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  1. I will probably reiterate this several times, but I come from more of a football background to understanding HS/College sports. There are plenty of early commits, but most don't sign a letter of intent until their HS season is over (not even sure if they can sign any earlier). Other sports are different where they may sign a class before the final season it seems. Case in point: Oklahoma State commit Jakason Burks was upset in the Nebraska HS State wrestling this afternoon. It's one of a handful of losses he has ever experienced and it was a little weird -- up late by one when the timer ran out and the refs, after consulting, determined he didn't have control. It went into OT and then another OT where he would lose by one in the end. Does this result cause any concern for Oklahoma State fans/coaches, etc.? Or do they not look so much at one bad result, but rather give them something to work with when they hit campus? I realize what a commit is doing near the end of their own season may not amount to much, but I was just curious.
  2. Thanks for taking a look. I agree with @Crotalusthat I don't like the ref doing that -- if there was a foul of some sort, I would rather he just assess the penalty/warning and stand them up. @LJB you might be right. I was wondering if there was something about the shoes as I saw this happen on another match, though the ref wasn't quite so grabby.
  3. Good post! Is it me or does it seem like post HS or college that the US wrestlers competing in Freestyle/Greco tend to have a more "international" approach to competition? Maybe there just aren't as many match opportunities at that point? It just seems like there could be a happy medium where international have more matches per year and US wrestlers cut back. I also like the idea of leagues where its not all tournament based but there are competitive matches.
  4. Thanks for the additional information! I didn't know Judo was so big. It sounds like if you are top level early enough, you get a lot of experience with the national wrestling center. It seems like that is the main goal, whereas there may be more levels in the US and opportunities to develop?
  5. Watching some Cadet matches from Germany that popped up on YouTube. In this particular match, Red (spoilers he wins) attempted a leg lace, which didn't work. Blue looks like he is maybe working to try and get some points while Red still has a hold of his ankle. My first thought was that he must have pretty strong hands to hold on to the ankle, but the referee pulls his hands off. Is this an illegal move from Red or any other reason the ref did that? Thanks!
  6. How many wrestlers are in whatever club your nephew practices in? Do you find that wrestling isnt as easy to get into where you are than something like the US (where my son who never wrestled can do so, though not at a high level, at 17 years old)?
  7. 120 seems excessive, but maybe they always keep in shape, etc.? That said, 20 or less matches per year seems so small.
  8. Let's say a wrestler averages 3 matches per tournament, would it be fair to say that a Cadet level (or younger) wrestler might compete in 18 matches per year? I think this is what is the most confusing for me as there seems to be such a disparity between # of matches in the US vs international, especially at the younger ages. USA wrestling recommends 30-60 matches in this general age bracket. We are just starting the High School state championships in the state I am in and most wrestlers have had 40+ matches this "season" (November to February). Then I think a number of wrestlers compete in other matches in the offseason.
  9. You will have to bear with me as my recruiting knowledge is almost all through the lens of FBS football. What I know about D1 recruiting for wrestling is they have 9.9 scholarships, of which most are partials; there also seem to be a lot of transfers (though this may be more normal and it's becoming a bigger deal in football). I feel like I have a lot of questions and some are listed below, but feel free to go beyond with what you know or have experienced. When are the signing periods? Do coaches hold press conferences to talk about their new signees? (Football now has two periods not two months apart and you get press conferences and endless analysis) How important are the coaches, teams, or other factors? It seems huge as so many of the same schools are near the top, but how much does the team success matter as with football? Or why not go to a school you can compete for and win right now rather than one of the blue bloods? Does this board get into recruiting discussions much? Thanks as always!
  10. Thanks for your reply! For match, I did mean the actual quantity of matches and I understand that sometimes it will be more or less depending on performance. Do they ever have dual competitions with other clubs in your country or is almost everything based around a tournament?
  11. I saw the NC thread and thought that was really cool that someone posted. Here is the HUB for the Nebraska tournament that starts tomorrow. https://newrestle.com/2020/02/16/2020-nebraska-high-school-state-tournament-hub/ I would think these are some of the top wrestlers to keep an eye on from Class A 133: Jakason Burks, Omaha Burke (44-0) -- Oklahoma State commit 160: Maxx Mayfield, Lincoln East (52-0) - Northwestern commit 285: Isaac Trumble, Millard South (46-0) -- NC State commit
  12. I was initially going to reach out directly to @Grimo but thought there might be others with experience or knowledge. How do kids get into wrestling? Is it parents or is there some other system? (I imagine it varies from country to country). How many club or national competitions does your ( @Grimo in this case) nephew compete in through a season? I mean something that isn't at the international level, but is an actual match.
  13. I thought this was a good summary and explanation. I am a Nebraska fan so see it more from that perspective. I never cared for Mizzou, but those feelings were hardened a bit when I lived 30 minutes away from campus, so I was usually ok with them leaving...and then Nebraska left. I am still not sure how I feel about it.
  14. There were four teams that left. First rumors I heard were Missouri leaving then next thing you know Colorado left and then Nebraska shortly after. Then Missouri and Texas A&M left the following season. Why do Colorado and Texas A&M get more of a pass?
  15. Haven't been following wrestling long enough, but my least liked programs in other sports (I am in Nebraska) likely apply here: Iowa (pre-B1G for Nebraska I was generally indifferent to the Hawkeyes) Missouri (lived in Jefferson City for a number of years after attending college at a different school in Missouri, that said, I found myself sort of rooting for them against Oklahoma State in that recent dual)
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