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  1. Even without a history of winning in wrestling, yes, I believe Brown CAN succeed and do well in wrestling. Will take the same kind of effort Koll put together at Cornell and Ayres at Princeton. Will take a great recruiter, the perfectly timed recruit or two, a charismatic and tireless coach, and they'll be off and running. What about coaches that have experience "building" at high academic institutions? Or former Ivy Leaguer Nickerson? I wonder if Ray Blake would consider after getting treated like crap at Stanford? Another top assistant who is ready for their own program but could also navigate the frustrations of a challenging admissions department?
  2. Fantastic film. Didn't know much about Gillespie before watching. Let's hope the story continues to have a happy ending. It's a lifelong battle. Respect.
  3. Also, depending upon how you view 2020, Real Woods CAN technically claim 2x AA status to his grandkids someday. https://www.nwcaonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/D1-First-Team-AA.pdf
  4. Griffith's rabbit out of the hat TD as time expires vs. Wick. I mean, the match was over. Over. And he STILL found a way, against a guy that had beaten him three times. Pretty darn cool.
  5. Me too. As a wrestling fan, we were ALL robbed. Garland must be fuming.
  6. Aiello robbed like I've never seen. Horrible officiating.
  7. And a self-promoter. Always be closing!
  8. Stanford made mention of a hand injury that has finally healed.
  9. Intermat has reported Jack Darrah (197 out of Missouri), formerly a Cornell commit, now committed to Stanford. Would this be the first Stanford recruit of the Koll era? And, consequently, the first Stanford recruit in over 18 months?
  10. Does the Cornell choice possibly now bring Stanford into the mix? Several GA kids on the Stanford roster already -
  11. In general, this is true. But this is not the case at Stanford. Stanford's transfer acceptance rate is 1.15%. Their undergraduate acceptance rate is around 5%.
  12. People who think that even more than 1-2 will even be able to transfer to Stanford know very little about how hard it is to transfer to Stanford. Unless Koll managed to weave "admissions decision veto power" into his contract, he will have far tougher sledding both for transfers and for undergrad admissions than anyone can fathom on this thread. And I'm not slighting anyone....I'm just pointing it out.
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