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  1. I had no idea Bob Odenkirk knew so much about wrestling.
  2. I went under the assumption that Mokoma was not coached by Kevin Jackson.
  3. He looked sharp. Takes it 14-2.
  4. Oops. Forgot I was on the International board instead of the college board.
  5. I heard Covid 19 tried to take out Nick Lee, but his pace was too much in the third period.
  6. Now, its time for my upset pick. I have seen a couple of people pick Frank Molinaro at 65, but no one mentioned Nick Lee. After seeing the way Lee handled Molinaro at the US Open in 2019, and how good he looked against Rivera and Eierman a week and a half ago, I am going with Nick Lee as my upset special.
  7. Well, that is one way to look at it. Another way would be to assume he has already invested vast amounts into his son's career. I am pretty sure he has put more of his money where his mouth is in that way than 99% of the people on this board. Losing a bet to someone on this board in no way is an investment in his son's future. Just because he won't bet you does not mean he does not 100% believe in his son.
  8. With the exception of @bnwtwg, who proposed a reasonable bet, you guys have succeeded in making @Blue Dragons look like the reasonable one on this board. Did you really expect to talk the father out of supporting the son? I get what you thought you were doing, but it all just came out as a bunch of silliness.
  9. This thread is everything that is good about this board. I used up all my reactions or I would have kept hitting like.
  10. It's Borelli who holds the keys to the kingdom. Undefeated as the lower seed. All PSU loses came as the lower seed. Clearly need to get better.
  11. The title of the book is Chop Wood, Carry Water. The sub-title is How to Fall in Love with the Process of Becoming Great. Falling in love sounds fun. Nick Lee mentioned having fun in the second post match interview done in the press room. I saw it on Flo. And Cael Sanderson posted a blog on Rokfin a week ago about his philosophy. In part of it he emphasized the fun aspect. If you are a subscriber you can read the full blog here: https://www.rokfin.com/article/4026/The-more-excellent-way-Blog-by-Coach-Cael While hot takes can be fun they are the fast food of opinions. They satisfy for a moment, but not for the long term. A home cooked meal takes more time, but is more satisfying. Kind of like researching, then forming an opinion. I will now climb down from my soap box.
  12. Cael Sanderson has his answer behind the Rokfin paywall. I won't pierce the paywall as I believe that content creators who want to get paid for their content, should. But here is the link for those who are interested. It is called "The More Excellent Way" https://www.rokfin.com/article/4026/The-more-excellent-way-Blog-by-Coach-Cael
  13. Or The Clash in the 70's - 80's. Wrong Em Boyo.
  14. Nah, that gives Eierman too much credit. You never want your nickname to be about someone else.
  15. While I am partial to the nickname BTN bestowed upon him, Mr. Technique, I have to admit that Hammer has a nice ring too. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/March/24/Nick-Lee-wins-AWN-Hammer-Award
  16. This list is incomplete without Nick Lee. Someone counted 16 shots (I think) in the final against a guy who scores on his opponents shots. And against Rivera he shot over 10 times in the third, AFTER he had the lead. Most guys find the reverse gear in that situation.
  17. I listened too and thought he made some great points. And since he rapped it in a rant it was entertaining too.
  18. Perhaps you need to torture the numbers a bit further yourself. If you shrink the window to 9 years Iowa still has a better average due to tOSUs 9th this year. A more effective technique for dealing with outliers is to winsorize the data. But don't look it up, tOSU still comes out behind.
  19. You will see her sitting on the PSU bench at home dual meets. Cael has referred to her as his secret weapon in interviews. She spends time with the wrestlers working on their mental approach, or just being someone outside of the coaching staff that they can talk to.
  20. Give it a rest guys. The whole point of the tournament is that we achieve simplification. Rankings are now irrelevant and unnecessary. We know who won. And the good news is that next year, after all the rankings, we will achieve simplification again.
  21. This one cracked me up. One was a ride to win a national championship. The other was only surprising in that Deakin chose to ride the ankles the entire third period while already down 10 with no chance to earn a riding point, and it resulted in giving up 2 more points. Deakin's was a ride of fear. It was one of the strangest things I have every seen in a wrestling match. Number #3 ranked guy afraid to wrestle. At home no less.
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