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  1. It depends a lot what he has been doing since hs.. Fila database says and like someone other wrote here that he spent some time in military. I think if he has gone straight from hs to military he might get all the eligibility years but if he just hanged around after hs a couple of years and then went to military I think he will lose some years. Also if he has done some studying already back home after hs I think he will lose some years. You are right that guys like Sadulaev or Akgul probably wouldn`t come to college in US. But I also think that many very good Eastern European countries guys would like to come in US if the just know how. Problem is that they do not have any connections and most of them do not speak English. So it is very difficult for them. Especially when you should do that in young age while you are in hs 16-19 years old. And once you are older in most of times it is already too late to come to college . I think that many foreigners does not really understand how the NCAA system works.. But I would bet if some college coach would start visiting countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey or even Russia. They would find a lot of top guys who would be ready to leave to US if they would get scholarship just because they know life will be better there..
  2. I know for sure that the same eligibility clock rules applies for international students too.. In some European countries I think the kids are also year or two older once the graduate from hs than in US.
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