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  1. Assume there is an NCAA season and that in hopes of securing a third title Yanni goes '41: Who takes '49? Saunders or Richards? While the pre-colllege results all point to Saunders, the improvement made by Richards each year has me seeing him as a tough out.
  2. I am curious to see what JJ Wilson can do. While he came to the team without the fanfare of some others, he showed exceptionally well in his (only) five matches last season, pinning four opponents in the first period and defeating teammate (and more highly recruited) Moomey. I am pretty sure that Gred D would take that spot if he doesn't greyshirt but... However, I am most interested in the 141 -165 logjam. Who ends up where, and how that shakes out seems predicated by what Yanni chooses to do: If he opts for 141, can Saunders move up and handle Richards? If he goes '49 can Richards take 157 from Colton, can Colton then challenge Ramirez. I don't know but I can't wait to find out.
  3. Seems we are in agreement on Koll's efforts this year. Hard to say what happened with Womack. Not sure "letting" him do it was the case. Same could be said for Darmstadt and his weight slotting. As to Darmstadt and Tucker being the only to make NCAAs more than once... again, I think you might be selling Richard short.
  4. Afte this showing, Koll has to at least be in the conversation for coach of the year. I don't care if he wins the whole shooting match next year, this performance with this team was impressive
  5. So Darmstadt, Tucker, Baughman Richard -- maybe Lowe -- makes 6 ?????
  6. Although only an 8th grader, this was Ryder's 2nd trip to the state finals. He dropped a dec last year to S. Poulin. He's someone to be on the lookout for.
  7. I think you're counting Richard out too soon. If he comes in a '49 again next year, he may be able to handle Saunders. If not he may find a spot at 56 with Yap moving up to challenge '65.
  8. This year he's wrestled maybe 3 x against top 20 wrestlers yet he's won more than a handful by only 2 pts. He's also wrestled about 10 X agianst people ranked 75 or lower yet scored 10+ pts only 4 times. in the tourney he's likely to face no one lower than a top 60 and will probably face 4 in the top 20. Lst year he dropped 2 matches in just that situation. I like him and his effort, but think his style makes him ripe for the pickin'
  9. Tucker wrestles too conservatively to win it all.Inevitably aganst one of the top 4 he would suffer a TD to exposure move that would result in his being behind by a bunch -- a hill too steep for him to climb. However, against each of he he would be only a slight underdog, a coin flip one way or the other. Unfortunately for Tucker, because of his style he would also be a coin flip with 10 - 15 others who he may have to face along the way.
  10. So Yap goes out Dec 4th and we don't hear squat about it from Koll unitl Feb 6th? Not the same Koll who use dot be king of the coaches response.
  11. I just saw "not on the roster". So...What odes that mean for him...this year --Can he get put back on if his injury heals? Next year? Still no word from Koll so is this injury, academic, homesick? Still a lot of unanswered questions.
  12. While the talent level at the Edinboro tourney may not have been (wasn't?) top-shelf, you can only wrestle who is sent out to face you. The display of power and technique put on by the FLWC in winning the tourney, and by the few Cornell boys who attended, is to be commended.
  13. Any word on Yap's injury ? Hasn't taken the mat since Dec 6. Is he done for the year? If so can had get a Med redshirt?
  14. Perhaps Berreyesa's tilt as 174 was his opening foray. Is it possible that he is cutting to '65? Frankly, while he may get gassed pulling that much weight, if he does acclimate, I think it would do well for this year and next --creating an opening for Foca at 74.
  15. I'm not seeing that. Perhaps we have different versions (you pay more?) But for me the FLO HS rankings were last updated 1/15 and GD was not yet included. Intermat lists him as one, but if you have fresher Flo data love to see it.
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