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  1. Does this mean Romero is coming back?
  2. Does this mean Romero is coming back?
  3. 5 out of their 8 won their first match… Heinselman lost to Taylor lamount who was a AA last year, D’Emilio lost to Kinner who is great on top and the match was tied before that TD and rideout…. The only surprise loss was smith, and Hoffman beat Sloan which was a great win…. No change at the top needed, they’ll be fine in the future
  4. Me and my brother do a snake draft and pick 4-8 wrestlers each weight class throughout the years…. 1 pt for 8th place finish- 8 pts for 1st place finish…. Add up the points to determine the winner
  5. D’Emilio has Kinner first round which will be a tough matchup…. Kinda ironic though, old buckeye vs new buckeye
  6. He lost to Braunagel of Illinois in the 3/4 matchup….. not sure if that’d bump him back
  7. I remember when Quinn Kinner beat berge pretty convincingly at the Ohio state/penn state dual meet, maybe two years ago?, after Kinner bumped up earlier that year from 133
  8. I think he can actually fall to the 8 seed. Gable, Schultz, Stencel, Wood, and Hendrickson will all be seeded ahead of Parris. Then Kerk and Cass both finished ahead of Parris at big tens.
  9. I think this year just like any other year 165 is the best
  10. Kharchla looked gassed the whole match
  11. I really like him….. he hasn’t won much at tOSU but he has a great gas tank and stays agressive in his matches no matter who he faces
  12. Was definitely expecting more from Robb
  13. I thought Gardner was in the portal
  14. https://www.ncpgambling.org/help-treatment/national-helpline-1-800-522-4700/
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