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  1. There seems to the national team selection this coming Sunday with a number of key wrestlers including Yazdani Karimi Ghassempour and Zare all expected to be there involved in defending their place in the national team. Seems something to look forward to.
  2. We all accept the outcome of the trials at the time but presumably as fans we also have folks we favour etc. but I guess you are right we do want the best man to win. As far as speculation goes though it will be fun to see Ghassempour and Yazdani both in Paris.
  3. Great minds think a like. That would have been my answer too. The reason why I thought he could be going up a weight is the clip below. He seems bigger than what he looked at Oslo and looks not too dissimilar to Sadulaev in the upper body https://www.instagram.com/tv/CfOcC-TAtCw/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  4. So as a bit of an opinion poll or whatever you want to call it, if Ghassempour goes for 86kg do we want him to be the rep for Iran or Yazdani? On the other hand and for the sake of the argument if he chooses to give 97kg a try despite the weight disadvantage- do we want him to be the rep for Iran over the likes of Gloeij , Mohamadian or the new guys coming up?
  5. As he is an Iranian he no doubt is worried a lot more about Odikadze than Sadulaev or Snyder ;)
  6. Yes either way for him to be an Olympian is tough. I’m sure time will tell what will happen.
  7. Yes - it would be a natural thought for him to look at 97 kg for Paris. He does seem to have put on some muscle since then and with his style of leg attacks, sacrificing a little bit of weight for the speed may give a bit of an edge. 97 kg for Paris still has some notable guys such as Golij and Mohammadian as you say and perhaps some of the upcoming younger guys like Firouzpour and Hajilouian potentially thrown into the mix. Time will tell I guess but seems an interesting area to watch …
  8. Some recent clips of Ghassempour on instagram seems to show him being filled out a bit more compared to Oslo. Looks like he is putting on more weight . I just wonder how he compares height wise with the likes of Sadulaev and Snyder say for Paris 2024….
  9. Interesting article. The USA team top spot is expected to be achieved in the context of HYC and Zare coming second for Iran although either one at least or both seem capable of pulling an ‘upset’ and winning gold. It is reasonably questionable why at least one of them is not favoured for the gold since they are the current reigning Champions.
  10. I’m not a hick but could be dumb or Autistic. Should I still say ‘I can not help you ‘?
  11. An interesting phenomenon this year was Babak broadcasting the matches from inside the arena on instagram . It was a mixture of fly on the wall and commentating on matches which worked well and the quality of the feed seemed better that what the official instagram account for the Iranian wrestling federation was putting out… felt like almost being there.
  12. On a slightly separate trajectory - Do you know what this this issue was with Deepak Punia in Kazakhstan? He took the first match as forfeited by his opponent and then forfeited the second match himself. So he went all the way there but did not take part in anything. If he was fit for the first match why was he not fit for the second? He is a cunning as a fox so no doubt there was a reason- but I could not work out the rationale for that...
  13. You didnt?- Oh sorry. Perhaps someone should have said it then. He definitely has potential :)
  14. The way I see the Zare's final match is that despite carrying an injury, he made an epic come back scoring 14 unanswered points to win by technical superiority a heavy weight final of a ranking event by the phenomenal score of 21-10 at the age of 21. The stuff about if the mat was a bit smaller he would have lost, seems a bit off the mark in this context.
  15. It not possible. I hear the upcoming USA wrestler Zahid Valencia is going to mow down Yazdani and DT (it says so in another thread here and reading the thread folks seem very convinced). A bit of a shame really as both Yazdani and DT so far have had illustrious careers.
  16. I think the debate on who is a better wrestler- Yousefi V Mirzazadeh could be a bit futile because whilst free style rules and set up often fairly determine the winner as the better wrestler or who has wrestled a better match on the day- the GR rules and set up just have too much chance/luck associated with them to determine who is the deserved winner in situations where the wrestlers are comparatively evenly matched.
  17. What happened in the Geraei match? Why did Shemakhanbet forfeited- Was he injured?
  18. Saw the 97Kg guy Fallah get pinned in the final by Turkey. Presumably he is way behind Saravi as a number 2? Looking forward to FS matches
  19. Also what will happen to Firouzpour at 92 kg. Will he at some point wrestle Ghassempour?
  20. I feel for Karimi- presumably it applies to 86 Kg too so even if Karimi get the number 2 spot there won’t be anywhere for him to go either. Would have liked to have seen him wrestle internationally again
  21. Visa’s will be a problem if they have done their military service with IRGC I think. If I remember correctly Ghassempour also competed the the military games in the past which also could be a problem. Overall it does not look hopefull. Recenty the singer Alireza Ghorbani who is Canadian resident had a visa for USA but was not cleared to go to USA because he had done his compulsory military service with IRGC.
  22. Thank you. The article on Wrestling in Shahnameh is so interesting. I learnt a lot including a new word- avunculicide
  23. I agree- Emami is a similar level wrestler as Karimi. He is not at the pinnacle of his weight but has a good chance of medalling in any given tournament and is likely to deliver medals at 74 Kg at the highest levels for several years. I suspect he will be appreciated more if he is not available for a prolonged period in the same way as Karimi is being more appreciated now.
  24. Iran won the team title FS comfortably at the Asian championship today with 6 gold medals intotal. I thought Emami did well winning comfortably against Kaipanov for example and suspect he will be someone that can be a potential medal contender at 74 and he is only 24 years of age.
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