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  1. No hard evidence, but I found it revealing Flo put on a three part series about PSU’s dominance in the sport of wrestling over the past decade and they couldn’t procure one interview with Cael for this series.
  2. I drank gasoline and turned my headgear backward so my opponents knew I meant business.
  3. I see what you are doing now lol. Are you telling me this guy can’t work any place of his choosing? C’mon.
  4. This is awesome comment, but Devin Carter says hi.
  5. These aren’t football coaches we are talking about. Most of the D1 coaches, especially the younger ones, work toward or have graduate degrees in various areas not directly related to coaching (or gym). Doesn’t Bryan Snyder have a PhD? My point is these men would be fine and have crafts that extend beyond wrestling. Again, most D1 coaches would be plenty marketable and find a ‘real job’ without difficulty.
  6. I think most were able to comprehend my comment about derail fine. If you needed an extra paragraph than so be it. And the example you give isn’t close to being a comparison. This derailed CONVERSATION continues...
  7. Umm, I meant all of the DISCUSSION about Iowa’s season is derailed because of the Desanto chatter. Didn’t mean his antics will cost them a trophy. Jesus
  8. Typical Desanto apologist. When it happens to Desanto? As if he has no control of the situation. You are correct that I do love when it “happens” to Desanto because it reminds me not to change my opinion of him. Also, it’s a shame a team with a perfect dual season on the verge of capturing a ncaa team championship is derailed by one wrestler’s extras. But I’m sure it’s “our” fault.
  9. It’s not hate for the Hawkeyes. 9/10 of their starters win and that’s the end of the conversation. Decantgo is brought up In conversation on the regular because of his behaviors outside the actual wrestling. He isn’t selected randomly over and over. You get what you earn and he’s earned plenty of criticism. Maybe he has some social issues, maybe he has difficulties controlling his emotions, maybe he’s a jerk, or maybe it’s a combination.
  10. I don’t consider wearing shorts that could pass for a bathing suit functional in a wrestling match. I think they are great for student athletes before the match and after the match, but a singlet is more functional during the actual match.
  11. Still a newbie to this board so I missed your original announcement but wanted to say congrats, Vak. I have a 2.5 year old at home, and the amount of happiness I never knew existed before her is astounding. She’s beautiful and hopefully a sleeper!
  12. The end of your response reminded me to mention how great the overall match was for the sport wrestling. Record setting day for BTN views. The individuals at the Sports Bar who stopped for a moment to watch the Marinelli-Joseph match, possibly came away as new wrestling fans, but at the very least have a genuine respect for the warriors/wrestlers that compete in this sport.
  13. Thank you for the comedy, Daybreak.
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