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  1. Do we even know if he’s a good coach? There is a lot more to coaching than being a gifted wrestler.
  2. Steveson will get it, as he should.
  3. I have no idea how much these guys are cutting but from the eye test, Howard, Heinselman, Courtney, and of course Lee could make 118. There are studs that probably can’t beat the starter at 125 because they are giving up too much weight that would be stars at 118. 7 pounds is a huge jump by percentage of body weight. It’s unfair to say they aren’t that great at 125 when it’s probably more a weight disparity than skill. Not many AAs at 125 would do great at 133.
  4. If only we had historical precedent. Looked stacked in 1998.
  5. How do we be understanding of a behavior, if it’s unclear what the behavior actually was. There are most certainly things that can be understood but still warrant severe punishment and condemnation.
  6. Simple solution, don’t suck on bottom. As for RBY, DeSanto didn’t have any problems getting out from under him. Maybe Fix, just hadn’t worked on bottom in a few years. Warner’s ride on Woodley was much more egregious. They only need to enforce the rules already there, no reason to stand them up just because there is no turn.
  7. Without knowing what exactly the offense was, it’s hard to know if Iowa “went overboard.”
  8. He’s already a better wrestler than anyone above 133 on an Iowa team over the last decade—why would he want to go there and get worse? Sleeper pick—Oregon State with the new coaching staff and better middleweight coach.
  9. I think Iowa fans are salty because they just won their first title in over a decade and most everyone is only talking about PSU’s incredible Saturday night performance.
  10. Probably need to increase the value of a takedown if a step out is instituted, otherwise we will see guys only going for push outs since it’s the same net value as a TD and subsequent escape—with a lot less risk and work. I also don’t know how it would work in the referee’s position—be awful easy to run a guy off the mat when their back is turned.
  11. Didn’t say the conference wasn’t better just that not every weight class is nearly as stacked in the B1G. And higher seeds tend to have an easier path to place high, not exactly earth shattering. As another example, every year when Nelson Brands and Max Murin get a single win, they are automatically ranked in the top 5. Even Rivera has now been clowned by both Mueller and Tariq.
  12. If he does opt for surgery, he definitely needs to start lifting weights so his muscles will provide more stability and take the load off his ligaments. Three ACL tears while still in his early 20s is a lot. Highly likely he already has arthritic changes.
  13. Rankers need to stop putting so much weight on the B1G schedule. There is probably a reason Marinelli keeps getting bounced from the topside of the tourney by guys in other conferences.
  14. Can’t think of anything more deserving of an automatic disqualification and loss of team points than threatening to kill a female media official at the NCAA tournament.
  15. If true, he should be kicked off the team.
  16. Johny Hendricks level heel. He’s way better of a sportsman than the guys that refuse to shake hands. I’m a fan.
  17. Iowa had two guys underperform in the finals, one get kicked from the awards ceremony, another lose a team point, and one guy quit the tournament after he lost. But yeah, they got a team title. I definitely know which team will be happier tonight—PSU. Always the best under the lights.
  18. Recruits want to win both but deep down they rather be an individual champ and be part of a team that over performs when it matters not collapse. When’s the last time Iowa won a weight above 133?
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