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    Ohio Elite reacted to Mphillips in Wrestle Off Results   
    133: Philip Kue over Chase Liardi (Dec 4-0)

    133: Andre Gonzales over Alex Flerlage (MD 13-4)

    133: Dylan Koontz over Phillip Kue (Fall 4:43)

    141: Jordan Decatur over Anthony Echemendia (Dec 7-3)

    157: Jashon Hubbard over Kevon Freeman (Dec 9-4)

    157: Jashon Hubbard over Isaac Wilcox (Dec 4-3)

    174: Fritz Schierl over. Bryer Hall (TF 22-4)

    285: Mike Misita over Hogan Swenski (Dec 2-0)
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    Ohio Elite reacted to Mphillips in Indirect rivalry of Snyder and Yazdani   
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    Ohio Elite reacted to wrestlingphish in Which current/recent wrestler reminds you most of Cael?   
    Wrong. If no one reminds you of Cael at all, then they all remind you equally of Cael. Therefore the answer would be everybody.
    And Spencer Lee reminds me of Santa Claus since he hands out back points like they are gifts.
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    Ohio Elite reacted to Antitroll2828 in Suriano to PSU   
    You act like Spencer hasn’t lost 5 times in college ( all to guys below surianos level) including getting pinned….now the man has no knees and suriano could get 4 cracks at taking him out 
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    Ohio Elite reacted to Lurker in Austin Mad Man Desanto   
    Tenacity is great but to navigate what that bracket could end up being, he’s going to have to have the technique…and tactics….to get through a number of individuals competing on a world class level, and the defending champ, who has his number. Going to take more than being tenacious. 
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    Ohio Elite reacted to Gantry in Worlds Day 3 70/97kg   
    Can people PLEASE stop responding to NJDan at this point?  Put on ignore and move on, it's enough already...
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    Ohio Elite reacted to dman115 in Willie's Earth Shattering News   
    Whoa...whoa Tbar...you can't bring that up.  Not that it matters because you will either get crickets from people like elevator., or they will play the ole weak argument card..."You are just a redneck republican, and it is Trump's fault".
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    Ohio Elite reacted to dman115 in Willie's Earth Shattering News   
    Wow...what a self righteous post.  <eye roll>  You clearly have reading comprehension based on your post.  Please point out specifically where anyone on here said " DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE"?  Or " DO NOT LISTEN TO DOCTORS OR "EXPERTS"?  IF you could read you would realize people are talking about the logic and big picture and the conclusions people are coming to based on NOT doing that.  You could be the smartest scientist in the world but have ZERO ability to look at the big picture holistically and make a logical decision based on it that impacts peoples life's.  I don't care how many degree's after your name you have, this is a fact.  What people are arguing is the decisions "experts" and politicians are making based on incomplete data.  Throw on top of it the political BS game and it completely muddies the waters and causes huge division.  To me the problem is some like to take the news, media, politicians (including Fauci) as gospel.  Others like to make their own decisions based on what they look up themselves and think about things critically.  What I tend to see is the people who follow the news, media, politicians, etc. tend to be the ones who feel only THEIR perspective is correct and everyone else's is "Dumb".  The other side of things just want to be able to make their own decisions and allow others to do the same.
    I'll never understand the logic of how the vast vast majority have to adhere to the very very minority in regards to these things.  If you don't want to get vaccinated, that is on you and you assume the risk it entails which includes getting infected by someone else...that is their choice!!  If the high risk folks don't get vaccinated and go out in public, they are choosing that for themselves...that isn't on me.  Why is that hard to understand??
    Back to wrestling...what I struggle with is the "logic" around all these mandates and protocols when it comes to schools and sports...I sit and ask myself.."WHY???"  Why in the heck does it have to be that way?  If there is 99.99% chance that nothing happens to the 5-23 year olds (23-35 year old coaches included) catching Covid, why does the whole freaking wrestling team need to be shut down if someone test positive?  Why does the school need to shut down?  Why do kids/young adults have to miss out on opportunities because a 60+ year old with underlining conditions may catch Covid based on their own choice of being around a 5-23 year olds sporting event??  And I'll address it right now...the one off super emotional cases don't count...that is a weak argument from serious lack of critical thinking.
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    Ohio Elite reacted to TBar1977 in Willie's Earth Shattering News   
    You mean the people who support mask mandates for us peons but never say a damn word when the elites flaunt those same rules? Elites who are all too willing the break the backs of small business owners and even property owners in the name of "PANDEMIC" relief but who never say anything about unvaccinated migrants crossing the border by the millions this year? The experts who have not said a word about postal workers getting a carve out exemption? You mean those awesome people? 
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    Ohio Elite reacted to hammerlockthree in Willie's Earth Shattering News   
    just pointing out this is a bi-partisan statement.
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    Ohio Elite reacted to Mr. Poopy butthole in Is Spencer Lee the Best Iowa Hawkeye Athlete Ever?   
    Is he the best ever right now?  Or will he be if he wins title #4?
    Don't wan't to give a crook any more attention until he pays his debts
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    Ohio Elite reacted to 1032004 in Willie's Earth Shattering News   
    Not a lot of things.  2 things.   Heart disease and cancer.   That's it.  Covid was the 3rd leading cause of death in 2020 and will be again in 2021.
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    Ohio Elite reacted to BobDole in Willie's Earth Shattering News   
    Schools you got rejected by?
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    Ohio Elite reacted to nhs67 in Willie's Earth Shattering News   
    This post is ignorant as phuk, as per usual NJD.
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    Ohio Elite reacted to poorwrestler in Willie's Earth Shattering News   
    Pretty damn good excuse if you ask me.

