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  1. Regarding the last point, this has been what has been hard for me to be as interested in MMA, in the last several years. I watched the most recent UFC Fight Night and it was a whole lot of that sloppy kickboxing. I remember when chants of boring would spring up 30 seconds after the combatants hit the ground, but now it seems you are lucky if they ever do. I am sure my statement is not wholly accurate, but its been my experience as of late.
  2. Thanks! I did notice early warnings on the arm grabbing, but I thought maybe it was how he grabbed. This helped and maybe it is the uninspired matches that cause me the most problems. (The next match is same discipline and it made more sense.) Thanks again.
  3. Greco-Roman has some of the more impressive highlights with their throws and feats of strength, but I really struggle when I watch a full match. I know I posted something some time ago, but there are things I still don't get. Case in point the first match on the link below (0:37 to 8:11). It isn't a very exciting match and I do not understand the ref's decisions. Blue gets a passivity point and par terre attempt. Neither seemed active, but I am ok with it. Then the same thing happens in the 2nd period. So Blue, who I could not tell was more active, is up 2 to 0. At some point, Red gets a passivity point...does he get the par terre option and not take it?
  4. I have, but I will check it out. Thanks!
  5. Thanks! Is it any easier to do than a lace?
  6. As hopefully almost all of my posts will show, I don't know a ton about the sport. I really started to get into it in November and then COVID-19 has made a mess of things ever since, so I've lost a lot of that momentum I had. I do try and watch things as they pop-up. I happen to follow this person on YouTube who posts a lot of wrestling events in Asia. Feel free to watch this match, but I'm most curious as to what the technique is @ 6:30. I've seen leg laces before where they roll the guy, but this just seemed different. Maybe it wasn't and was just an awkward way each wrestler reacted to it?
  7. No. I didn't start following until the 2019/20 so while there are probably some top wrestlers I am familiar with, there are probably way more I am not.
  8. I don't know if any of my inquiries below have easily found results, but these popped into my head: Worst seeded wrestlers to win championships or All American? If different, worst W-L records for wrestlers that won/placed? Best seeded wrestlers to go 0-2....or great W-L records with nothing to show for it? Feel free to add any other obscure stats or questions that others may know the answers to.
  9. You have been handed the keys to broadcast collegiate wrestling to the world. Here are your stipulations: 1 match for each weight class Has to be a collegiate wrestler that you believe will wrestle in the next NCAA season. It can be anyone. You can pick who you feel the best two wrestlers are or you can pick who you believe the most entertaining wrestlers would be. Whatever you think that would best showcase the sport throughout the world.
  10. I didn't realize you had posted this or were a member. I had posted both of your videos, which were awesome. Keep up the great work.
  11. I initially asked this on the collegiate board and had every intention of asking it here, but I just didn't get around to it. I imagine there are a lot of matches that never took place for one reason or another throughout the international career of wrestlers. Olympics have been boycotted and I imagine just the way international competition is handled, there are scenarios where two top wrestlers in the same weight class at the same time just never happened. What are some of the bigger ones? What are some of the matches that should have happened, but we were deprived of seeing? It seems like international competitions are based around one representative per country, so what about just two wrestlers that you know would have made a fun match regardless of whether they were the top wrestler for their country? Maybe some amazing potential match between the second best American and the third best Russian?
  12. Just saw this video -- haven't watched it all, but had to share!
  13. I shared this on the International side and it is freestyle focused, but if you don't regularly go to that side, you might still find this as interesting as I did!
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