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  1. Relax, we will be at 0 by Easter.....
  2. Italy has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Which is one of the reasons they have such a high older population. Their healthcare system provides universal coverage and is largely free of charge. This means many elderly people with underlying conditions were able to live longer because of comprehensive care, but are more at risk of covid-19 complications. Some experts believe the high Italy CFR as compared to places like Germany is their testing is primarily done only on the sickest of patients.
  3. You probably already know this but JRob would be a good interview. I think he was one of the few philosophical and cerebral wrestling coaches. He routinely discusses the psychological aspect of wrestling and specifically fatigue. Check this video out
  4. There is also a run on it nationwide and many of us need it for autoimmune conditions which it is known to work for. It’s now almost impossible to get. Maybe they should figure out if it actually works for covid-19 before hoarding it.
  5. Trying to suppress Covid-19 without testing in masse is like fighting a wildfire and not knowing where it’s at; everyone ends up getting wet. So yes, this is our only option until testing improves.
  6. To be fair, you and Marcus C. also have a pattern.......
  7. Not to rain on the parade but at this point we will be fortunate if there is a next season.
  8. Who is this? Sorry I couldn’t resist ;)
  9. Hey everyone, ExBSUfan wants to know if he is blocked by everybody. Don’t say I never did anything for you ExBSUfan.
  10. Force118

    Lee Kemp

    Joe Wells was a really cool guy. Years after he retired, Joe would come by and beat on some of the studs in the room when he was in his 60s. He couldn’t move well so he would get in the Russian tie and kick their legs out.
  11. Mike Zadick is one of those guys that would make a great head coach but is an absolutely terrible assistant. That’s just a general statement.
  12. He was a freak athlete too. Fun to watch
  13. Lats -Ed Ruth Dad Bod-Ben Askren Rib Cage-Mike Zadick Traps-Brock Lesnar Best Tan-Lance Palmer I skip leg day-everyone at Iowa Every day is chest day-NATO Honey I shrunk the kids-OKSt. Honey I blew up the kids-Penn State Overall specimen-Kevin Randleman
  14. I was afraid this would happen. We will be in a bigger bind if they stop sending pharmaceuticals. Probably not a good idea to call it “the Chinese virus” when they have us over a barrel.
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