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  1. Yes, that appears to still be the case so Phil K ight has come up with at least two creative work arounds. One is a branding agency/advisory firm for Oregon athletes: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/kristidosh/2021/09/30/phil-knight-and-former-nike-execs-launch-oregon-focused-nil-company/amp/ And the other is working with their best football player to mint NFTs: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.palmbeachpost.com/amp/7898698002
  2. Sure. Why not? Unless there is something in the sponsorship deal with the school that would allow the school to block individual deals. But it feels like Nike/Phil Knight hold all the cards in that relationship, so I would be surprised if Nike did not do individual deals with Oregon athletes. The whole "never wear the same football uniform twice" deal was clearly designed to be a recruiting tool that got around the old rule set. I expect them to update their approach based on the new rule set. And see no reason why they should not.
  3. If by Happy Valley you mean Evansville and by Ford you mean Dodge, I saw that too.
  4. I felt the same way. It was Sadulaev's decision to keep Snyder's head down.
  5. I have it on good authority you are not in Oslo. Well, authority. Actually, never mind.
  6. Best post I have read in some time
  7. Your unanswered question has actually been answered many times, but ok, I will take the bait again. Vaccination is most effective when everyone is vaccinated because it denies, in the case of polio and other non-mutating diseases, the host organism that the virus needs to survive. And in the case of mutating diseases it severely limits the number of hosts which limits the odds of mutation. Without mutation, and with fewer hosts, the virus is easier to contain. It is therefore considered a public good for everyone to be vaccinated. While that might not be what the individual desires, it is what the society desires. A society wants to persist and things like pandemics threaten the society's existence.
  8. The mods are clearly doing something more worthwhile with their Friday nights than we are.
  9. I believe it is disputed actually. One of the article links above has an interview with an immunologist who says there is mounting evidence that the vaccine is more effective than natural immunity and that natural immunity plus vaccine is also more effective than just natural immunity. However, statements like "mounting evidence" means there is not enough data/analysis of data to make a definitive statement yet.This makes sense to me since the vaccine is only months old.
  10. I may be a wrestleknownothing, but I am a mathknowsomething.
  11. Nope, that is just one ton. He used plural. I want to know how much weight he thinks has been fired. Say its two tons. Assuming an average weight of 150 lbs that is only 26.66 people. Seems fine.
  12. The key difference is that polio, measels, etc do not mutate so a vaccine is very effective and a disease can cease to exist by being denied the hosts it needs to live. Meanwhile, things like the flu and Covid actively mutate, so any vaccine is aiming at a moving target. This is why the flu vaccine has such a relatively low effectiveness. Epidemiologists need to guess which strain of the flu will prevail this year and they have to do it sufficiently in advance to allow for the manufacture prior to the start of the flu season. One of the key arguments for gettung everyone vaccinated against Covid is to deny the virus hosts because it is only in the presence of a host that it can mutate. There is an excellent book by John Barry called The Great Influenza that is all about the Spanish Flu pandemic (that actually is now believed to have started in yhe US). It explains alot of the epidemiology too.
  13. I'm partial to Kid Dynamite. Just has a ring to it.
  14. Fixed my part, but I'm pretty sure you can put an ACL in your back pocket. Perhaps not advisable, but possible.
  15. He got the high school tear replaced. And then re-tore it in college. He has not gotten the last two replaced.
  16. And lets not forget that 7-0 was against a guy who looked like his goal was to not lose by 8. Courtney looked like he used that match to work on his cardio.
  17. I don't like your logic. You start by saying you don't know, but then you proceed like you do know. That is the kind of reasoning that always derails these threads and turns them into political arguments.
  18. So you admit you don't know if its true, but you still want to condem it? Often in error, never in doubt.
  19. Seems unlikely they would bump Michigan given their lofty dual ranking. If you are going to bump a team, bump one of the bottom ranked. Seems more likely Michigan pulled out for whatever reason.
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