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  1. Lets say for the sake of argument, David Taylor decides to compete at 92 Kg next year, will J'den Cox prove to be an impenetrable barrier? And If he gets over that hurdle, based on what we saw at Oslo-will he have a difficult or easy matches with the likes of Kurbanov and Ghasempour?
  2. Thanks-Swagger that what it is - I knew there would be a proper word for that.By visiting this forum at least my English vocabulary is getting a bit of a boost...although shame my wrestling knowledge does not seem to improve much ;)
  3. Yazdani and Zare have differing characters/styles also. Yazdani Is the type of character that on most occasions does the right thing, says the right thing and perhaps in that respect is very much conventional and coforms with the role what Iranians want to see in wrestling Champion. Zare seems to have more personality and interested in pushing the boundaries a bit which make him a bit more colourful compared to Yazdani. But I guess we are lucky to have both as elite wrestlers.
  4. No I would not be surprised. But I guess the chances are not 50:50 but say 60:40 ....
  5. Whatever the reason for the statement, they were proven to be wrong, so that will add very little weight to the case you are making...
  6. I gathered his arm got badly hurt after this...
  7. May be here lies the recipe for DT's next victory. He should attack right from the beginning. Why wait for the second half when you have the superior gas tank...
  8. Actually it will be interesting to see what happens if Yazdani wrestles Capt america. A couple of years ago, Karimi who is really an 86Kg guy wrestled at 97 Kg in a tournament and won it by beating some quite big opponents (one was a muscle bound georgian, but can not recall his name). The narrative by the Iranian commentator was that the only way Karimi was beating those opponents was through some ultrafast leg attacks which he actually managed to get done. But Yazdani pulling that off against Snyder- not quite sure but fun to see. At the end of the day when there is is a David and Goliath battle, only occasionally David wins but thats when epics are made....
  9. Well Paris 2024 is 3 cycles from now. One option for me if I was DT would be to compete at 92kg for 2022 and 2023 so to have a much better chance of 50/50 for gold and perhaps secure 2 further World level golds. Come 2024 I can come back to 86 and get that second olympic gold, adding upto 3 more golds to my medal haul by the end of Pris 2024.
  10. I would not look at like that if I was the greatest. The odds would be stacked against me wrestling an elite opponent significantly heavier. I would likely to naturally do better in this comparion if I just let things play out in the coming years, with my main rival in DT likely to be getting past his prime with passing cycles, but Captain America's rival in Sadulaev not showing any signs being over the hill. Yazdani probably has some world level gold medals to still add to his resume in the coming cycles ( Unless Zahid breaks through to stop that as has been proposed) . Not entirely sure this is true for Capital America though. Would Gable Steveson be persuaded to cut weight, leave WWE and challenge Sadulaev?
  11. I have been thinking that up until Oslo, Snyder and Yazdani being of similar age had an identical medal record in the World and Olympic medals( 1 gold and 1 Silver in the Olympics and 2 Gold, one Silver and One bronze in the World). But there is now a bit of separation with Kyle getting a silver and Hassan getting a gold in Oslo. Is this separation going to get wider or is Kyle going to turn it around and keep it close in the medal count?
  12. may be we ought to ask for the match between Zahid and Ghasempour. Who do you have for that?
  13. Yes -its quite a shame that way. I guess the natural match up will be DT Vs Ghasempour and may be an interesting one for fans but DT may not any incentive to take part- not sure
  14. There was an interview/chat with ghasempour in Oslo on an instagram page during which he said his walk around weight is 88kg. so he is quite small for 92 Kg even...
  15. Bragging rights ha-Well the free style guys may just say they said all the negative stuff and the rest of the sh*t just not to jinx their their fellow GR guys. lol
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