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  1. I'm facinated by this stuff. Manifestation and visualization. What goes on in a champions mind. What they feed their body and brain. Their beliefs, actions...etc. Excellent post. I'll have to dish out the cash to read the article. You bringing up Fix talking about his loss haunting him is interesting because I instantly thought his reaction losing to RBY looked spooky similar to his loss against Suriano.
  2. I shouldn't have said robbed and should have rewatched the match. My appologies. Brooks was the aggressor and is very good.
  3. I can agree with some stalling. Like when he quickly got off his back in the first and left the circle and a few incidents of backing up and not circling in or attacking. I don't hate PSU, but I was rooting for Hidley this match.
  4. Around 9:05 he grabs the edge of the mat. It's not as bad as I thought, but still.
  5. I think Willie or Pat Mineo posted the image. Just looked like he grabbed the edge as if he used it to pull himself. They need to make the mats bigger in case someone gets double legged off the stage. As far as Warner. I was very surprised he wasn't pinned and also very surprised of his come back after getting off his back.
  6. There's a photo of him grabbing the edge and pulling himself....to the point that his fingers were nearly under the mat. I'm stirring the pot a bit. But some people are unwilling to accept that Pennstate lost and will find any reason to excuse their team. Excuses are for wussies.
  7. What about Brooks physically grabbing the edge of the mat and pulling himself out of bounds fleeing in the finals. Hidley was robbed.
  8. What's true? Berating other wrestlers and teams, but only praising PSU because you're so emotionally invested in your college team?
  9. In comparison to PSU with the wrestlers that are still around. Every RTC. The RTC's that do have studs like Dake, Burroughs, and Cox, aren't training with the college team every day.
  10. You're being like the biggest freakin cry baby on these forums. You do realize that your Nittany Lion's club team that is filled with studs practices every day with the college team? It'd be embarassing if they didn't have 4 champs this year with that club. Truly. No other team has that. None. It's a serious accomplishment to compete with that.
  11. They got confused thinking that was a person when it is the tasmanian devil. They were on their way to put the muzzle on and put him back in the cage until next year.
  12. Same could be said for many pennstate wrestlers. At least for the olympics. Joseph isn’t doing anything in freestyle. Nolf isn’t beating Dake. Gilman and retherford aren’t making the team and if they do they aren’t winning gold. Bo won’t compete with Taylor. And Taylor got lucky Cox moved up. These guys are Cael’s pawns to stick around and make his college team better.
  13. They are all most likely coming back. It's fine, you Pennstaters have great grand pa Taylor, and uncle Retherford, Bo, Nolf, Snyder, Joseph, and Gilman still around campus to train your team. Jeez, what a squad that practices with them.
  14. The seeds seem to lack consistency and I don't get some of logic behind these decisions. Some make sense while others don't.
  15. Kem will come out with a masters and zero regrets. Good for him. Certainly more than most peope.
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