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  1. I would think Ferrari redshirts a year in order to put on weight to go at heavyweight since the transfer from Purdue will be at heavyweight assuming he behaves himself around the coeds. 

    But not sure if Ferrari would allow a redshirt or not. If they think they have a real chance for a title next season then Ferrari has to be in the lineup.  They cannot afford any weak weights. OSU has to jump a level in talent to compete with PSU and now Iowa. I don't know how Nebraska suddenly resurrected themselves to become a contender, but they have. Next season Geer and Montalvo might have to do ranking matches to see who goes at 184 if Ferrari is at 197. The upside for Montalvo looks to be tremendous. Nice to have that kind of depth for next season. Plott has to go at 174. I have to wonder how Shomers would have done if he was given the chance to stay at 157 during his Cowboy career. Why is Gfeller not in the lineup any longer?

  2. Having holes in the lineup applies to all teams except Iowa.

    I think that OK State U. having the rich tradition of winning and also having one of the best amateur wrestlers of all time as coach, should never have a lineup with as many holes as they have this year. I realize that injuries, Olympic redshirt, and a de- commitment from a very talented heavyweight all contribute to this year's porous lineup. Iowa having a team with no holes in the lineup is a rare situation for any team. I think holes mainly come from the modern era limitation of scholarship money. This has created greater parity. 

  3. On 1/24/2020 at 11:12 AM, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

    Iowa is absolutely loaded this and EVERYONE is predicting they win NCAAs, in some cases by 50+ points over the second place team.  Penn State, who started the season as their biggest rival, has been decimated by injuries.  Berge, Rasheed, Conel and Cassar.  This group, if healthy, would have likely yielded 3 AAs in Berge, Rasheed and Cassar and a definite finalist in Cassar.  Berge has only seen 1 dual all season and continues to recover from a concussion months ago, Conel and Cassar are done for the year and Rasheed is only recently back but again is an undersized 197 pounder.

    Iowa has their 10 guys ranked as follows:

    125 - #1

    133 - #2

    141 - #8

    149 - #1

    157 - #6

    165 - #2

    174 - #2

    184 - #7

    197 - #6

    HWT - #3


    By comparison this is Penn State:

    125 - unranked, won't qualify for NCAAs

    133 - #3

    141 - #2

    149 - unranked

    157 - #4, but has only wrestled 1 match this year

    165 - #1

    174 - #1

    184 - #6

    197 - #19

    HWT - unranked

    So Penn State is only projected to have 4/10 or 5/10 AAs, assuming Berge can get healthy.  And 3 finalists.  I have a hard time seeing Penn State qualifying/scoring any points at 125, 149 and 157.

    That is projected 10/10 AAs and 5 finalists, 2 champs by seed alone.  Average ranking is #4.  Has a team ever been more loaded?  I say no.  So if Iowa *somehow* doesn't come home with a title in March...would it be the biggest FLOP ever?


    I say yes.

    We will see who prevails in the Iowa-PSU dual. I would never bet against the magic of Cael Sanderson.

  4. What was Roger Moore alluding to when talking about Kaden Gfeller right before the ISU match? He said, "go do your homework, find out about Gefeller. Dusty Hone will be at this weight the rest of the season." Does this suggest that Gfeller is in the doghouse for skipping classes or his grades dropped below the acceptable level to wrestle? Sure sounds like it. 

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