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  1. I think you are probably right. I also have no idea what kind of insurance schools carry to protect them from this sort of thing. I now it’s instances such as Grand View the wrestling program is a huge profit driver but so is their room and board. They cram as many students into a room as possible to maximize $$$. At many other small schools the wrestling programs aren’t popular enough among students and will likely be the first to be cut if expenses mount.
  2. I don’t see any scenario where money is paid back to students. Perhaps, state funded schools on a trimester system where the third term hasn’t started yet. Most private NAIA schools do not operate at anywhere close to a profit and are already going to get hamstrung by the global recession; room and board is a major contributor to their balance books. Many would go bankrupt if they had to pay out in masse.
  3. If our biggest concern coming out this ends up being a cancelled NCAA tournament we should consider ourselves extremely lucky. Many others will not be.
  4. R0 of 2.2; 3 NBA players tested positive and went into isolation. 1 player gave it to a teammate and his opponent on March 7th. The math checks out, no?
  5. “Two weeks ago, Trump said the country would soon have zero cases. This week, there were more than 2,200 and 49 deaths”
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/health/2020/03/14/cdc-manual-crisis-coronavirus-trump/%3foutputType=amp There are real consequences to misinformation during a crisis.
  7. Part of the reason American’s are worried is the conflicting message. We are told 2 weeks ago hey, there will be zero cases and now there are over 3,000. We are told every American can get tested-but clearly that’s not true. Yet famous people are getting tested but regular Americans can’t get a test with known trace exposures and symptoms. Then we are told hey it’s no big deal it’s just the flu- now we are suspending travel, canceling schools, major sports, and looking at a national lockdown. We can’t even get a clear message on the number of ventilators in the stockpile. We are also told it’s not that deadly and maybe that’s true if we had a healthcare infrastructure to withstand the surges but we don’t. A lot of people will die for ancillary reasons because of that alone. Chemo patients, car accident victims, etc etc. Italy has a 10% fatality rate because they can’t treat everyone and they most closely resemble our healthcare situation.
  8. Lol. I haven’t heard anything substantive. I did hear that OSU was planning on doing most of their recruiting leg work at nationals (not surprising) but now that isn’t happening I’m not sure of their gameplan.
  9. As of last night, no cases coming out of Benton county but Lebanon has had several at the VA home. There was a mild panic around town Friday night. Grocery stores were picked clean but gyms and restaurants looked like they were business as usual. The city closed down several of their buildings open to the public, the library etc. most of their activities are shut down. Gov. Brown is considering a state wide closing of bars and restaurants-her predecessor (retired physician) has been very critical of her response thus far. She is supposed to make the decision this afternoon.
  10. This made me smile and I needed it. Much appreciated.
  11. I wouldn’t deny that at all and I agree wholeheartedly with your post. Several threads have been hijacked by political posturing. I was actually kinda relieved when it got consolidated onto this one.
  12. I don’t particularly like political banter on threads clearly labeled something else. But you can’t expect anyone to talk about anything else other than covid-19 or the politics involved when that is actually in the title of the thread and the op’s post.
  13. Yep, good thing the entire country is made up of only healthy young men and they cannot transmit it to anyone but other healthy young men.
  14. Everybody knows that was Herbert Hoover’s fault......
  15. Keep this in mind, WW2 had FDR and Winston Churchill. We have Boris and Trump.......maybe we should be alarmed.
  16. The OP’s takeaway is hey it was fine for me, why is everyone worried? It’s terrible logic and it flies in the face of literally all the reports coming around the world. This is a “we” thing now. You decisions right now affect other people. If someone can’t handle a couple cancellations to protect the most vulnerable they are the biggest wuss bags in generations.
  17. You give more weight to a random anonymous internet poster on a wrestling forum than the medical director of the CDC and experts worldwide?
  18. Actually, the high death rates are easy to contain. It’s the moderately low with long incubation periods that are impossible
  19. I actually thought he was trolling. If he’s not I’ll read what he has to say. 90% of our pharmaceuticals come from China so if they stop exports I’ll absolutely believe it. They have already threatened to do so but it got zero coverage. PSA if nothing else everyone make sure you get 90 days of your medication.
  20. I assumed you were serious until this part: “All this because China couldn’t contain a biological weapon.“
  21. I doubt it. Pyles said it’s an idea being floated. I don’t think the NCAA is worrying about this right now. They won’t make any decisions without looking at all potential outcomes. $$$ They certainly aren’t worried about wrestling.
  22. Award 3-8 by seed but do a “WHO’s” #1 college edition for 1-2. (Pun not intended)
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