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  1. RBY’s take on the situation is more wise and rational than most of the coaches and wrestling personalities’ comments.
  2. I can agree with that. I just think it’s been put into overdrive recently.
  3. High blood pressure was present in 50% of the patients admitted in China. We have a lot of people with hypertension and I wouldn’t consider it a serious health issue in your context.
  4. I agree. China is using mass quarantines, their cameras, QR Codes, drones, and SWAT teams to control their outbreak. We told people to go to work even if they are sick with Coronavirus.
  5. Sometimes being alarmed is appropriate. Instead of it being the media’s fault maybe the public’s anxiety of this is a direct result of distrust in the government’s message. After 3 plus years of eroding public trust and the integrity of our government institutions can we be surprised if the public does not trust the White House? At this point, even if the information spoken by Pence and *45 are true, it’s unlikely even his most fervent supporters will trust him. That’s scary stuff.
  6. Spoiler alert. We can extrapolate what is happening with mortality rates in Italy to here. It’s not a special virus that discriminates only against europeans and foreigners. It’s not like Stephen Miller engineered it.
  7. Because of the bottleneck at testing facilities and lack of tests nationwide, it’s unlikely they would do any tests as a precautionary measure or even get them back in time if they did. You have to be showing severe symptoms to be tested at all.
  8. NBA just suspended season :( I don’t care for BB but this will affect NCAA’s
  9. I appreciate the optimism but we just banned travel for 30 days to and from Europe. NCAA’s are not going to happen.
  10. It’s not about completely stopping the spread of the disease anymore, that ship has sailed. It’s about slowing down the virus so not everyone is sick at once and thereby collapsing our healthcare facilities. Last thing we want is rationing of care at ED and ICU’s. If you have monster events-you will create huge clusters of newly infected.
  11. I was actually in the middle of typing a variation of this. Well done.
  12. It’s highly unlikely the event even happens. It’s still hundreds of people close together and they will travel from all over the country. There was a conference at Biogen in Massachusetts a few weeks ago that is responsible for a spread to several US states. NCAA will likely do this in waves, first fans and then as we get closer the entire tournament. Schools may not allow their athletes to compete or even practice.
  13. Moving it closer to the US’ epicenter of the outbreak doesn’t seem like the best idea.......
  14. I’ll say this if we had zero cars and had to come up with a way to transport millions of people to and fro. We wouldn’t come up with a 4 wheeled metal box that could easily kill you if you crash it. Unfortunately, our infrastructure only allows for cars as the major mode of transportation so we do the best we can to make it safer. Hopefully by precautions we take now Covid-19 won’t be a major part of the “human infrastructure” so we are doing what we can. That is the difference.
  15. Fair enough. It would be equally ridiculous if a small town attorney who primarily does divorces tried to pass themselves off as an expert in a capital case. It’s a problem in every field and it’s extremely dishonest.
  16. A. When you google his name his speciality is Dermatology. That’s why I said that. Yes, he is board certified immunology (also pediatrics) but so is every allergy doctor. I don’t pretend my allergist is a specialist in Ebola or any serious infectious disease and would be pissed if he passed himself off as such. B. If a doctor doesn’t see something regularly regardless of their initial education they are not specialists and the little amount of continuing education they get does not fill that void. That’s why we have specialists in knee’s and hips who wouldn’t have the first clue about shoulders even though they are all orthopaedic surgeons. There were a lot of doctors and scientists in Italy who confounded the problem by seeking publicity and we are seeing that here. I am under the assumption he is looking for notoriety not because he is being altruistic. Obviously I could be wrong but I’m just explaining my reasoning here. As always everyone is welcome to form their own opinion. I choose to defer to WHO.
  17. Oh come on. The dude checks skin lesions and does allergy testing. Like any field there are levels to this. Read about him online he passes himself off as a world renowned specialist. He went to UMKC and probably finished his boards just a few years ago. WHO has specialists in deadly diseases not pollen allergies.
  18. Infectious disease? Hardly. from Dr. Marc Serota’s website: Conditions Treated Contact Dermatitis Acne Dermatitis Psoriasis Plantar Warts Though, if we run into a Plantar Wart epidemic he will be the first guy I call!
  19. Lmao. A random dermatologist in Colorado who graduated from medical school in 2009 doesn’t mean much. Ill listen to virologists and epidemiologists from WHO have been doing this their entire careers. If you want him to check out foot fungus or ring worm I’m sure he is good.
  20. 3 weeks ago Italy had 3 infected now they have over 10,000. They acted exactly as we are now. They went about their daily lives and few measures were taken. Now the country is in lockdown. There are not enough hospital beds, respirators, or staff and they have to ration care. A ER doc said they will no longer even assess patients who are over 65 or those with significant comorbidities. At this point the majority of Americans will get infected but if it’s spread out the healthcare infrastructure can handle it. If a lot of people get infected at once, hospitals will be over run and the system will collapse. There is also a chance even the athletes do not compete. An athlete under scholarship or a coach under contract would basically be forced to go and could hold the NCAA and university responsible if infected. As soon as liability outweighs the $$$ the NCAA will cancel. This assumes they even have a choice.
  21. To be fair the ranker(s) at Flo don’t have a ton of experience. They basically seed the B1G really well at the start of the season and adjust guys up or down based on how they did against their initial rankings-which they then weigh too heavily. They had Colbray ranked way too high and immediately after Nelson beat him they moved Brands into the top 5. The proper way would be to move Nelson into the top 15-20 and drop Colbray considerably. I don’t think they watch much tape on those ranked 15-25. I’d be surprised if they have ever seen most of the 2nd tier guys outside the B1G. Yesterday, they said there were a ton of upsets at conference tourneys but its also possible they just suck at rankings.
  22. Most homes in the nicer part of Corvallis run about 450k-500k easily. The salary is good but the cost of living is quite high.
  23. Yeah he does the masters circuit NPC. I know he was a national qualifier but not sure if he got his pro card.
  24. I saw him at the gym a few months back. He has to be pushing 250-all muscle. Absolutely huge now. He owns a few businesses in Corvallis so I know he is still involved in the community.
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