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  1. That's a well-thought out and articulated approach. I would ask, though - if building codes are a social good, then increasing the privately owned value of housing wouldn't seem to necessarily be the real benefit. It could be preventing poorly built stock from entering supply, or to protect an unsuspecting populous from unscrupulous builders. Either way - nicely put. The evolution of acceptable restriction is worthwhile, as long as there is the capability for reversal - think the approval of saccharine and subsequent evidence of it being a carcinogen. Flexibility is probably the best medicine here.
  2. Unfortunately - that's the world we live in. If you want to put forth a proposal to regulate things so that there will be no potential fires, I applaud your effort. However, the same could be said for wood burning stoves, those that accidentally start fires while cooking, or any number of other potential fire hazards. You can want people to live their lives by your standard - but you might consider wanting in your right hand, while defecating in your left and seeing which fills more quickly....
  3. Well, if you want to get technical, in all likelihood, it's the bank's house - so no, you don't get to wire it however you want. On the chance that you own it free and clear, yes, I think you should be able to bizarrely wire it to your heart's content. That does seem like a reasonable ask. The further you get into regulation, the further it can potentially go. For example - drunk driving accidents could be easily prevented by simply outlawing drinking, right? It'll be regulated and safe - unless you have a clear stop, I think folks like Tbar would prefer you not start.
  4. I'm in Seattle and watched someone fall about 4 feet off a narrow hiking trail while trying to avoid being near someone over the weekend. Funny part was, they both had masks on. Like watching a set of magnets. Agree there's a value to precaution, but we've crossed the line into the ridiculous in many cases.
  5. Yes, you were following the science, but not the other science. Yes, it makes sense to be out exercising and getting sun and vitamin D. However, particularly given enhanced respiration in heavy exercise - it's likely that the 6 feet rule doesn't do enough while running. Hence, you need to extra-social distance. I'm not sure how far that is, but if you were outside, with no mask on, you can be sure it wasn't far enough...
  6. LOL - so now, we're going to use the government to destroy the industry, then have the government subsidize the industry that they just destroyed. It makes sense if the goal is to put government in charge of everything... And the South Korean/Japanese response has been robust. However, it's not in the American tradition of individualism and self determination. I think you'll be hard pressed to make that work in our society, regardless of efficacy.
  7. That's some deep psychoanalytical work for the wrestling message board...maybe we can find out what caused that issue if OP can give more detail...
  8. I get that it makes wrestling different, but man, it sucks to be the sport that got hit in the spring when winter/spring championships were cancelled and now to be cancelled because we're a fall sport too.
  9. Not to get away from the focus, but it seems like this would be an ideal opportunity for someone like Flo (not that they will), to push the idea of wrestling being allowed to continue in more of a 'bubble' style. Hell, we weren't making money from the spectators anyway - and with football off in the Big10, it might be a chance to pick up a whole bunch of fans.
  10. Makes sense - I see your point. Particularly with regard to the goals being unclear, that's extremely well-stated - "slow the curve" vs. "stop the spread" etc.
  11. Wait - so, it's all on Trump, but we're supposed to be a team? Sounds like you want it both ways - when things go well, we're a team, and when things go poorly, Trump is ineffective as a leader? I may have misunderstood.
  12. That's a fair point, but I'm not sure the numbers bear it out. As an example, (I'm in WA), we have more new cases per day than NY, despite an aggressive response, a functionally shut down state, and a major city (Seattle) that's been held up as a beacon for "following the science". Similarly, Hawaii is experiencing a 250% month over month spike in cases, during which time the state has enforced a mandatory two week quarantine on any visitors - and it's an ISLAND. Beyond that - I appreciate the concept of looking at deaths per million (or 100k in this case), but by that standard, NY and NJ are far and away the worst states to live in (NY - 168 deaths per 100k, NJ - 178 deaths per 100k) as compared to FL (39 deaths per 100k). I mean, the curve is flattening - if you kill enough patients, eventually the curve will flatten and disappear.
  13. Again, you have to wonder when the numbers are that far apart, if there is a reporting issue, or a standards issue. Not for nothing, it's entirely possible that the US response has been so incredibly poor as to generate that kind of discrepancy, but the likelihood is slim. As you'll recall, there was a time when Russia was reporting zero COVID cases weeks into the panic.
  14. It does seem somehow shocking that America was so uniquely susceptible to this whole thing. I mean, China has roughly the same number of COVID deaths as Connecticut. The concept that we have the more cases than India, Russia, China, and the largest EU countries put together is really something.
  15. You deserve kudos, sir. So, let's see a seeded, explained best of each school.
  16. True statement - not that it applies to that list of states, but yeah...
  17. Don't mind it either way really, just thought it was a well put together comment on your part and worth asking. Back to wrestling!
  18. Honest question regarding your "owe a debt" portion of your post. Have you considered a standard for bloodline for collecting said debt? Given the intermingling of races that has occurred, I've always wondered if there would be some sort of purity test on receiving funds, or if suffering was alleviated if one had a certain percentage of non-ethnic genetics?
  19. No - you should stand as tall as you can, go to a place with as many people as you can find and scream at the top of your lungs "RACIST!!!!!", followed by "but I'm not".
  20. I think that's really the crux of the complaint that folks like LBJ and others have with the 'racism' argument. If you took an individual with Alzheimer's at the end of their life, you might classify them as disabled - it doesn't mean that the person was always disabled, or that without that debility, they would have been similarly impaired.
  21. Maybe there'll be another skeleton to be dug up....let's check to see if anyone else in the wrestling community has had any impure thoughts or comments.
  22. I could easily see the argument that the act of forcing someone to leave could be labeled racist, but it also seems reasonable that an allowance be made for the fact that he'd lost his mind. Otherwise, you're gonna have to hold every single person in the world to their worst moments when labeling them. Seems like the guy wasn't naturally a racist, but did something after going nuts that could be seen as racist if that's what you're looking for. Great flavor of the week conversation - be interested tp see if anyone pushing the topic cares in 3 months.
  23. Worthwhile link to give you a hand - https://mwolverine.com/NCAA_Wrestling_Unbeaten_Streaks.html
  24. Maybe it would be best to wait until more data is in to pass judgement on this. As test rates increase, cases will increase and the mortality rate will fall to a more typical number - if it continues to trend at 2-4% as millions are tested, then perhaps there's something to worry about.
  25. That's fair, and to his credit Chandler noted that at the time. I think what frustrated folks was that you had Chandler making the weight, wrestling the matches, and the impression was that Smith didn't have to be disciplined and contribute regularly to the season. I don't think anyone would argue that Chandler Rogers was a more talented wrestler than Joe Smith.
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