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  1. Ok, I know I said I was done for the weekend, but something you said was bugging me. Where is the conspiracy theory? Your own FRL guest said you guys were treating the NLWC event like forbidden fruit. Rather than refute that, CP still refuses to utter the name. He also decides not to expand beyond the one match mentioned by Chael even though, as your article points out, there are 11 AA's and 8 NCAA Champs on the card. And earlier in the conversation he displays an encyclopedic knowledge of upcoming and recent events by rattling of 9 of 10. You can say I am reading to much into this, but Flo's lawyer seemed well versed in this upcoming event last week during the hearing, so why shouldn't your on air talent acknowledge its existence? Perhaps I just answered my own question.
  2. Ok. Something that drives me crazy is when new stuff is buried. If it is new, put it where I can see it. I visit the page and see a bunch of old stuff and one new article (US Open registration). Great, I will read that one new article. But lo and behold, at the end of that new article I stumble across another new article that is only accessible through the other article. If it is ready to be on the site, it is ready to not be hidden. In a world where scrolling exists, the concept of a front page is obsolete because a page has no defined length. Everything should be on the front page because there is a single limitless page. Flo is not alone in this. ESPN, for example has a similar issue. If I want to see a baseball score I can click on MLB, then click on scores. But once I do, I then have to click on see all scores to actually see the scores. WHY? Is digital ink that expensive? It makes no sense. As for readiness, Flo needs to employ some copy editors. Both your article and the US Open registration article are riddled with grammatical problems. Thats it for now. Enjoy your weekend @Jaroslav Hasek
  3. Flo finally came to their senses and did an article on the NLWC event yesterday written by @Jaroslav Hasek But they still can't get all the way out of their own way. The article is buried. Nowhere near the home page. I found it by reading through the article on Senior Open registration. Maybe Chael needs to go back on FRL and yell at Pyle about web design too.
  4. Not sure, but Chael busted his chops on that point too. Said Pyle texted him during the event to ask why it was on Fight Pass instead of Flo. Chael told him to stop being a company man and leave that to the suits in Austin. Then asked Pyle, can't we just be fans for a little bit? Chael is pure radio gold.
  5. The good news is that as far as Flo is concerned this whole event doesn't exist. How can you sue over something that doesn't exist? On yesterday's FRL Pyle says he is excited about the return of wrestling. To support that statement he lists 9 events, but not this one. Later Chael Sonnen hilariously calls him out on it. When Pyle asks what Chael is excited about he says, "I will tell you one that you've acted like is forbidden fruit around here, but I do think Nickal and Dieringer is very compelling ."
  6. From the Flo article: If the program is not reinstated, Woods will likely work to finish his degree by December 2021 and then move on as a graduate transfer and be eligible second semester of the 2021-22 season for his new school.
  7. You make an interesting point (not the fake money one - money is a collective fiction. If we all agree that a piece of paper or a promisory note is money, then it is. That is the only way the fractional reserve banking system is able to function). If they collect in one currency and pay in a different, then I would want to know precisely how the exchange rate is determined. A lot of money has been made (and lost by counterparties) by playing games with exchange rates. State Street Bank just paid a huge fine for ripping off their sophisticated, institutional clients for years on exchange rates. If they could be fooled for years, what chance does an individual content creator have?
  8. my point is that 20% is not huge. 1 in 5 is not huge. 80% is huge. 4 of 5 is huge. My point is math.
  9. Yes, and I realize that 4 times as many millions of jobs do not. Using a minority statistic to argue that Jason Bryant is not in the majority ("just your experience") is not something 4 out of 5 people would do.
  10. As near as I can tell there are no weight classes on these matches. And I assume there won't be any weigh-ins either. Just throw two similar-ish guys out there and see what happens.
  11. And you want to lecture us about how much you hate lectures, preach to us about your disdane for preachers, and orate about your disgust with orators.
  12. I am way more empathetic to the judge than you. In spite of her repeated reminders to the lawyers that they were there only to address the specific charges that her previous order had been violated and not to have a trial, the lawyers kept trying to have a trial. And Willie's lawyer regularly prefacing her comments with "you will hurt me" or "you wont like this" is on the lawyer, not the judge. She thought she was being funny. Nope. Just annoying.
  13. Amen. If anything, the hip has made him more talkative.
  14. He is getting a hip replaced in a week. I'm not sure how that equates to doing underground fights, pre-determined fights or legit fights.
  15. And now that companies like Google and Facebook are encouraging geographic diversity and working from home maybe they will be in Idaho?
  16. I'm pretty sure there are no geographic limitations on where they are allowed to earn those starting salaries.
  17. They need to lobby Harvey Mudd to start a wrestling program. https://www.statista.com/statistics/244473/top-us-colleges-by-starting-and-mid-career-pay-of-graduates/
  18. On FRL this morning he said he goes under the knife one week from today. So perhaps the WWE redux will need to wait a bit.
  19. Yes, it is at BJC April 9-11, 2021. If you click on Iron Chef's link in the original post and then click on one of the links on the USAW website for qualifying procedures you will get a pdf that goes into great detail about both the old and new procedures, including dates and locations.
  20. I don't believe Josh Saunders has qualified for the trials as he finished 8th at Senior Nationals. Top 5 qualified.
  21. I believe the answer is yes. The one caveat is that the qualifications for Olympic RS is not necessarily the same from cycle to cycle. I am assuming the ORS criteria won't change this year other than to expand them. They could also delay enrollment (grey shirt).
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