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  1. He also said "This guy. Great job. But I mean, this wasn't my weight class. I want a rematch, but at 74 kilo." "Its not my weight class, I tried my best, the other guy's good. I'm ok though. Ready for a rematch at 74 kilo. I don't give more opportunity for nobody. If you want to wrestle with me, you have to wrestle with me at my weight class." When asked about the build up between them he responded: "Everything is part of the game." When asked about the atmosphere: "We need to do this more and more. Wrestling (unintelligible) fun."
  2. it was intended as a joke since Taylor referred to being 29-0 against Downey. They can't all be winners. That refers to my jokes, not Downey.
  3. Hang on there a second. You are in the glass-est of houses when it comes to internet cliches. How many people have you called Karen?
  4. I could not disagree more strongly. I think an apology is important. It is part of running a business profitably and intelligently. If you do not recognize when you have failed your paying customers, you will find that after a while you do not have paying customers. This is as fundamental a business situation as there can be that requires an apology AND an explanation as to what is being done to ensure that the situation does not repeat itself. No business can afford to take its customers for granted and expect to survive.
  5. Come on guys. LjB doesn't have time for this today. And that has nothing to do with him being shown to be inaccurate several times on this topic. Mr. LjB is a very busy man. He cannot be disturbed.
  6. I feel identically. I was ticked last night when I couldn't log in, but I have mostly gotten over it. Hopefully, Flo shows some humility Tuesday morning on FRL and apologizes for the near fail. But, pausing wrestling while they sorted out their problems was the right thing to do. My second hope is that they learn from their mistakes and improve next time. And I do hope there is a next time. I too subscribe because I am following the careers of family. I sometimes attend their events, but that is not always possible. When I do the math, I weigh the cost of Flo against the cost of traveling to their events. I am saving a huge amount of money while still being able to participate in their passion for the sport. I also find the Flo production quality to be mostly first rate. Every now and then, and most notably last night, I have issues, but all in all I find Flo to be a big positive.
  7. I admit I didn't trace back to your original post, but I still get uneasy when rumors of something that serious are spread. I prefer waiting for the facts. And I recognize that the wait is agonizing, and that I may never know the truth, but I'm also old enough to remember the Duke LaCrosse team being accused of some heinous acts only for them to later be exonerated. The exoneration always seems to get less attention than the accusation (see Nancy (dis)Grace for an example).
  8. Spot the lie Hint: and I could not possibly care less...
  9. its an interesting question that I don't know the answer to. It seems to come down to how strongly the motivation to embarrass translates into performance.
  10. Eagle26 did a much better job. This is so non-specific to your original claim as to be useless. Which is also the easiest prediction to make about one of your posts.
  11. Dont forget the other technique. "Why don't you tell me?... no, thats not it..."
  12. Its a wrestling message board. Everything is silly. Embrace the silly, @NJDan. It will set you free.
  13. I looked for his callus, but all I saw was a tan. I will try harder next time.
  14. I cant believe I am agreeing with Blue Dragon (partially), but there is a bad habit on these boards of stating rumors and, at first, clearly labeling them as rumors, but over time people drop the qualifier and start treating rumors like facts. I hate, hate, hate when people are making anonymous, unfounded accusations on here, but I hate it even more when people start treating them as facts.
  15. So most certainly convincing that you have convinced exactly one person. Yourself.
  16. Suggesting he would not lose in 3 minutes by posting a video of him losing in just over 3 minutes is not a very convincing argument.
  17. You are giving MM credit for 6 minutes?
  18. seems to be part of the program. they did it between the other matches too.
  19. Its about time you admitted you envy us. It explains alot about your posting.
  20. LJB is right we gave Flo an incentive in the form of our subscription dollars and it certainly has not improved their performance.
  21. Can you imagine the gall of people who pay for a streaming service from a company whose business model is to stream, and then get upset when they can't stream?
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