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  1. I gotta go with Zain. If they wrestled 10 times when both were seniors Zain would win 8 out of 10.
  2. My bad. 14 is enough to count. Year should count. I think 8 is good number for year not to count.
  3. I think it was 2 counts. But I also think once the ref started counting Lugo would have moved. And we don't know what would have happened after that
  4. I don't like the danger call for freestyle. But the rules are the rules. I'm not saying Lugo would have lost....I'm saying the ending is an unknown. Why does sasso have such bad offense?
  5. Kolodzik is the one person who I think should be given another year. Maybe anyone with less than 8 matches.
  6. My qualifications would be a Senior who was a strong favorite. I use that logic because underclassmen have other opportunities. Guys who aren't strong favorites may not have had the title taken from them-----they weren't favorited anyway. Moore is a Senior and was probably the biggest favorite in the field, except for Lee. Can't say he was a sure bet, but he was close. I feel sorry for him. He had an awesome freshman year. He had a good sophomore year but wasn't sure how to handle Conel - he learned. Then his junior year he ran into Bo. In two years Moore's only losses were to Bo. I know some will say Lugo or Pletcher but Sasso got the best of Lugo once and if the ref was on top of the danger warning like he should have been, Lugo could have been 0-2 vs Sasso. I think Lee vs. Pletcher was a coin flip. Pletcher showed me a ton of heart at the Big 10's, and he may have beaten Lee, but at best he had a 55% chance to do so. In my mind I think it was only 40% at best. So that is why I pick Moore.
  7. I would like to see Lee vs Yianni in the NCAA tournament next year. That match has the possibility of being more interesting than Lee Vs Pletcher. All of Yianni's matches seem interesting.
  8. Strengthens Rivera too who has victory over Spencer in the most high profile match that they wrestled.
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