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  1. Idk if Rocky would wrestle off at 97 if he loses the 84 wrestle off..... Rocky bumped up from 74 to 84 last year, and said in an interview last year that he walked around at about 84 naturally, so idk if he’d be able to bump up to 97 and compete
  2. I’m not saying that a Koontz is the answer at 33, just saying he’d be an ok backup alternate if Decatur can’t make 33..... and I think that’s a reach saying Singletary will flop at 97, he could have AA being an undersized HTW.... I think he’ll impress at 97
  3. Karchla and Smith are definitely not bumping down to 157..... pretty much wherever Karchla decides to go he has that weight, he’s listed at 174, I think it’d be better for the team if he goes 165 so they don’t have a domino effect.... Decatur looked like he struggled to make 133, if he preps now for the cut I think he could eventually be pretty good for his explosiveness, if not Koontz did good at 133 last year.... also, I think Singletary will do really good this year at 197, he would have been a AA at an undersized HTW last year..... this tOSU team is really young, will be really good in a few yrs
  4. Just my opinion on the eye test....... 1. Ed Ruth 2. Bo Nickel 3. David Taylor 4. Zain Rutherford 5. Jason Nolf
  5. There are many weight class question marks on the roster this year. Malik’s technique is good but still seems small (muscularly) for 125, Jordan Decatur seemed like he was cutting a lot of weight last year so his gas tank suffered. For Kinner that was a huge jump going from 133 to 157 mid season, I would like to see him at 141. Also, Dylan D’Emilio is coming off a redshirt and could be a factor at 141 if it’s between him and Kinner. I think 149 and 157 are between Sasso and Echemendia, I could see both going either weight. I don’t see there being a spot for Cleary this year. He held the 157 spot most of last year, but wasn’t consistently winning. Carson wins whatever weight he decides to go. I’d like to see him go 165 but if he goes 174 it could start a domino effect. Ethan smith is also another wrestler who cut a lot of weight last year, not sure if he’ll try to go 165 if Carson goes 174. Romero looked good at 174 last year, not sure if he’ll try to wrestle off Carson if he goes 174 or just will bump to 184. Rocky Jordan walks around at 184 normally so it’d be nice to see him go 184 again. Hoffman started the year at 184 and like Decatur cut a lot of weight and it showed in his gas tank, interesting to see him wrestle HTW at open tournaments, surprised he didn’t wrestle at 197 at the opens. The plan for Singletary last year for this year was to bump down to 197, but that was before Kerkvliet transferred. I could still see Singletary bumping down to 197 with how Traub over performed last year and with the transfer to Ohio State for Orndorff. Also, does Boykin factor in this year with the transition from Greco to folkstyle? The team will still be super young this year like last year (with the exceptions of Moore and Pletcher), but I feel a lot of experience was gained last year. It will be interesting to see how the weights settle in and who wins the battles.
  6. You sure he’s not returning to HWT and Hoffman will be at 97?
  7. Chase Singletary will be back next year for tOSU after injury this year....... he won’t be a title contender but he can AA.
  8. When are the B1G ten tournament preseeds released? Monday?
  9. I wonder if tOSU will throw Kinner out there again at 157..... I feel like Kinner has more offense and Cleary wrestles more defensive matches and keeps it close.
  10. Max Murin is not an actual top 8 wrestler and will not AA.
  11. Might be a dumb question, but if someone’s RS is burned would they be able to RS another year or is the RS completely done with that wrestler?.... not saying they should RS Decatur, but just a general question for any wrestler.
  12. Great match.... bad officiating, horrible announcing....... if I had to hear the announcer say one more time, “holy smoke”, “holy smokers”, or “holy smokes” I was going to stab my esr drum with a Q-tip..... seemed like the refs were slow to stop the action when th period was over and didn’t know what was going on a few times
  13. For tOSU, I think heinselman needs to gain weight or improve at 125 and if not I think Jacob decanter might be able to fill in there.... I don’t think Jordan decanter could make 133 next year as he’s having trouble making it this year, so I think he’ll go 141 next year, but you also have Kinner and Demilio that will fight for that spot .... Echemendia said he wants to go 149 next year (if he enrolls), so then I think Sasso will go 157.... Carson Kharchla will win whatever weight he decides to go and I think he’ll stay at 165...... that leaves Ethan Smith, Kaleb Romero, and Rocky Jordan to fight over 174 and 184...... before Kerkvliet decided to transfer to Penn State I thought the plan was for Singletary to bump down to 197, now that he’s transferring I think Singletary will stay at HWT and Hoffman will slot into 197..... biggest questions I think there will be is their 133 spot and if Keyshawn Hayes gets a medical redshirt and if he does where does he fit into all of this.
  14. Ever since last year as a RS freshman he has always been able to get in shots at the ppl he wrestled, his problem is that he constantly can’t finish those shots for takedowns.... when he learns to finish he’ll be an automatic AA.
  15. It’ll be interesting if they throw Kinner out there at 157.... still crazy that he can bump up from 133 during the season
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