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  1. One scenario is that Yazdani goes for the Olympics at 86 and for the World championships Ghassempour goes for 86 and Karimi for 92. It could be 3 decent medals- hopefully 3 golds..
  2. How do you think Ghassempour vs Cox match will go? Will he do better than Karimi? What will happen to Karimi?
  3. Yazdani had really impressive fast leg attacks- all without having to do a lot of heavy hand fighting and less underhooks today. Presumably this way of wrestling is a lot more energy efficient when it comes to scoring points in comparison with a lot of aggressive hand fighting?
  4. You can always work on the physical and technique side of things. Sometimes the required intelligence is the key ingredient and may be harder to come by if you lack it which is not the case for him. I wish him a successful career.
  5. He has the right attitude for a professional..
  6. Kaipanov I think beat Emami in 2019. Will be interesting to see how Hosseinkhani does against him.
  7. me neither- he did not do it in 2019...
  8. Yazdani is due to wrestle Deepak Punia in the final. What are the chances of that match happening?
  9. Mohammadian got thrown for a 4pointer but managed to win 14-4 if I remember correctly....
  10. Shabani is too wild and not as polished as Mohammadian and did poorly in 2019. I think he should not be sent...too risky.
  11. Looks like Iran in behind India by 2 points. https://uww.org/event/asian-championships-16?tab=team-rankings&weight-category=a07f7591-9b6e-11eb-9d73-080027c03e17 So our hopes for Ian tomorrow is resting on our Titans, Hosseinkhani and Taheri. I am going to have such a wonderful night of sleep tonight knowing things are in such good hands....
  12. Thank you. I feel a bit more educated about Bo Nickal. In my opinion, if he accepted the fix to David Taylor for the Olympic trials, then it shows a lack of gumption to be a great wrestler, so may be good riddance and best going down the MMA route then....
  13. Did not mention Bo Nickal as was not sure what to make of Bo Nickal- some on this message board seem to rate him a lot but my impression as a distant observer is that recently he has been a weak understudy to Snyder and Taylor at 97 and 86 Kg's respectively. I may be wrong as I have not studied him a great deal....
  14. I agree- They both seem like top wrestlers at their weight and if hypothetically both could go, Sadullaev would have had a tougher road to the Olympic Gold. Comparing Shabani and Mohammadian, there are marked stylistic differences- Shabani seems to rely more on strength and Mohammadian more on speed and technique. I think in terms of totting up points on paper, you are right, Mohammadian has the edge -beating snyder and Shabani losing to Snyder...
  15. Shabani beat Kadian of India at the Asian Championship in almost exactly the same manner as Mohammadian did in the Asian Olympics qualification. On take down and 4 gut wrenches in about 30 seconds or so. I guess if he had taken more than 30 seconds it would have been a negative point for him in his competition for the Olympic place with Mohammadian. Also probably goes to show once some shows you a prescription as to how to beat an opponent it may be wise to follow it....
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