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    Ohio Elite reacted to potentiallydangerous in Willie's Earth Shattering News   
    She's the news is, Katie is a brainwashed, television addicted fool.
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    Ohio Elite reacted to treep2000 in WNO & NCAA Impact   
    This is a college wrestling forum, so, why not talk about potential upcoming recruits, like from last night's WNO and see how the predictions and posts age?  Afterall, most of the competitors picked to participate at WNO end up landing D1 spots, and ultimately AA, with many NCAA Champs already:
    170:  Gabe Arnold won this.  Reminds me a bit of how Trent Hidlay wrestles.  Will be interesting to see his progression
    106:  8th Grader Bo Bassett.  Wow!  Is this guy the next Spencer Lee?  Absolutely dismantled his opponent, and is only in 8th grade!  Most likely projects as a middleweight given he's 106 in 8th grade, but, as evidenced by the most recent Zillmer/Bradley match, anything can happen regarding each individual's physical growth and maturity.
    182:  TJ Stewart.  Reminded me of how Dudley wrestles.  I assume projects as a 184.  Should be a good addition to the depth at 184 in coming years.
    145:  Arrington.  Assumes to project at 157.  Will be fun to watch
    113:  Davis.  One of the more dominating performances.  Assumed to project at 125 or 133.  Was a fun match to watch and will be interesting to see how he'll translate at the next level.
    160:  Haines.  Was expecting big things from Haines, but he eaked out a squeaker vs. Barr.  Unsure of commitment (didn't look), but expect him to be a PSU recruit given his alignment with DT's club.
    106:  Knox.  Wow!  Very impressive showing indeed.  Would now like to see Knox vs. Bassett.  Handled Lilledahl, who just had a Cadet Bronze.  His pressure appeared to be relentless.  
    152:  Henson.  He seems legit.  Defeated a potentially injured Williams.  Assume he projects at 157.  Will be a tough out.
    195:  Fishback.  Pulled it out over Nelson on a last second failed throw attempt.  Appeared gassed, but it didn't stop him from taking the crown.  Will be a fun addition to the depth at 197. 
    138:  Swiderski.  Wow!  Everyone expected Mendez to steal the show and put up some numbers, but not last night.  It was Swiderski's show.  Technique.  Strength.  Athleticism.  Seems to be a complete package.  Assumed to project at 141/149?  
    120:  Jesuroga.  Very controlled match.  Will be fun to see how he translates, presumably, at 125.
    Big Man Supermatch:
    * Carroll:  The 220lb Carroll is a gamer, and was right there with Feldman.  I saw no real size difference between the two.  The result was super-close.
    * Feldman:  The #1 285 currently.  Appeared to be the about the same size as Carroll.  Has speed and athleticism, and reminds me a bit of Kyle Snyder in his style.  
    However... as we think about translation.  Amos utterly demolished Carroll multiple times in the past few months.  Sure, Amos is now Jr. World Champ in Free and Jr. World Bronze in Greco, but, Amos also is projecting at 197, and may be an example of the step up in competition at 197 at NCAA's (not to mention Ferrari). Feldman's results vs. Carroll did not impress like I had expected, and at 285, with Parris, Kerk, Schultz, etc., it will still be a long road for Feldman at HWT.  Things will most likely change, but based on the eyeball test and some very loose "transitive property" play, not seeing either right now as NCAA Champ material (at least right off the bat).  
    All in all, a fun show.  
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    Ohio Elite reacted to Husker_Du in Daton Fix, first since when?   
    guys, i'm not trying to be vague. lol.
    i assumed it was abundantly clear (or easily ascertainable) that i'm saying that anyone who holds a lifelong grudge against someone who made a bad decision is less than magnanimous. 
    i'd expect more in this otherwise ever-forgiving culture we now live in. 
    i also pray for you two who couldn't figure this out. 
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    Ohio Elite reacted to Husker_Du in Daton Fix, first since when?   
    oh. you're super judgemental p*ssi*s
    sorry i thought that wouldn't be difficult to deduce 
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    Ohio Elite reacted to GockeS in Daton Fix, first since when?   
    this is crazy
    years of doping/cheating... russia gets slap, and no one bats an eye
    ppl who test positive for virus not allowed to compete
    north koreans are banned from winter b/c they didn't go to summer b/c of virus
    now we think fix should be banned for one test? 
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    Ohio Elite reacted to Return of Aztec in Bold Prediction: Keep this until 2024   
    I regret nothing.

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    Ohio Elite reacted to TBar1977 in NIL Issues in Happy Valley?   
    A pack of vulture like virtue signallers is perverting our national conscience. This country used to be about substance, not style points. But this is what we have basically become these days.
    ‘The Activist’ Reality TV Series Sparks Backlash: “Worst Idea Ever” (msn.com)
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    Ohio Elite reacted to TBar1977 in NIL Issues in Happy Valley?   
    America has a problem when we value a handful of opinions (even thousands) that come from the internet or social media. What kind of leadership do we have when a relatively small number of internet opinions can cause corporations and government to bow to their will? 
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    Ohio Elite reacted to Perry in NIL Issues in Happy Valley?   
    Nothing controversial about those takes on Afghanistan just fyi.
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    Ohio Elite reacted to ionel in Zain and JO   
    Because they know they can't qualify 65k?   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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