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  1. From my perspective ever since the team race was decided certain posters have tried to put shade on Iowa. I'm not gonna argue with you about it. I dont like either team. I'm not stating my opinion as fact. This is just how it comes off to me.
  2. Don't jump to conclusions. Doing so does make you seem like a jerk. I have searched for it on YouTube and nothing came back. I Google it and I only saw one link that was behind flowrestling paywall. I do not subscribe to Flo. Your theory about me being too lazy to look is out of line.
  3. Do you have YouTube link to those interviews? I'd appreciate it.
  4. does anyone have YouTube link to interview where Cox mentioned some sort of revenge or something for how it was handled?
  5. I hope he has the confidence to wrestle heavyweight
  6. I think it comes off as being a sore loser to try and elevate 4 individual titles over the team title. Iowa had a better team. Better dual team and tournament team. I have no skin in the game. Both Iowa and Penn st beat the heck out of my buckeyes. But give credit where it is due. The past two years Iowa has had the best team.
  7. As a Buckeye fan it doesn't seem like ohio state will have a champion for the foreseeable future; especially if Sasso has to contend with AOC and Yianni. Ethan Smith was close to the finals due to the Bull and Lewis losing. He has serious issues with his bottom game. Does ohio state have a guy on their roster with at least a 40% chance to win championship in the next 3 years or will Ohio State have to wait for future recruits to give them above a 40%? I am talking about likelihood. Obviously tournaments can break a certain way that the 8rh seed ends up the highest seed by the 3rd round. Anything can happen. Is it likely ohio state will at least 1 champion in the next 3 years?
  8. if Cox truly did lie about not knowing when weigh ins were as the reason he missed weight then I must say I gave lost a lot of respect for him. It is cowardly for a grown man to let an innocent coach fall on sword if that is what happened. If this report is true then I must say Snyder is our best rep at weight.
  9. Has the matter changed? Or is Cox's disqualification gonna hold?
  10. Different coaches do wrestle offs different. My coach gave us an hour between. Seems like you could have used thst hour to refocus.
  11. Maybe a rematch with the smaller Nunes. Tatiana was doing well first 2 rounds but then gassed. To her credit she was able to take hard punches to preserve decision
  12. That sounds like Moore. He ran into Cox, then he stumbled his sophomore year, and junior year ran into Bo and then Corona. I didn't watch much of Hidlay. I was super impressed that he gave Nolf very tough matches. It seemed like many of Nolfs opponents lost before the match started. Hidley impressed me at least the second time, because he took it to Nolf and wrestled to win.
  13. How did you lose to a guy you just teched? Did you land one big move first time? What happened?
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