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  1. Nice website. I have been cruising it for half an hour. I'm a data guy, so this is great.
  2. Anyone else find it humorous that he made a mitake spelling mitake?
  3. Now I'm dying to know what he gives Ironside a lot of credit for. This is great, but it left me wanting more. Any chance there is more you can post?
  4. He was speaking in code. And the G was silent. Probably why you missed it.
  5. In a Flo interview he was asked what weight he will wrestle and he replied it was a secret.
  6. Hmmm. Olympic gold, 2 World golds, 1 World silver, 1 World bronze, 2 Yarigan golds, 3 NCAA championships...Stop me when I get to the part that is hype.
  7. Likely? I must have a different dictionary than you. How can you say it is likely that the top rated guy at the weight won't make the team? I get that Cox going up to 97 decreases Snyder from prohibitive favorite to slight favorite, but "likely" seems unlikely.
  8. I thought it was absurd until I found out LJB thought it was absurd. Like George Costanza, if every instinct you have is wrong, the opposite must be right.
  9. Cost him 5k in Swiss francs. If he converted at the airport its more like 10k.
  10. From the NCAA website: Eligibility Timeline Division I five-year clock: If you play at a Division I school, you have five-calendar years in which to play four seasons of competition. Your five-year clock starts when you enroll as a full-time student at any college. Thereafter, your clock continues, even if you spend an academic year in residence as a result of transferring; decide to red shirt, if you do not attend school or even if you go part-time during your college career. There are a number of exceptions (Olympics, hardship, certain extreme or extraordinary situations beyond athletes' control, etc.), but those typically need to be applied for rather than automatically granted. So unless the NCAA makes a policy decision on this, an athlete's school would need to apply for the waiver and hope.
  11. That is really well done. Hopefully it has the effect they are hoping for.
  12. there was speculation he was done and would go into mma. In the International thread there is a Cave Talk podcast with PD3. On it Malik Amine says he heard that once Nick Suriano got punched in the face he changed his mind. No idea if that is true or not.
  13. He can place 9th at Worlds and still not be the 9th best wrestler in the world. Both those things can be true at the same time, particularly since one is a fact and the other is an opinion. Quit pretending that one is the other. Ok, I'm done scolding. What were we talking about?
  14. exactly why I think Al Michael's was an idiot for asking if I believe in miracles. What has that moron every done with skates? Bupkiss, that's what. Tell that stupid jerk to keep his opinions to himself.
  15. Good question. I have not seen that addressed anywhere yet. USAW did publish a list of who has qualified so far without outlining other avenues for qualifying. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/July/30/Updated-US-Olympic-Team-Trials-qualifiers
  16. To paraphrase Amarillo Slim, if you don't know in the first 10 minutes who the pigeon at the table is, its you.
  17. Never mind. USAW answered my first question today by publishing the 2020 criteria. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/July/30/Senior-Nationals-added-to-Olympic-redshirt-criteria
  18. I am curious about another, related question that I haven't seen addressed. If you did not qualify for an Olympic redshirt last year, but did qualify for the Olympic Trials via placement in the top 5 (I think it is 5) at the US Open, does that qualify you for an Olympic redshirt this year? Or do only those who qualified for the redshirt last year get another this year? And if so is it one and done (i.e. you can only use it this year if you did not use it last year in spite of having had it available to you)? Or can you take a second Olympic redshirt this year?
  19. They are the face of the organization. They don't have to figure it out, they just need to apologize and explain what they are doing as a company to ensure it doesn't happen again. You can't honestly believe that if provided with info by their tech folks that they would be unable to comprehend it.
  20. The problem is you paraphrase poorly and selectively. It is you who is getting emotional and upset that others are not getting emotional. Perhaps re-read your own posts and remove the contradictions before hitting submit reply. You left out the part where he said we were doing nothing. You left out the part where he said Dake won and that is the first thing you have to do.
  21. I agree. I think you misunderstood my intent. I was trying to offer an actual word for word as opposed to LJB's snarky summary. As I was listening and typing I had the exact same thought as you. It must be so hard to do an interview in a foreign language. It can be so easy to unintentionally choose the wrong word as you most likely have a limited vocabulary. It is why you see so many professional athletes from foreign countries always use a translator when speaking to the press regardless of their English skills. There is always someone out there looking to get offended by you or make fun of you. I respect Chamizo for doing the interview and for being complimentary of Flo and Dake.
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