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  1. J Jaggers not a champ but dropped down a weight and won 2 titles
  2. Iowa Sate and WVU might end up in the Big 10 by location default.
  3. Askrens not getting any PPV points for this fight. Anybody who can find a link to a free stream, let us know. I would hate to give Jake Paul a dime.
  4. "LIHOM" Legend in his own mind... That was me!
  5. Lance Palmer pinned Dustin Schlatter in a dual meet, can't remember the year.
  6. Elon Musk said it best, of you got bit in half by a shark and had covid 19, they would call it a covid death. Get real bro
  7. I think you meant scamdemic! I apologize if my grammar is not an A+
  8. Thank you Mr. Grammar Nazi, I shall take your advice for future comments.
  9. Are you in your basement hiding in the closet from the virus? You seem like a full blown coward. Dur dur dur. Funny how you always use the word "idiot" lol. The special Olympics called, they need there bronze medalist back.
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