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  1. If it isn't Iowa, I'd rather it be Pennstate.
  2. People should play the long game with Fix. No scoring, prevent his shots and act like one is shooting. Take it to over time/overtime ride out like most of his close matches.
  3. Anyone know how many tuned in to watch last night?
  4. No, RBY said something to DeSanto. Go rewatch the clip. Not stirring anything up, I'm just saying it's in the clip.
  5. Stall calls alone can't dictate a match. DeSanto has to transition to a finish immediately either driving through or lifting or something. He's right there with RBY and Fix and can beat them. Just needs to trust in himself.
  6. Hawks are pretty impressive when comparing Pennstate having the likes of Gillman, Retherford, Nolf, Bo Taylor, and Snyder to help train with them team. Every team should be scouting and wrestling extremely hard to take out Pennstate or they will have recruiting over them for years.
  7. You should change your name to classless.
  8. It looked like DeSanto lifted him out of bounds and stumbled trying to catch himself holding onto the opposing wrestler, both drifting to the table. But because DeSanto has a history, he needs to be held accountable and this is mostly his fault is what I'm getting from you.
  9. I read your post wrong. The steps and distance to table is exaggerated and is more than two steps. I just don't see how DeSanto getting elbowed is his fault though, which some people seem to think.
  10. It's not about "defending." It's about breaking down what actually happen instead of making assumptions, exaggerations, and being biased.
  11. Post a video instead of a picture that fits your bias. Let's see who's really in denial.
  12. Idk man, looked like some of the ISU wrestlers were wrestling dirty.
  13. Wrestlers needs to allow their wrestling do the talking and ignore the noise. If they feel offended, channel that as fuel on the mat.
  14. That article is written by a teenager. Obviously, there were some words exchanged, but this article and claim is reaching extremely far. What's striking to me is the type of person that would push rumors and make stuff up. Child's play.
  15. I'm facinated by this stuff. Manifestation and visualization. What goes on in a champions mind. What they feed their body and brain. Their beliefs, actions...etc. Excellent post. I'll have to dish out the cash to read the article. You bringing up Fix talking about his loss haunting him is interesting because I instantly thought his reaction losing to RBY looked spooky similar to his loss against Suriano.
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