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  1. I've been watching Cornell wrestling since I got to school in 2003, and have been getting into it more in the last couple of years. I've been lurking on boards here or there, but this is my first post. I was just wondering if anybody has heard anything about any of our Olympic redshirts coming back at some point in the second semester. It seems to me that we'd be better off letting all of them take the year to compete against elite talent as much as possible, then come back and have each of them be eligible for a couple more years . With last year's recruiting class and Darmstadt back (if his injury isn't too bad and he's able to stay healthy - big ifs), that would give us our best shot at unseating Penn State. I would think that Yianni, Vito, and Max would definitely be national title contenders, and we'd be adding a ton of talent to that core group over the next couple of years. You all know infinitely more about wrestling than I do, so just wanted to see what everybody thinks.
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