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  1. I know they did some yesterday and I saw some women and Greco Roman wrestling. It doesn't look like it has started yet, but here are some links (it looks like the YT page has all of the links including yesterday's replays and those in the next two days) --
  2. The Croatia Open on a couple Mats -- U17 Polish Girls wresting on three mats
  3. I meant because I thought the federation was streaming it, so I figured it was there content. I could also stream the other days.
  4. I am thinking you like Nebraska as much as I like Mizzou. ;)
  5. I did not see this posted. It is history, but a new article about the end of Univ of Omaha wrestling. I grew up and live in Omaha though I can only recall attending one dual meet since I wasn't really a real wrestling fan yet. That said I remember being happy with their success and really shocked when Alberts dropped the program. https://www.trackwrestling.com/PortalPost.jsp?TIM=1615245758726&twSessionId=njedwjacgc&postId=1113516135
  6. Not sure if this will go through, but I thought it was funny when the Nebraska Cornhusker wrestling team challenged the basketball team to a game...
  7. I have posted a few times in other sub-forums, but a little about me. I never wrestled, but I did like "real" wrestling at different times. My now-Senior in HS decided to wrestle for the first time as a Junior. He seemed to enjoy the two years he wrestled and I wondered what it had been like had he wrestled earlier. Then again, did part of what made it more fun was that he chose to do this on his terms? My youngest is also a boy (I have four girls in-between, and while we joke about one being eMMA because of her propensity to beat her older sister at times, they don't really want to wrestle). He is 7 and I keep wondering if it is something that is worth trying out. It seemed a bit pricey and he hasn't expressed any interest in doing it. I am also worried that if I were to do it, it wouldn't be "fun" enough -- like he needs to have some sort of mindset already to be a wrestler and that anything else would just be me forcing it on him. Sorry my thoughts are a bit all over the place. I just know that my oldest son grew a lot as a wrestler in a short time, impressed his coaches along the way, and wonder if my youngest might see something similar.
  8. I remember wondering why he was still trying to work to turn him. I actually thought maybe there was another period to go because there seemed to be no rush. Again, not knowing the rules, what if the coach pounded on the mat or got close enough to get his wrestler to notice him. What sort of penalty would incur in the match? Would it involve a point for the other wrestler? If so, it seems like it would be worth it -- he still needs a takedown whether it is 1-0 or 2-0?
  9. Despite #5 beating #4 in the first round, I do think my son was better. My son was probably too patient or not aggressive enough at times, often waiting for his opponent to make a mistake, which is what I think would have happened vs #5 had they wrestled. I felt like#5 was a shorter, stouter wrestler who came forward more and may have played more into my son's style. #4 on the other hand was like a longer version of my son and it forced him to be more aggressive in the third period, which led to some takedown attempts leading to 2 points for the opponent. He also never had to cut weight since the coaches were happy with his performance at 195, but I think he felt he could have made 182. Obviously if my son beats #4 it's a moot point and he feels he should have done better (so I am also coming as a father feeling for his kid). Also, I noted it's not like I felt he was the best wrestler in his field or would have advanced through districts had he qualified. It was just tough to see his season end that way without a win. It was kind of a perfect storm -- of the 14 weights, his was among the top with four above .500 (one had five, and one other had four, but it only had four wrestlers so regardless of results that whole weight class advanced to districts); then the draw didn't work in his favor with #5 throwing things off with that first round victory! Too much info below, but the way his bracket played out is below. So as #3 he faced #2 and #4. Here was the path of two of his teammates who did advance, both got first round byes. One had a bracket of 5 wrestlers -- he was a #3 faced #2 (loss), #5 (win), #4 (loss)....another had a bracket of 6 wrestlers and was a #5 -- he faced #1 (loss), #6 (win), and #8 (win). I think this is how it worked [records may have been post tournament]-- Championship Bracket #1 [28-6] = bye #2 [22-11] vs #6(7) [4-18] = 2 victory via pinfall #3 [14-10] -- this is my son and I think Trackwrestling may have one or two more wins than I recall, but he was above .500] = bye #4 [12-9] vs #5 [12-17] = 5 victory (it was something crazy like 19-14 with a number of nearfalls for 5 being the difference) ______________________________________________________ Championship Bracket #1 vs #5 = #1 victory via pinfall #2 vs #3 = #2 victory via pinfall Consolation Bracket # 4 = bye #6(7) = bye _______________________________________________________ Consolation Bracket #3 vs #4 = #4 victory (7-5) #5 vs #6(7) = #5 victory via pinfall _______________________________________________________ Championship Bracket #1 vs #2 = #1 victory via pinfall Consolation Bracket #4 vs #5 = #4 victory via pinfall
  10. I was just stating what the articles said that Ruff didn't know he lost until it was over and then his coaches had to tell him what happened after the match. Then Garcia is the one that pointed out that he didn't think Ruff was aware. I don't know what Ruff was actually aware of at the time -- he did look surprised when Garcia celebrated following the victory.
  11. Lol. Well, I don't know that I will have a lot to be bitter about since his wrestling career is over, but I think he enjoyed it while it lasted. There will always be that seed/draw though....
  12. It felt a little like two guys that didn't want to lose than two guys wrestling to win. (Says the guy who never wrestled and is bitter about a seed/draw his son got...lol.)
  13. Late in the match he admits to staying on the ground on purpose once he realizes he has the 1-0 lead and his opponent doesn't realize it.
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