior worlds scheduled for December in Belgrade.
  2. He tweeted a follow up that he was just kidding. He was looking to get our attention to promote the NLWC event on 9/19.
  3. Tell him to get off your lawn, too.
  4. RBY is winning the internet
  5. I don't keep track of the numbers nationwide or globally, but I do track the numbers for Illinois. I post them here so that at least we can debate those instead of opinions. Illinois breaks down their data by age group. You can see the strong correlation between age and death rate in the last column. The death rate is below 1% through the 40's and then rises quickly. One thing to note that is not shown here is that the death rates for all age groups has been declining steadily. For example, the death rate for 80+ was as high as 31.48% in mid-July and now stands at 28.26%. I don't know if this is due to better treatments, mutation of the virus to a less deadly form, a combination of both, or some other reason. 9/9/2020 Age Group Confirmed Cases Confirmed in Last 7 Days Tested Tested in Last 7 Days Deaths Deaths in Last 7 Days Positive Rate Positivity Rate in Last 7 Days Death Rate Unknown 67 6 201,394 9,708 - - 0.03% 0.06% 0.00% <20 30,133 3,103 450,959 55,261 6 - 6.68% 5.62% 0.02% 20 - 29 50,327 3,302 790,478 89,753 33 - 6.37% 3.68% 0.07% 30 - 39 40,315 1,835 651,839 48,778 125 1 6.18% 3.76% 0.31% 40 - 49 40,286 1,709 572,744 39,598 287 5 7.03% 4.32% 0.71% 50 - 59 38,187 1,753 622,762 41,686 662 6 6.13% 4.21% 1.73% 60 - 69 25,855 1,085 545,260 34,182 1,450 14 4.74% 3.17% 5.61% 70 - 79 14,230 582 344,681 20,529 1,962 24 4.13% 2.84% 13.79% 80+ 12,953 335 298,593 19,342 3,661 45 4.34% 1.73% 28.26% Total 252,353 13,710 4,478,710 358,837 8,186 95 5.63% 3.82% 3.24% Age Group % All Confirmed % of New Confirmed % of All Tested % of Deaths % of New Deaths <20 - 39 47.86% 60.10% 42.27% 2.00% 1.05% 40 - 59 31.10% 25.25% 26.69% 11.59% 11.58% 60 + 21.02% 14.60% 26.54% 86.40% 87.37%
  6. Your Ian Parker logic is impeccable. Your Chad Red, not so much. Red turned it up to 8th place in 2019, four places below Demas. Then Demas pinned him in 2020. If you argue last win takes it, you just can't put Red over Demas.
  7. Dom Demas might take some offense at being ranked below Chad Red after pinning him last year. And modest offense to being ranked behind Ian Parker after beating him twice last year (but then losing at conference).
  8. https://open.spotify.com/episode/3ENtYE5gTSNIAdSV0trtiI?si=D_u_SdCMTKq52I7OOI9noQ I thought this exchange in the 29th minute was interesting: Justin: And do you know yet when you can come back? Or is that still up in the air? Zahid: Still up in the air. Talking with my coaches and lawyer. But I'm still in the grind, still training. We're still figuring out some things, but it should be very soon. Justin: So you definitely think you'll be at the trials then next year? Zahid: Yeah, I do believe so. Closer to yes than no. Justin: I appreciate your candor to discuss your suspension. We've all made mistakes, we've all fallen short. There is definitely grace to get back up again and keep pressing on. That seems to imply the suspension is not specific to ASU. It was also interesting to hear him take ownership of whatever it was. He calls it "my mistake" and talks about thinking he was invincible off the mat because he felt invincible on the mat and how it humbled him. All in all he sounds like he will bounce back well.
  9. I also found it interesting at the end of that study where they call into question the selectivtivity for specific tissue. "These off‐target effects question the so‐called tissue selectivity of SARMs, which has been their main selling point."
  10. Great analysis. The one I would disagree with is RBY replacing Retherford. RBY might be a little small for Yianni who is rumored to be bumping up to 149. I would rather see Nick Lee take on Yianni. They wrestled their freshman year at an open tournament with Yianni taking it with some room to spare. Then Yianni denied us a rematch in the third place bout at the Senior Open last year.
  11. My immediate thought when I read that it was a man in his 50's taking ostarine was - vanity. He is used to seeing one body in the mirror and now he sees a different one. I obviously have no idea if that is the case, it was just my first thought (what are the odds I am speaking from personal experience, then?)
  12. Look at what I said. Actually think about the implication you made. Quit being you. Be better. It won't be hard. Just be anyone else.
  13. Your logic is incorrect. If he calls out Fix then he better call out everyone else who has or does pull hard AND has tested positive for a drug known to be effective for the purpose. You can't selectively separate the two.
  14. What about Brian Bosworth's career would suggest Bo just overwhelmed people?
  15. Per NCAA by-law Non-NCAA Athletics Organization's Positive Drug Test A student-athlete under a drug-testing suspension from a national or international sports governing body that has adopted the WADA code shall not participate in NCAA intercollegiate competition for the duration of the suspension.
  16. I would think a coach who produced a wrestler of Daton Fix's caliber could be the best guy for the job. Ignoring the events of this year, of course.
  17. I don't think Derek Fix will want to focus on his roll as RTC coach. If so, his culpability is greater. He put an athlete in jeopardy by failing to secure a banned substance and failing to inform the athlete of the presence of a banned substance that the athlete had ready access to. In the findings they only refer to Derek Fix as Mr. Fix's father. I think that is intentional.
  18. That is a very interesting and bold take. I respect you for posting that.
  19. Dummy? Old woman? We have arrived at LJB's happy place.
  20. You make an excellent point. What Flo did was not good enough.
  21. If anyone should claim victory, it's the whiners. The whining began on Thursday with Chael Sonnen and the buried coverage began on Saturday. Quit your whining about whining.
  22. great list. For heavy weight, I would add Reggie White to the list. The way he manhandled 300 pounders was awesome. Get them off balance and then toss them aside using speed and strength. I feel like all of that would translate.
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