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  1. Thanks so much for the explanation! This is exactly what I was looking for. I didn't really start watching a lot of wrestling until late 2019, but I couldn't recall par-terre starts in FS prior to that one. (I have already sent similar inquiries in the GR par-terre when I couldn't tell how one was worse and it seemed like a severe penalty.) Thanks again!
  2. Just ended, there was a lot of wrestling! Here it is (3:48:00 the incident in question happens a minute or two later. Here is the other example I mentioned (just for completionist sake)
  3. I think that is what happened. I found it, but the event is still going on! I am afraid if I time stamp it, it wont jump to the right spot, but wherever that time is from the present. Once it ends, I will try and find it again.
  4. There is a live event in Russia streaming on YouTube as I write this. I can't provide a timestamp link to the match since it is still streaming so you will have to make due with my poor description. (I do not remember who was red or blue, but I will just assign a color.) Match 1: Blue got a takedown and has turned Red a few times (early rounds so there seems to be a lot of these types of matches) They end up in an awkward position where Red is on his butt mostly seated straight up and Blue is working to push him down or turn him. Red works his way out of the circle and the ref stops the action. When they get to the center, the ref orders Red to go on his belly. Blue quickly turns him on the restart and its over. Match 2: Similar scenario, but blue ends up in a leg lace. Red sort of jerks out of the circle (like a bucking bronco in a way). Ref has a neutral restart in the center. So what was different? In both cases, Red used the boundary to keep from getting turned. I am trying to recall seeing a FS wrestler told to go on his stomach.
  5. So it isn't so much which team is better than it is this is what team would score more points? So it is weighted to top 8 and higher? (Or just enjoy some wrestling and dont worry about rankings until Championship time...)
  6. Perhaps some people were out or the rankings displayed next to the wrestlers was wrong. I went back and here were the rankings on the tv coverage (lots of 19s for Miz) and bolded those where ISU had a higher ranking. 125 19 (Miz) vs unranked (ISU) 133 17 (Miz) vs unranked (ISU) 141 13 (Miz) vs 5 (ISU) 149 3 (Miz) vs unranked (ISU) 157 14 (Miz) vs 3 (ISU) 165 13 (Miz) vs unranked (ISU) 174 19 (Miz) vs unranked (ISU) 184 19 (Miz) vs unranked (ISU) 197 19 (Miz) vs 16 (ISU) HWT 8 (Miz) vs 9 (ISU)
  7. I was watching the Iowa State vs Missouri dual on ESPN+ this morning. I saw the rankings with Iowa State listed as #8 and Missouri listed as #10. As the event unfolded I noticed that there were only three matches on paper/individual ranking that I felt Iowa State would have been favored to win (they went 1-2 in those matches). It isn't that Missouri won, but rather why, specifically, Iowa State was ranked ahead of them in the first place. I would have anticipated Iowa State having a slight edge in paper (say favorites in 6 matches). Were they missing wrestlers for that match which helped them get to #8? So how do team rankings work in general? Should I anticipate that # 5 should have at least a one or two wrestler edge in paper than #6?
  8. Lots of wrestling to be watched (live or reply depending on when you see this).
  9. Thank you for all of the replies and clarification.
  10. It is also possible that I misunderstood what was happening. Maybe I knew they had wrestlers at a given weight, but perhaps nine were healthy or eligible. I am also thinking I may have been watching a dual between a DI and DII.
  11. I do not have a lot of wrestling experience and mostly started getting into it about a year ago shortly before Covid. I seem to recall watching some duals where school A forfeited at a weight. I guess the starter was hurt, but it seemed like there were two or three other wrestlers at that same weight for the team to use. 1) Do coaches sometimes take a forfeit loss in a dual even if they have a healthy wrestler that can compete? 2) If the answer to 1 is yes, what is the logic or what goes through a coach's mind when making that decision? Thanks!
  12. I think people had noted before about UFC becoming more standup focused (i.e. bad kickboxing). Here are a couple freestyle wrestlers in Russia that seem to prefer standup fighting to wrestling!
  13. May be able to watch in its entirety later?
  14. I didn't see a thread on this so I thought I would post.. I am not sure how much longer it goes, but I imagine the stream can be rewatched.
  15. I try to stay out of these discussions. I have my opinions, but it seems like it ends up becoming something where I am seemingly accused of advocating for the death of older people with preexisting conditions. I will generally do what the government asks; I will wear a mask if they tell me to; I can get if people are worried and respect that, etc. That said, I swear I have never seen a positive news day since March. It feels it somehow shifted from slow the spread/flatten the curve to there should be no new cases ever. My wife and I have six kids that all live at home. My oldest tested positive for COVID19 in June (sick a day or two), yet nobody else tested positive or exhibited any symptoms. My kids are largely back in the school building. All have been able to compete in sports so far. Sorry...rambling...as I said, I generally steer clear.
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