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    Elbow pain

    You must first see if there is any arm change or swear damage in the joint part. Hopefully you're okay if there is no swelling internal bleeding. That's the worse case scenario. If it is just a normal soreness then it will take some time to go away as it will heal from the inside first. Do some icing and some put some vintogen. To be on the safe side use extra protective gear to stay safe.
  2. they will once things will get out of hands. :D
  3. Can anyone tell me where can I get the tickets
  4. You would not believe how many WWE sites I had to sift through to find one that was actually about competitive wrestling, or... maybe you do. Now to my actual question, and please, if this is the wrong location for this, then mods please move or erase and let me know where it belongs. I just figured "Youth Wrestling" is the right place. I'm looking to enroll my son in wrestling and I have some questions. He is 6yrs old and really wants to get into some sort of competitive sport and he seems to be most interested in wrestling. My question(s) is what should I be looking for in a wrestling club? There's nothing at his school so we have to find somewhere to take him. What should I look for in coaches, in fellow students, and in gear as well? Thank you in advance for your advice.
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