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  1. I’m trying to think of a rivalry where the exact same position makes the entire crowd gasp.
  2. With Desanto and Cass both in big matches, it felt like neither had game plans going into the matches. Am I alone feeling that way?
  3. Even more, I love when people won’t allow any criticism and we’re told to just be happy with what we have. I hope for the best, but the originally tweeted photo makes it looks like 2/3rds of the stadium won’t be able to even decipher what singlet each wrestler is wearing. It’s ok to be critical of it.
  4. Cael has coached DT to so many fantasy matchup wins, it’s hard to believe he couldn’t win his own.
  5. Summary: “My job is to get the most wrestlers to the national tournament and I did it within the rules. Have a problem? Change the rules.”
  6. I’m a Kemmerer fan, but this top ride is my biggest issue with folk style. Hall is the same. Hard ride with consistent pressure and no real attempt to turn. If you can’t turn the guy, bring them back to their feet.
  7. Really trying hard to resist the obvious 184 joke...
  8. Makes me laugh that this thread is now 4 pages long and the topic is all over twitter, yet this was the first response.
  9. I feel like the bigger question is if we can compare a mid-60’s wrestler to current day. Do we feel they are on the same athletic level? Honest question.
  10. Definitely take AHamilton’s opinion on the spelling of dual vs duel
  11. There are several subscription wrestling sites and podcasts, and yet you are giving away this in-depth analysis for free. Bold move.
  12. I’d love someone to explain the 2nd period of Verkleeren v Lee this weekend. Verkleeren gets to his feet and the following calls happen with zero movement of the wrestlers: (1) still red (2) stalling red (3) neutral, escape green.
  13. No one is curious about Pletcher...?
  14. Am I missing something? Why would he fake an injury? Because RBY locked up a cradle and hadn’t even begun to turn it? Seriously? 1) Out of the entire NCAA field, Desanto is the last one I would think of backing down from anything/anyone/any situation. We know his high school story with Lee. We know he has a competitive spirit that has even gotten him into trouble. 2) Watch the initial instance again. Desanto is the one in on a leg. When RBY pulls the toe towards himself to get the cradle, Desanto immediately lets go of the leg and screams enough to get the stopped from the ref. I’m far from a Desanto supporter but these threads are baffling to me.
  15. I was referring to the part you claimed Cael teaches how to injure opponents. That would be the trolling part.
  16. Good to see the trolling can come from both sides. Sigh.
  17. 97 to continue the two weight jump move, which seems to be working. (Candidly I forgot he had another year)
  18. It’s unfortunate we only get one year of 174 lb KemDawg.
  19. This is an embarrassing topic. Have you “he’s faking” people ever seen Desanto before tonight? You really think he’s the type of guy to bail out at the sign of adversity? You don’t think he lives for a challenge? Trolling related to a kid’s injury is terrible.
  20. Not sure PSU fans have more faith in Rasheed
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