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  1. Will Bentancourt to tOSU
  2. Really?! I’d hate if this is true
  3. If you look at the starting lineup from the national championship year compared to the lineup this year yes it was easier to win the natty that year than getting 9th this year..... I would say that’s good coaching
  4. Because it’s a down year for the bucks and much sub par talent than they’ve had in recent years..... then to finish 9th is a job well done with only 3 AAs
  5. Kov88

    Screw ESPN

    It’s on espn news, the program says it’s ax throwing but it’s wrestling
  6. Lee Fix Eierman Sasso Carr Griffith Kem Brooks AJ Gable
  7. What did Martinelli injure? He medically forfeited
  8. Didn’t he lose to Ferrari at big 12’s?
  9. Heard Wyatt Sheets is in the bracket now, wonder who defaulted.
  10. Oh I’m fully aware.... I was 100% kidding around, and just saying how his career went at tOSU
  11. Nope, he got injured for the year again after he was forced to bump up a weight after losing the wrestle off lol
  12. No, he’s probably talking about Wittlake
  13. Since the brackets are out who do you guys think are some wrestlers that are a double digit seed that can AA. I think Ragusin (11), Teemer (11), and Caffey (10) are possibly guys that can AA.
  14. I feel like the big ten is always expected to get more champs than they actually do.... every year we ask the question if they can get all 10 champs and the past five years they have gotten 6,6,7,5, and 4 champs. They obviously have the overall best depth, just don’t know if it’ll ever happen in the coming years.
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