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  1. It's not like Smith doesn't know that they're gonna need to go the RTC route in a big way to compete. They're just not doing much. Wonder if the Seay sanctions are still top of mind with the program being so risk-averse on 'following the rules'...
  2. ....and that's how you make the conversation leave wrestling - bravo!
  3. Not contributing, but this is easily the most productive thread I've read on this board...kudos, fellas
  4. LOL - maybe just a case of had enough message board?
  5. Be a good topic on the difficulties of coaching your own son also - obviously not easy at a high level.
  6. LOL - you must be new here. Responding to this guy is not a great idea....
  7. Was wondering who would bring up Joe Smith, but it seems like he's more of an HEW example.
  8. Are you really comparing a non-fatal car accident to the plane crash?
  9. Of course Mongo was a Hawkeye - that dialogue was all ad-libbed
  10. LOL - proper internet etiquette. How else do you get attention on a message board? "I know something you don't know...but I'm not telling"
  11. Man, I was gonna post something about how folks were jumping to conclusions and that maybe you were looking to learn, but dude - don't make it so easy for folks to be convinced that you're a jerk.
  12. Isn't that like half of the government's job?
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