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  1. The thing about the line is the people writing the checks get to decide where it is. NJRTC and Flo decided he had crossed it. So be it. Freedom of speech. Not freedom from consequences.
  2. There is a pretty important difference. It is not rumored that the Redskins are named the Redskins. They are named the Redskins. Flo firing someone over something is just a rumor. It feels like more because of Julia Salata's Tweet.
  3. I agree that Flo doesn't need to address anything on FRL with regards to rumors about employees. This is an area that is fraught with danger (rumors, employees, sexual mis-conduct allegations) and massive potential legal liabilities. Responses need to be well thought out, not knee jerk. That they have not directly addressed their own actions (dropping PD3) is a curious choice though. And hopefully they will address that on FRL. As for your statement that is is getting tiresome. I do not believe that for a minute. All Flo conversations seem to energize you. Your post rate in them sometimes borders on 50%. Tiring? Perhaps. Tiresome? Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.
  4. Thank you. Still interesting that there is no related story on Flo. I assume they will cover this on FRL tomorrow.
  5. NJRTC issues a statement Saturday inviting Pat Downey to no longer attend, and here we are on Monday and it is still crickets on Flo. Given that they are promoting their Taylor v. Downey match so heavily I am a bit surprised by that editorial choice. I am also modestly surprised there is not thread here on the topic, though I must allow for the fact that I don't check often enough to know which threads got carried away and got deleted.
  6. The author writes for the Daily Iowan, which explains the regular feeling of the coverage. SI fired all of their writers and now they just buy random articles from other sources. It isn't just tarnished, it is brutally bad.
  7. My favorite PE joke. Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, teach gym.
  8. I'm confused. Over a couple of posts you argue that the pain will most likely be even greater than expected, but you also argue Brands should say hell no to a cut. If the first part of your argument is correct, then if he says hell no to a 15% cut isn't he risking a 100% cut? And if you say they would never fire him, I think that would assume normal circumstances, but you already argued that these were not normal circumstances.
  9. The past, the present, and the future walk into a bar. Things got a little tense.
  10. I enjoy that you are debating your competing diagnoses. Perhaps if you shared your notes from your respective clinical interviews with him we could decide for ourselves.
  11. Perhaps a moderator will be good enough to tell us where we crossed the line?
  12. I thought that was the case with Micic, but I have not been able to confirm it. Micic is an interesting case. His senior year of high school he beat freshman, Nick Lee, in the state semifinals. Now, if he gets a 3rd(?) ORS and Lee does not redshirt, he will finish his college career after Lee. From three years ahead to possibly one year behind.
  13. The section below it actually applies to granting waivers from the 5 year rule on a case by case basis for athletes unable to compete due to circumstances beyond their control (for example, a sixth year granted for injury concerns). The section I reference refers to effectively pausing the clock on the 5 year rule. A subtle, but important difference. In that way you could possibly get 7 or more years to complete 4: 1 redshirt, 1 (or more) injury/hardship, and 1 ORS (and maybe more? TBD).
  14. From the NCAA By-Laws Athletics Activity Waiver. The Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement, or a committee designated by it, shall have the authority to waive this provision by a two-thirds majority of its members present and voting to permit student-athletes to participate in: (Revised: 1/10/91, 1/9/96, 1/14/12, 7/31/14) (a) Official Pan American, World Championships, World Cup, World University Games (Universiade), World University Championships and Olympic training, tryouts and competition; (b) Officially recognized training and competition directly qualifying participants for final Olympic tryouts; or (c) Official tryouts and competition involving national teams sponsored by the appropriate national governing bodies of the U.S. Olympic Committee (or, for student-athletes representing another nation, the equivalent organization of that nation, or, for student-athletes competing in a non-Olympic sport, the equivalent organization of that sport). By "this provision" they mean the 5 year rule. So it would seem now that the Division 1 Council has denied an additional year of eligibility to winter sports, it would then be up to the Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement, or their designate, to decide on whether to grant an additional stoppage of the 5 year clock. Also, assuming the Olympic committee decides to hold trials qualifying spots for wrestlers who qualified this season, and not force them to re-qualify, clause (b) would get Lee an ORS if he wants it. And clause (c) would cover Micic.
  15. Pick 2? Who makes these rules, Panera? I WANT THEM ALL AND I WANT THEM NOW. Oh, and I'm making book on every one of them, BTC.
  16. I wasn't aware that there is a limit on the number of redshirts a team can have. I thought it was a rule applying to the individual only. I didn't think about the grey shirt angle either. I think your right. That could see an uptick as well.
  17. If you are a wrestler who is concerned that the 2020-21 season will be significantly altered as a result of COVID-19 and you still have an unused redshirt, are you more likely to use it and wait to see if 2021-2022 is any better? If you think so, who is likely to exercise the option?
  18. But it wasn't harmful either, so thanks for the reply. Any chance Demas waits to see where Diakomihalis goes before deciding? I know there is talk Diakomihalis will go up to 149 (and that is where Wrestlestat has him).
  19. So who goes 149? And who stays 141? It will be up to Demas obviously. Whichever he chooses, Moore gets the other as I don't see Moore winning a wrestle off. Any idea what weight Demas wrestles next year?
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