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  1. Makes since, I was going to say I wonder if Michigan is trying to do some recruiting w/ him, but if he can’t get into Osu, he won’t be able to get into Michigan.
  2. Makes since, still seems weird that Michigan would allow an Ohio State Wrestler to come in & train and workout all the time with the guys. I’m sure Ohio State can’t be thrilled seeing him workout at Michigan either.
  3. Assad will be wrestling at B1Gs so no on 133. Medley, Storr, Lewan, Embree, Parris will be the Qualifiers.
  4. Silva hasn’t wrestled away from Ann Arbor, Safe to say he’s not going to be the guy in B1Gs. My guess would be his season is over since Michigan is done at Home for the season.
  5. Academic Redshirt training in the Rivals gym?
  6. Lol that’s pretty tough to do when your not even enrolled in school, but your correct.
  7. Whose going to wrestle 133 for Michigan at B1Gs Silva or Assad?
  8. Any clue why he is “Committed to Ohio State” hasn’t enrolled yet, but trains at Michigan? Could Michigan end up stealing him ?
  9. Dude!!!! That team Race is going to be SICK!!!
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