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  1. Thank you klehern. Maybe difference between fifth year and extra year.
  2. Do you think a college all-American such as Gaethje can prevent khabib's takedowns? Will be interesting to see
  3. So if anyone should cancel it would be them.... but I think those states take too much pride in their football teams than to protect the players
  4. Hypothetically if the sec did not cancel would that help their football recruiting?
  5. I hate this because I love watching the Buckeyes clean house in the Big Ten, but I get it. I think the idea of a spring season is not good. They need to just wait till next year.
  6. Is sasso going to have Yianni at his weight?
  7. Has McKenna taken a back step? Do you think Nick Lee should be favored over Mckenna?
  8. I think bo has tons of potential in mma. Biggest question is how well he takes punch
  9. I wonder if he could be another stipe
  10. Think cassar will fight as heavyweight or 205?
  11. I heard that Bo Nickel was helping Jorge Masdival prepare for Kamara Usman. Think that helps Masvidal's chances?
  12. Gross do you have a bias against Buckeyes? You dont think there is one champion between moore pletcher or sasso?
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