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  1. I'd love to see 125 stacked again for their last college career face off. Lee, Fix, Suriano, Vitali, Glory, and maybe even Micic. Would be wild.
  2. Wrestled their asses off all year and earned their seeds.
  3. They should at least reward the to 8 ranked wrestlers at each weight class all american. They earned their ranking based off their season performance. That way, wrestlers like Chaz Tucker can finally obtain all american status since that was his last chance. Either that or allow wrestlers to use un-used reshirts. Regardless, the whole situation just sucks.
  4. In no way is Phillipi beating RBY and then Rivera. No. That’s not happening. Not even in a simulation.
  5. Offering another year of eligibility will conflict with scholarship money and incoming freshman’s. I’m all for another 2 years of entertainment, but I think they should call it how it is based on the rankings and coaches poll. It’s truly unfortunate and it sucks, but it’s the best they can do with not letting an entire year go to waste and to be cautious against the corona virus. Reward Iowa as national champs and give ranks 1-8 of all weight classes all American.
  6. They should call it as it stands right now with the coaches ranking. Iowa national champions since no one was beating Iowa Rank 1st = National champion Rank 2-8 all Americans
  7. We can eliminate the incubation period if there's no riding time and go back to neutral. And if we incorporate a push out rule that's +1 to prevent the virus.
  8. Rivera has a nice tie, snap, to ankle pick. RBY has a double which he tends to lower his level for and drives forward and he has speed. Everyone has their go to moves and I don't think ADS is as one dimensional as some people suggest.
  9. RBY doesn't do anything on top. He doesn't work anything. He sits on the ankle and will slowly work the guy out of bounds off standups. Go watch the Lovett match against RBY. He even fleed the mat as soon as Lovett got out. It's hard stall riding. There's instances where the bottom guy isn't working off the bottom and the bottom guy is stalling and instances when the top guy is clearly trying to ride and working nothing from top besides stalling. Obviously, RBY isn't the only guy that does it.
  10. Was not aware that there is a torso between the legs.
  11. In a way you could compare it to being on the bottom and hidding your arms under your body. You're producing a strategy to not give your opponent your arm, but you're also not trying to get out of the bottom which is why stalling gets called on the bottom guy. It's sort of the same concept here. Hiding your arm, backing up, avoiding action, not engaging. Regardless, ADS will improve off this once he figures it out.
  12. At least we can agree on something. I am not a fan of how Big Ten was ref'ed. There was barely any stall calls against people there were only defending and backing up not pushing any action. And should Nick Lee have been dinged for stalling? I'm a Pletcher fan, but that reminded me of when ADS shot Pletcher out of bounds and was dinged for stalling.
  13. I guess so, but little do you actually know. And little do I know if he’s actually injured or not, regardless, I won’t stoop to that level aside from my sarcastic comment. Hope he’s alright.
  14. Rasheed fake an injury and medical forfeited attempting to save his seed like last year?
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