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  1. Yes, because he wrestled MSU Open and Cliff Keen he has several more matches against ranked wrestlers than Nick Lee. For example, in the MSU Open he beat Dom Demas and Dylan Duncan. At Cliff Keen he beat Chad Red and Mitch McKee (and then beat them again in duals). They also had a dual against Stanford so he has a win over Real Woods. So even though Nick Lee beat Red and McKee in the last two weeks, Pletcher has beat them twice. Coincidentally, the NCAA released their RPI today. Pletcher was #1 and Lee was #7 at 141.
  2. Haha. But "only" 5.5. The F against a D2 guy doesnt factor in. Now how are we going yet him 11 more matches?
  3. Correct on both counts. It is a 15 match minimum and he is at 5.00 in his first 13 matches. Also missing from the list due to not having enough matches are Kolodzik (4.67), Mueller (4.64), Steveson (4.60), Joseph (4.45), and Kemerer (4.0)
  4. Great prose. So well done. Would love to read more of your work.
  5. I'm in for the Jameson and ginger ale. I will need to get back to you on the push ups
  6. Do 100 hundred sets of 1 count? If so, I might be in. Might be.
  7. If I had to handicap it right now I would say Vincenzo Joseph, Luke Pletcher and Nick Lee are in a dead heat at third place. They each lead each other in one of the criteria. Joseph clearly leads in the past achievements category with his two titles. Pletcher has the edge on the other two in the strength of schedule category, having wrestled close to twice the ranked wrestlers of the other two. And NLee leads in the dominance category with a score of 4.88 (second only to SLee at 5.00 and tied with Valencia). However, they all have the same problem, and one that neither Zahid Valencia nor Spencer Lee have. They each might have to face another Hodge quality wrestler up to three times. Joseph has cleared that hurdle once already with his win over Marinelli in the dual. And he may or may not have to clear that hurdle again. For that reason he has to be first among equals, so call it third plus. That leaves Pletcher and NLee in third minus. The winner on Saturday moves to third plus with Joseph and the loser is eliminated. But the loser will probably have a chance at revenge at either the Big 10 tourney or the NCAAs or both. Finally, I think the only way that Pletcher or NLee gets the Hodge this year is if Valencia, SLee and Joseph all take one on the chin (or at least put up a bunch of "poor" wins, whatever that is). The Hodge committee has strongly leaned on Past Achievements in this award and it is just impossible to ignore one, two or three guys with three titles to their name.
  8. You may have your cause effect wrong here. Perhaps it is because we suck at our jobs and personal relationships that we post here so much. By the way, what time did you get off work today and why aren't you spending it with your significant other?
  9. From the WIN magazine article for 2011: In one of the tightest races in its 17-year existence, the Dan Hodge Trophy for 2011 has been awarded to the Cornhusker star (Jordan Burroughs) who won the 165-pound NCAA title in Philadelphia. Jordan Oliver, a sophomore from Oklahoma State who finished 29-0 en route to the 133-pound title, finished as a close runner-up for the award on the strength of his 11 pins. Crowd-favorite Anthony Robles (36-0) of Arizona State finished third by a razor-thin margin after pilling up an amazing 24 tech falls and beating last year’s NCAA champ Matt McDonough of Iowa by six points in the NCAA finals.
  10. Funny you should ask. Last night as I was reading this thread I thought to myself that I have only seen a couple of Pletcher's matches this year. I should watch a few more to see what I see. So I watched 4 more last night. There is no question that Pletcher has taken a big step forward from last year. I am with you on both counts. Pletcher could win, but I favor Lee. Their results against common wrestlers is about as close to identical as you can get in the real world. But, my gut says go with Lee. I can offer nothing more scientific than that.
  11. 1/25/19 Micic 14 Pletcher 1. At NCAAs though it was 6-1 Micic.
  12. Did you move to State College to be near PSU? Or did you become a PSU fan because of geographic proximity? If the latter then maybe the wine guy takes it.
  13. Hodge criteria: A wrestler's record Number of pins Dominance on the mat Past credentials Quality of competition Sportsmanship/Citizenship Heart While a wrestler's record is only one of the criteria, it is listed first. Not sure if that means they give it more weight, or not. The past credentials criteria really does favor Valencia, SLee, and Joseph as they each have a shot at being 3-timers this year. If anyone can define, never mind quantify, sportsmanship/citizenship or heart, I am all ears. But based on history we know heart matters to the committee (at least in extreme examples). Perhaps think of heart as how Nick Ackerman (he of amputated legs) tied with Cael Sanderson. In the same year Sanderson went 40-0 with 19 pins in D1, Ackerman was 38-4 with 13 pins in D3. Based on that Ackerman trails on record, number of pins, dominance on mat, past credentials, and quality of competition. Let's call it a tie between Ackerman and a Mormon on sportsmanship/citizenship. But you can't beat Ackerman for heart.
  14. I wouldn't want you to miss it. Its on Saturday. Probably a typo, but better safe than sorry.
  15. I love an underdog. I have to go with Parris in this one. His hunger will prevail.
  16. Amen. He tried it on Nick Lee twice and he got pinned twice. He tried the same move in the 5th place match last year at NCAAs. The only difference is that last year Lee pinned him directly from the escape whereas today he did it off the Nolf/Nickal "I dare you to try and get up" move.
  17. Just a shame he didnt get a crack at Murin last week to add to his dominance score.
  18. This post has been added to the dictionary entry for recency bias.
  19. You really are focusing on the wrong part. He can tell you what he is going to do and there ain't a damn thing you can do to stop it. To say SLee has one move that no one can stop is really narrow. He is a two for two champ who apparently only needs that one move. Your hypotheticals do not trump his actuals. And Tom Brady is pretty limited too with that short passing game. All Chris Carter did was score touchdowns, etc.
  20. Careful now. I was a competitive swimmer many moons and many pounds ago. But I will admit that I cleared out the family room when I found the live feed of the 1500m heats at the last Olympics. Not even my parents would stick around for that once I got my driver's license.
  21. Billy Jack had one move too. And like SLee, there isnt a damn thing you can do about it.
  22. Sounds like you're party of the problem get off the couch, go to the duals and get loud.
  23. Huh? CHA was absolutely electric for the Iowa/PSU dual. The explosion that happened when Kemerer got his final takedown on Hall was like nothing I have ever experienced. And it went on longer than I thought possible. the noise was disorienting.
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