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  1. Every part of the mat area was too small. In the Brooks / Caffey final, Caffey steps off the mat in the second period while both of Brooks knees are still inside the circle. Caffey isn't even doing a deep split and his foot goes off the mat. The ref is forced to stop the action when there is still a scoring opportunity just because the mat area is too small.
  2. Let's hope he reads this thread, realizes the error of his ways, and makes a change before NCAAs.
  3. Strong chance, I think. But, the committee always leaves themselves the out with the citizenship category. On the flip side, we all have a touch of recency bias, so since the suspension was so long ago (and no charges) perhaps they have already forgotten about it.
  4. Gross and Sasso tried their hardest to be first #1 out, but couldn't quite pull it off.
  5. Or they just horribly mis-spelled Zahid Valencia
  6. Unless Kerkvliet has an amazing Seth Nevills Halloween costume I think you may be disappointed. Nevills listed in the post seeding meeting brackets.
  7. Can we now assume no Kerkvliet for PSU all you conspiracy theorists out there?
  8. Do tell. Which 6? I assume the 4 that have been voted for plus which 2 others?
  9. That was a great story from Storniolo. 6:45 of riding time without ever starting a period on top.
  10. It was near the end of the show and totally out of the blue. I laughed out loud at work when he said it. Askren also interviewed Cory Kolat on his Rudis podcast yesterday. I just listened to that and Kolat takes Dresser to task pretty good too. A good interview.
  11. Do you have an example? Serious question not push back. I admit I dont know, I just find it so improbable as to be close to Impossible.
  12. I think you are glossing over a pretty important difference between the Midlands and the Big 10 tournament. The Big 10 tourney is an NCAA qualifier that allows a single entry per team per weight. The Midlands is an Open that allows for multiple entries per team per weight. In Opens tourneys you dont swap entries, you are just adding or dropping or doing both (which can look like a swap). Open tourneys also have no pre-seeds, followed by a debate over seeds like the Big 10. The only way you can have pre-seeds a week-ish in advance and then finalize the seeds several days in advance is if the entry list is locked down. It just doesn't pass the sniff test or the common sense test to say an entry can be swapped at the last second. If a tournament allowed that they would then need to re-pre-seed and re-debate the pre-seeds. And the US Open is both a an Open and not governed by the NCAA, so really no comparison. But dont let any of that get in the way of a good conspiracy theory.
  13. The seeds change, but I have never heard of the people being seeded changed.
  14. How would that even happen? Nevills is the PSU wrestler in the Big 10 pre-seeds.
  15. Or even do them ala the Big 10? If so, it would be nice to see how/who they seed at certain weights. Maybe we would all care about a weight like 183 or 185 or any others in that range.
  16. "What a dork, shut up." Was one of two acceptable answers to my call for citation. The other would have been, "Thank you". But since "What a dork, shut up" is exactly what you say the first time one of your friends accuses you of liking a girl, I think it is an even better answer. As an aside, today's FRL is the perfect rebuttal to those who complain about lack of content on Flo. The interview with Coach Storniolo was fantastic. His explanation of his position on the Dresser situation was compelling, brutal and honest.
  17. I will go with some recency bias here and say if anyone but Pletcher or Lee wins the Big 10s I will be shocked. If you have to go back four years to find a data point (and pass over two opposite and increasingly lopsided data points in the pursuit) I feel good. That said, it sure isn't a 100% proposition. He is a very talented wrestler. I give Red a puncher's chance. For him to beat Lee and Pletcher he has to go big. I don't see him winning a take down battle.
  18. Let's not forget that one our Mt. Rushmore wrestlers, the man they named the "Heisman of wrestling" for, Dan Hodge, only wrestled 46 matches in his three year career. I admit that I have no historical context to place 15 matches per year into.
  19. I believe he is 0-1 (at least) against drug testers this year.
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