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  1. Not anymore, Les Gutches is easily 240 and a competitive bodybuilder. Google him, unrecognizable.
  2. As long as they don’t drug test, Les Gutches v. Brock Lesnar.
  3. The thread is called “revisiting the racism, at team FoxCatcher.” A discussion about DuPont’s mental status is fair game when discussing the motives of his actions. Also, to acknowledge that perceived racism is not always indicative of a racist motive, is not a counter narrative. To make arguments in absolution and to assume every repudiation to your stance is a “narrative” is myopic and virtue signaling at its finest. Furthermore, it’s necessary to acknowledge context and not ignore the likelihood of misunderstandings especially outside of a forum, where lives and careers are at stake. Education and dialogue needs to supplant cancel culture. But I guess it’s easier to just sit back and throw stones, as if that makes any difference or benefits anyone.
  4. 1. DuPont was severely mentally ill. Clearly and unequivocally mentally ill. His mental illness undoubtedly contributed to his actions at FoxCatcher. To what extent, is up for debate. To mention this undeniable truth is not a defense for his actions but does provide context surrounding what happened. 2. DuPont may have been racist. As much as it’s popular to think, speak, and judge in absolutes, racism does exist on a spectrum. 3. Racism is not a clinical mental illness and to suggest so, demonstrates a clear lack of understanding about mental illness and further stigmatizes those who suffer from legitimate mental illness by grouping them with racists.
  5. Not sure when you wrestled but as a whole women’s wrestling has come a long way in the past 10-15 years. One of the fundamental differences between gender performance isn’t just physiological differences but access. There are limited opportunities for woman to compete, train, and have access to the best coaches as compared to men. Therefore, they don’t develop as well. That has changed considerably. Just as wrestlers in Pennsylvania dominate the wrestling landscape-Not because they are special humans but because that’s where the best resources and participation tends to be. A cursory search of objective performance measures indicates the best women in track and swimming have times similar to average college men. Furthering that point it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility if the USA women’s soccer team put a beating on Division 1 JV men’s teams. If we look at combat sports, would it be so outrageous to suggest Amanda Nunes, Holly Holm, Valentina Shevchenko, or even prime Rhonda Rousey could beat up on a average male fighter in the regional circuit? Seems very possible to me.
  6. Laugh all you want but at the lighter weights the strength differences aren’t as apparent and you would be surprised at how technically sound and slick the female wrestlers have become. Several USAW coaches I know, believe the very best women could compete against men at the lighter weights-especially backups nobody has heard of.
  7. The HWC relies on marketing and donations for funding. It’s going to be especially hard now and probably not a good long term strategy to run off the best publicity available-winning; primarily only done by the HWC women. My guess, with the lack of wrestling on the schedule they decided the cost of supporting the HWC women outweighed the publicity (nothing to win right now). That coupled with a significant budgetary shortfall and the cost of the new facility, basically forced this move. Tom implied it was their choice. It would be like saying you aren’t going to pay someone any longer but they are welcome to come to work for free at any time. If they don’t, they “chose” to leave on their own. Regardless, it’s perplexing to announce Glynn and Moody so soon. Major PR blunder. Besides, Ragan probably beats Glynn in the room.
  8. Relax, we will be at 0 by Easter.....
  9. Italy has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Which is one of the reasons they have such a high older population. Their healthcare system provides universal coverage and is largely free of charge. This means many elderly people with underlying conditions were able to live longer because of comprehensive care, but are more at risk of covid-19 complications. Some experts believe the high Italy CFR as compared to places like Germany is their testing is primarily done only on the sickest of patients.
  10. You probably already know this but JRob would be a good interview. I think he was one of the few philosophical and cerebral wrestling coaches. He routinely discusses the psychological aspect of wrestling and specifically fatigue. Check this video out
  11. There is also a run on it nationwide and many of us need it for autoimmune conditions which it is known to work for. It’s now almost impossible to get. Maybe they should figure out if it actually works for covid-19 before hoarding it.
  12. Trying to suppress Covid-19 without testing in masse is like fighting a wildfire and not knowing where it’s at; everyone ends up getting wet. So yes, this is our only option until testing improves.
  13. To be fair, you and Marcus C. also have a pattern.......
  14. Not to rain on the parade but at this point we will be fortunate if there is a next season.
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