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  1. I am an 8th grader wrestling in Junior High. Our team has two coaches, both of which have EXTREMELY limited wrestling experience. I have only been wrestling for a few years, and no other kid has wrestled longer than 7th to 8th. Almost all of the technical/skill coaching falls onto me. The coaches are trying to go way to fast and teach tons of moves in one season with out the other kids ever really mastering the shot or having confident referees position skills. A lot of matches, I am the only one who wins. It is very disheartening because I can see the kids lose interest and since none of the 7th graders are very skilled, the program will fall even further. I have wrestled with the high school during breaks and I have very strong confidence in their program and coaches, but I feel like a lot of kids will quit before they move there. Is there anything I can do to help make it a positive experience for the new wrestlers? Or something to help coach them better?
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