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  1. When I posted the link, the event was streaming live so I don't think I can time stamp it. All I was doing was letting people know an event was taking place in case they wanted to watch. Did you read what I wrote above? I specifically mentioned Men's FS with a question mark because I only watched one of the mats which were streaming (all have a different link). I knew those wrestling on the link I selected were men and I knew it was FS. I did not translate the information to determine if women were wrestling at the event as well. I never claimed this event was Greco, but I specifically mentioned FS, because I know some people prefer one discipline over the other and I had just linked the Greco competition that started this past Friday..
  2. I am not sure what you are saying. Over the weekend, I had posted a link to the Japanese University Greco Roman tournament. Then last night I posted a new event that was Freestyle and made a note of the discipline in both posts. The reason I said "I think" is because I didnt translate and only watched on of the three mats, so I wasnt sure if there were any women's matches.
  3. He made it entertaining and one wonders how it might look without those points for blue. I dont know the rules well enough, but it was just bizarre.
  4. I know, it didnt feel like this was some attempt to gain time.
  5. Finally got to time stamp this. It is very bizarre. The video starts right before the first penalty. Then it goes from 1-0 to 5-0 with two yellow cards thrown in before a second of wrestling action has occurred. His coaches try to help and he still gets it wrong. What's crazy when they get it figured out, he almost gets the pin...then later has another almost issue with a second par terre. What's going on here?
  6. I will have to look for this later as I don't think I can post and accurately time stamp while it's still live. Bout 12 on Mat 1 had this bizarre sequence where the wrestler didn't seem to know how to go into par terre. I am pretty sure the score went from 1-0 to 5-0 as he amassed two yellow cards. It was almost comical. Then he almost got a pin out of the whole ordeal . He didn't seem like a terrible wrestler and understood the standup, but it's like he never was told to go par terre before. He was asked to go into it later and almost failed then too.
  7. Some pretty fun matches on Mat 1 (I haven't ventured to the others). Lots of 4 point throws.
  8. It looks like there are three mats that will be streaming on YouTube. Here is Mat 1, but there is a link to each of the mats in section below the video I believe. I am not seeing a start time, but the earlier part of the stream I saw some warmups so maybe soon?
  9. I was just curious if team scores have always been based on a specific discipline rather than the all of the disciplines combined? It seems like the FS race was a hot topic, but I didn't know if all of the events played a role. Like the US would be really strong with FS and Women's, etc.?
  10. I am about halfway through this video and pretty sure the first 5 or so matches have all had at least one 4 point throw awarded. (I dont believe the timestamps on the video are correct).
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