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  1. Has McKenna taken a back step? Do you think Nick Lee should be favored over Mckenna?
  2. I think bo has tons of potential in mma. Biggest question is how well he takes punch
  3. I wonder if he could be another stipe
  4. Think cassar will fight as heavyweight or 205?
  5. I heard that Bo Nickel was helping Jorge Masdival prepare for Kamara Usman. Think that helps Masvidal's chances?
  6. Gross do you have a bias against Buckeyes? You dont think there is one champion between moore pletcher or sasso?
  7. sake. Arent all meaningless and one doesn't always have flu like symptoms.
  8. I'm not an expert but didn't the commentators say Zain had illegal hand contact that wasn't c sd called? I forget. I think snyder bo nickel Spencer lee. Valencia all better folk than Zain...and of course dake.
  9. Its not like Zain was new to sport.you are putting too much on one meaningless match
  10. I am ignorant of this topic and I apologize to board for commenting on issue I knew nothing about.
  11. I think the discussion is over Dupont was racist from the start or did his mental illness with drug use help him become much more racist than he had been 10 years ago.
  12. Abd give a special invite to killin moore. Just him.
  13. Do you think that wrestlers who already redshirted should be given opportunity for special covid 19 redshirt this year only?
  14. Do you think there will be college football?
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