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  1. Pretty sure van der Merwe and Hill have graduated.
  2. Does the Cornell choice possibly now bring Stanford into the mix? Several GA kids on the Stanford roster already -
  3. In general, this is true. But this is not the case at Stanford. Stanford's transfer acceptance rate is 1.15%. Their undergraduate acceptance rate is around 5%.
  4. People who think that even more than 1-2 will even be able to transfer to Stanford know very little about how hard it is to transfer to Stanford. Unless Koll managed to weave "admissions decision veto power" into his contract, he will have far tougher sledding both for transfers and for undergrad admissions than anyone can fathom on this thread. And I'm not slighting anyone....I'm just pointing it out.
  5. Compared to Cornell's zero athletic scholarships.
  6. If he's leaving, he sure didn't make it sound that way in this interview. He sounded like a guy who really believed in the fight, won the fight, and would like nothing more than to stay. This will 100% come down to who Stanford hires. Speaking of that, are we hearing anything out of Palo Alto on the HC search?
  7. Hey Now


    Joe de Sena is a very big wrestling fan and supporter. We need to do anything and everything possible as a community to nurture this relationship.
  8. Agreed on all fronts. The year the Stanford program just went through....especially with the way that athletic director treated them, even it is saved....could you enthusiastically go back and represent the school that did that to you? The timing hurts, but you can't blame Borelli. He has a lot of years left and young mouths to feed.
  9. Hey Now


    And add to that, this. Pure class by Pitt Wrestling.
  10. Shane Griffith, Stanford, OW. Patrick McKee, Minnesota, Gorrarian (3 falls)
  11. Agreed. Forget the Ivies even if they weren't grad transfers...they cost too much and these guys are on athletic scholarships. Michigan and similar are much more realistic landing spots. Lehigh, Wisconsin, Northwestern...have to believe any reputable academic school that can help athletically ($) would be top of the list.
  12. So I guess that means Demas did even less.
  13. And their performance at NCAAs will have no bearing on Stanford admin's decision. They are doing all they can and it sounds like Stanford is not budging. Would like to see them go out with some AA's.
  14. It is highly unfortunate for the conference that these two are a round 1 matchup. But, if the seeding committee did its job correctly, they had no idea when ranking guys from top to bottom that this would be the matchup. As it should be.
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