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  1. So what am i wrong about? That you checked track...which by the way had score updates ahead of the tele coverage and then you decided between peacock and nbcsn and the chose what you wanted to watch and then in the finals you had no choice and then what exactly? How many non wrestling psychos are going to do that? I was right there with you but really?
  2. i hope no one ever brings up usa wrestlings inability to garner an audience again. The NBC coverage was a disgrace to any fan of MFS...aka the core of all wrestling in this country. What successful sport forces their customer base to use 3 devices to watch key aspects of their biggest competition. In no particular order: 1 NBC had no scrolling info on upcoming matches or results on other mats 2 There were 3 semi finals of this communities favorite wrestlers on simultaneously...yianni, dake and nolf 3 Matches were highlighted that the people in the arena werent even watching 4 Well known announcers couldnt explain basic stuff....possibly because they had no monitors on which to actually see what we were seeing and many many more completely unexplainable foolish outrages I get it, they want to expand viewership of the talented folks in wfs and greco...guess what? that is not what 90% of your viewer audience wants to see. It was paricularly annoying that they did a split screen for 30 seconds during a review...once in two days coverage. If you want to grow the audience, this is not how to do it. NBC Sports grade? F
  3. i couldnt agree more... is that how he would have wrestled had he not been up against anyone else? having watched him his whole career, there is no way bo would concede anything down the stretch.... just seemed odd...that said, it was hard watching guys who have spent years training together wrestling in this tourney...snyder/moore...yianni/oliver...taylor/bo...definitely a different vibe.... will be interesting to see whether the gauntlet was not a bit tainted by familiarity....congrats to all winners
  4. I couldn’t agree more...the only thing I would add is that adrenaline and certain conditions are reinforcing to each other. Watching AD this tournament two things occurred to me. He has jumped levels wrestling wise. He had as good a tournament as virtually anyone there. That said, his struggles with his emotions is a challenge he will face his entire life. Watching his quirky reactions and frenetic running from the mat after matches gives a pretty clear indication of that. Each of us can argue all day long that what he purportedly said was either hyperbole (“my parents are gonna kill me”) or a violent threat, but all of us should take gowrestle’s comment and pa’s original post to heart. There, but for the grace of God go I.
  5. I always find it funny reading you guys yammer...because its anonymous, you dont know who the poster is but you would think that all of you are returning NCAA AA’s...”most of these guys are pretty bad”...these are Big Ten wrestlers...are they really “bad”...again, I dont know the credentials of the posters but when so many cant figure out a basic twelve man bracket based on preseeds or dont know how the seeding criteria when critiquing, it makes me wonder. before all of you start screaming, I recognize some of you had good careers and dont fall into my overview but man it would be interesting to see how much humility would creep in if the posters had to post their credentials before letting it rip. best time of the year, enjoy.
  6. Why would Dake want to tech him in the first period? Isn’t the goal getting some work in against an unfamiliar opponent? This isnt high school where you want to embarrass your opponent at home and then go under the bleachers with your girlfriend. :)
  7. The wrestling was really entertaining. The announcing was fantastic. DT was insightful, objective, and most importantly measured. His partner in the booth did a great job with the play by play and let DT do his thing. They were a very good broadcast team that added immensely to the professionalism of the entire event. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked myself when we would be treated to something on this level. When Anthony Robles disappeared after showing tremendous potential, I thought it would never happen. My hat is off to all involved.
  8. Gwiz 8-1-1-2 and a very very close OT 2 to a legend Jessie Jantzen 3-3-1 MOW Gregor Gillespie 4x AA with a championship in a very deep weight class Kerry Mccoy. 2x champ 3x AA Troy Nickerson 4x AA 2-3-1-4 JP O’Connor 3x AA 1 time champ...undefeated that year And two of those guys wrestled for Harvard
  9. The cutting of weight classes to me provides an incomplete representation of our favorite sport on the worlds biggest stage. Given the larger bell curve for weight among men and the size of the population of male wrestlers vs women participants, it really makes no sense to have an equal number of weight classes. In my opinion however, the bigger travesty is the way they selected which weight classes they would include. Any rational approach would necessarily have realigned Olympic weights using different weight classes that exist in non Olympic years. By reducing the number of weight classes without redistributing them, you give an advantage to those wrestlers whose natural weights fall more in line with those selected. When you hear people disparage “non Olympic” weights in World Championships etc, this is a core problem. IMO, this is a problem because non Olympic years are the norm (ie 3/4 of the sport). While i hate the reduction to 6, any rational system would have a completely different set of olympic weights falling somewhere in the middle of non olympic year weights. This would a) force every wrestler to move up or down for olympics and b) spread the competition more evenly in non olympic years as there would be no olympic weights in non olympic years.
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