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  1. I personally think gwiz gets short shrift. Other than the OTT against a super talented gold medalist, he has been our world team rep for years and picked up two world bronzes. Definitely on the back nine but dominated at WTT so still the best heavyweight in the country not named Gable.
  2. If one is going to make the distinction between Olympic vs non Olympic weights then shouldn’t one also make a distinction between Olympic medals earned in games with just 6 weight classes vs. those earned with 10 or more? Math wise, the depth of field for each weight increases as the number of classes decreases, especially in the middle weight classes. Thus medals won in a 10 weight class era would be viewed as being less impressive than those won recently. The double bronze would also have to be considered in some regard. I have argued for some time that it is unwise for uww to keep a selection of the same classes for the olympics that they use for non olympic years. Establishing Olympic weights between the existing non olympic weights would force all competitors to cut or bulk for the olympics and better distribute all talent across the non olympic classes removing the disparity that exists 3/4 of the time currently. The six weight class limit at the Olympics is an injustice to the sport imo. It just doesnt accurately represent the broad distribution of the talent globally in a fair manner relative to the pool of participans.
  3. All NYS guys along with Jesse Porter at 77k in Greco. Great showing for a state not always in the mix. Lucky to have watched all four throughout their high school years and wish them the best of luck in Oslo!.Along with the entire team of course.
  4. Been tied up so haven’t read thru all the threads but how about Carter Young?!?! Wins Last Chance round robin at Fargo to qualify in his true freshman year. He beats Camacho in opener then loses to Fix. He then proceeds to beat nashon, suriano by forfeit, Graff and Gross to take third. This is a kid who three months ago came in 4th at the Junior trials. How does one explain this? Northwesrern has themselves a potential superstar and shocking Ok State let this Stillwater hs grad get away.
  5. i was wondering the same thing before I started thinking about the flying squirrel people!
  6. My guess is that these guys probably do consider these concerns but prioritize them differently. There are lots of folks that are wired that way. I have never understood people that enjoy recreational activities that can kill you, but love watching surfers hit the bonzai pipeline or those videos of the people in flying squirrel outfits. And just how old are those that.are being discussed? 30? I must say though, I am always amazed to see Dan Vallimont in the field but I do respect that he is still out there getting after it.
  7. 2014...which was also the other year he was in the us open...iron chef started his list in 2015...so the call stands!
  8. I am assuming there were other Americans in the US Open if he wrestled it twice as per Katie so one of you is mistaken but I agree watching him take on some of our other faves will be great to see.
  9. fyi, your spreadsheet has yianni down as 3 aa’s and 1 champ...should be 2 for 2
  10. Point taken...Thx for the memory jog.
  11. I don’t disagree but as a huge wrestling fan and a moderately successful businessman, you should take your opponent in the direction they want to go without going there with them. WC’s are three out of four years...think it thru...why cowtow to them while rendering 40% of your product obsolete the other year? Make the unique year unique while making the majority of your years the norm.
  12. Jim L: I agree with that as a wrestler who hung with very talented lightweights but we weren’t the ones who cut the weight class numbers of the fullest field in the sport. Sometimes you just have to look at the bell curve and the tails it presents. The Heavyweights are just too big a tail to cut. The 57k guys are only being asked to move up 3k...6.6 pounds...jden, dake and others are moving up/down far more...didn’t say this was ideal but logic dictates this is the way to go....thanks for your comments
  13. I have said this previously but here goes. I still don’t understand why the uww when confronted with the reduction in weight classes by the IOC didn’t lobby to have completely different weight classes for the Olympics. For a variety of reasons, this would have made the sport stronger. First, the weight distribution of competitors completely changes when reducing the number of entry points to 6 from 10. It’s simple math and not changing it was completely illogical. Second, the fairness of making certain guys cut or go up materially makes for an unlevel playing field in favor of the guys who happen to fall more naturally into the oly weight classes. Third, it diminishes the sport that 40% of the weight classes at your sports premier event, WCs, carry a certain, fair or otherwise, stigma. 3 out of 4 yrs, 75% of the time, that is the main show on the world stage. Why would you want to diminish the respectability of any of the classes? Other than Heavyweight, the other Oly weight classes should fall in the middle of the WC spread. My initial thought would be 60, 68, 76, 84, 94 and 125. This would level the playing field by more evenly distributing the weights across the curve, force every wrestler to adjust up or down leveling the playing field, and give equal weighting to all WC classes in prestige. Treat the Olympics like the unique event it is and strengthen the sport at the same time.
  14. So what am i wrong about? That you checked track...which by the way had score updates ahead of the tele coverage and then you decided between peacock and nbcsn and the chose what you wanted to watch and then in the finals you had no choice and then what exactly? How many non wrestling psychos are going to do that? I was right there with you but really?
  15. i hope no one ever brings up usa wrestlings inability to garner an audience again. The NBC coverage was a disgrace to any fan of MFS...aka the core of all wrestling in this country. What successful sport forces their customer base to use 3 devices to watch key aspects of their biggest competition. In no particular order: 1 NBC had no scrolling info on upcoming matches or results on other mats 2 There were 3 semi finals of this communities favorite wrestlers on simultaneously...yianni, dake and nolf 3 Matches were highlighted that the people in the arena werent even watching 4 Well known announcers couldnt explain basic stuff....possibly because they had no monitors on which to actually see what we were seeing and many many more completely unexplainable foolish outrages I get it, they want to expand viewership of the talented folks in wfs and greco...guess what? that is not what 90% of your viewer audience wants to see. It was paricularly annoying that they did a split screen for 30 seconds during a review...once in two days coverage. If you want to grow the audience, this is not how to do it. NBC Sports grade? F
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