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  1. You fail to account for network effects. It is a communicable disease. So every healthy Olympic athlete with parents in their fifties and grandparents in their seventies are part of the solution or the problem for the aged and immuno compromised. They need to think not just about themselves, but about their ability to be a disease vector or a place to host a disease that requires a host to mutate.
  2. But the interpretation is in the narrative. For example, using 0.809 million rather than 809,000 looks like an attempt to minimize. Using 1.5% seems small, but must be placed in the proper context as compared to other communicable diseases. So lets try an alternative narrative using the same data. Covid19 was the third leading cause of death a year after it did not exist in the US. And it was the leading cause of death among communicable diseases, again a year after it did not exist.
  3. 24 minutes from O'Hare. Can't be easier than that.
  4. Which raises a fourth question: 4. How many NCAA champs never won a HS title?
  5. With Spencer Lee going for NCAA title #4 this year after "only" winning 3 HS titles and Nick Lee going for NCAA title #2 after only winning 1 HS title it got me to wondering, who else has a shot this year to surpass their HS title total in the NCAA. Of course, there are those who can eventually pass their HS total (AJ Ferrari and Carter Starocci could get 5 NCAA vs 2 HS titles, etc.) and those who have already done this (Zain Retherford, I believe). Rather than waste days looking this up, I thought I would put it out to the wealth of accumulated knowledge on the board. So three questions: 1. Can anyone other than the Lees do it this year? 2. Who has a shot to do it for their career? 3. Who has already done it?
  6. First you want wrestling, now you want a cheap DQ? Make up your mind.
  7. My biggest take away tonight is the Fretwell does MUCH better with a broadcast partner.
  8. That last shot show a big gash on the side of his nose going toward the bridge.
  9. The L is that you were happy to call the duck when you had no idea. Now you are just trying to deflect to avoid the L. The L is the L.
  10. "Daniel LaRusso is gonna fight" Best line of the two days.
  11. They said Schultz had his head gear on too. Oof.
  12. That can't be right. It ruins @AHamilton's narrative.
  13. I am not giving you a new avatar. Nice try though.
  14. Fretwell: "This is no pin December for this ref."
  15. He clubbed Lee hard a couple of times off the first whistle. Then when he fell behind he got in a good Peleton workout.
  16. He did something. He ran. Pulled a hammie doing it, too.
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