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  1. Good post. I hope your enthusiasm pans out. I know that your optimism has made mens volleyball and gymnastics fans hopeful. Volleyball down to just over 20 programs and men's gymnastics has only TEN division 1 programs left. Sheesh.
  2. May 30, 2019:  "Mike Buddie leaves Furman to accept AD role at Army West Point"
  3. Schools will push back season as new Covid info/therapies become available. I'm putting even money on a January - March shortened season. But we're going to get one in!
  4. https://www.trackwrestling.com/PortalPost.jsp?TIM=1591553313951&twSessionId=wmbugjtefb&postId=782352135
  5. Anyone who believes otherwise is wishful thinking (which is allowed). At this point, we should all be praying there will be a season at all.
  6. Pucillo also runner up in this year...
  7. Agreed...Don't get me wrong, I hope I'm mistaken about Young as well...he is by far their best option at 133.
  8. I agree with a lot of what's being said here. A few nuggets: 1. I think Young is done...nagging injuries kept him sidelined all year and not sure he'll compete again. In my mind, that would seem to mean 133 would go to Luciano Arroyo or incoming frosh Jason Miranda from Poway. Hope that's not the case - Young was a scrapper. 2. Agreed that 149 belongs to Abas. Like Young, van der Merwe was so banged up this year (and last) that I see him fading. Hope I'm wrong...the kid had so much potential, but I just don't see it happening. After seeing their team wrestle this year, I don't see a healthy van der Merwe beating Eischens either. Again, I'm not in their room, so could be wrong. 3. I'm sure the Stanford coaches are wishing Griffith would bulk up and move up a weight class. Their 174/184 hole has been going on for years now. They've got a log jam in their middleweights...would be helped immensely if someone could get big enough to help them at 174/184. 4. Agreed on Harlan/Duhm...both good options at 184 but where have they been? 5. Maley is their only option at HWT so I'm sure they are praying he stays healthy. 6. Pretty sure Mandarino is done although I'm told he is still a Stanford student, so he has not looked to wrestle elsewhere. Thanks as always for serving as the Pac-12 godfather, Bronco!
  9. The weather argument is unfortunately growing weaker as the virus continues to spread in Australia, for example, where it is summer. It could lose some steam, according to some experts, but we can't hold out that warmer weather will "halt the virus." (NY Times)
  10. This is very bad news. Thank you for bringing to everyone's attention. Really pulling for him.
  11. What about Matt Gentry? National champ, 2x Olympian. Ties to both Oregon and California. D1 coaching experience. Has he left the sport completely? If not, he'd be worth at least a look.
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