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  1. I'm sorry I missed the call-in event last night. Was anything particularly interesting addressed?
  2. For sure. I was so happy to see that. Can we get Vito's dad to root our guys on? ;>) I love hearing him over the ESPN feed.
  3. Unfortunately: Zack Ryder (Minisink Valley) 47-3, 8th. over George Oroudjov (Syosset) 50-1, So. (Fall 4:35). I congratulate George on second in the states as a sophomore, pity his next opponent, and look forward to 4 additional years of hearing his dad shout advice over the ESPN audio feed!
  4. Nice to see Darmstadt bounce back so well. Total domination.Tucker looked in full control. Also nice to see Dawkins get a win. Disappointed for Noah. Maybe a strong showing at EIWA can get him qualified. A little concerned about Berreyesa lately. Regarding the admissions questions, Cornell, like many colleges, is concerned with statistics of admitted freshmen, but transfers don't affect their stats, so they can be more flexible without looking less "elite" in their numbers. Get all A's in any decent CC and you can transfer to just about anywhere.
  5. Well that looks encouraging, but I wonder why the question at 184. Perhaps something is bothering Loew. He has not looked like his former self recently.
  6. So close so often. JaJoie completes the fireman's he had so deep, Santoro holds on to the cradle, Berryessa gets the pin on the first throw....
  7. I had ringside seats from two Rutgers fans. Tucher was Tucker. Never in trouble, not much scoring. Noah made an incredible comeback. Match of the night. Richards looked real strong. Lowe was not himself. Reaching on his shots. Never in it. Not the same guy I watched against Lehigh. Milik really hung in there against a very tough wrestler to not get pinned and stayed strong until the last of the match. Surprised we made such a strong showing with our B (mostly) team.
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