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  1. They will not let them out of their lease, no chance. Highly doubt they have a termination option either. But when it's up they should relocate, cut their rent in half.
  2. Good luck to you. Is it a smaller private restaurant/bar? Did they indicate it's more of a temporary situation until this is done, then they can bring you/others back? Hang in there, sign up for your unemployment if you can
  3. Heres what I think most people are missing though - this isnt the flu, it is a sars like virus. Already, and we are only a few months into this thing, the reports are that survivor immune systems are significantly compromised and permanent neurological damage just like sars survivors. Pray to God it's not the case, but that's a large part of why emergency conditions are underway.
  4. It was on a roof in the city. But it was extremely high humidity and mats were getting slick.
  5. Here are my picks, assuming you can take the pinnacle version of each wrestler and also slot them in at any weight they wrestled. 125: Spencer Lee 133: Logan Stieber 141: Kyle Dake 149: Jordan Burroughs 157: Jason Nolf 165: David Taylor 174: Zahid Valencia 184: Bo Nickal 197: J'den Cox Hwt: Kyle Snyder I could see popping out Nolf and sliding in Zain in this approach, but I think you have to make room for Taylor over either of them in this approach.
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