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  1. Would a push-out many of you are advocating for only apply to neutral? Awful easy to push a guy out of bounds on a standup and his back is to you.
  2. Idk. 125 is a hot mess after the top 4. Lots of guys could get in there including Camacho. Mueller will probably make it to Lee in the semi’s and secure an AA but depending on who is ranked 5th could just as easily lose in the quarters; and on the backside anything can happen. Also, depends on Camacho’s seed. I think he lost to Medley and Schwarm this season so may have a rough road to AA.
  3. Mueller has spent most of the season injured. Think it is his shoulder. I wouldn’t put much stock into Camacho’s win. He lost to Mueller earlier in the season.
  4. That’s right. It was also 5A not 4A. I can’t keep track of all the classes now. It’s a bold prediction but I could see it. I used to coach at CV so I’m probably a little bias. If any of his kids are in the transfer portal in the next few months. I guess we will know. Out of all of the CV kids I think Wisenhut would be a good get. Chance is the best of the son’s IMO. DJ Gilett is really young so it’s hard to tell. Cantu is already headed to Oklahoma? After RJ Pena never became a true title threat and Rich didn’t pan out I think the top guys stopped considering OSU. Hopefully that will change. Vidlak projected 25 or 33?
  5. Bold Prediction: The Crescent Valley High School head coach Chad Lamer. CV had 10 champs in class 4A and he is the volunteer assistant at Oregon State this year. Ask anyone who follows Oregon high school wrestling and they will say he is a good recruiter too. He would undoubtedly stop the exodus of any and all Oregon talent.
  6. Only a fool would count out PSU. The year Iowa got the scoring record they were the underdog to OkSt and had sealed up the title before the final day. The scoring is different than B1G’s and there are a lot of other teams and great wrestlers. The Scuffle and Midlands were shells of their former selves so it’s hard to assess parity among the top 8. Lots of guys could play upset and on the backside anything can happen.
  7. Steveson absolutely outclassed Parris. The only reason it seemed close is the 1 point net for each takedown and subsequent escape. These boys are massive so regardless of the shape they are in, they will gas if they spam shots and attacks. Also given their size a simple mistake means match over. Not you, but there is a ridiculous narrative that Gable is lazy and that he could get a takedown if he wants it but chooses not too. This is blatantly false. Watch his set ups and attacks he is methodical and patient. He forces nothing. You can’t expect a heavy to wrestle like ADS.
  8. Bold prediction: Dean Heil was responsible for the danger rule and Spencer Lee’s dominance will be responsible for the elimination of the 4 point near fall.
  9. Agreed. I’m really impressed with the improvement in his top game this year.
  10. I agree. Griffith beat #4 Shields 2x and #7 Wittlake, Kennedy Monday, and Fogerty and is 28-0. Seeding committee does weird stuff sometimes.
  11. They better not seed Marinelli and Joseph #2/3 respectfully and an undefeated Griffith #1. Unfortunately, they seem to reward undefeated seasons more than strength of schedule and occasionally gift a #1 seed to other conferences.
  12. Let’s just watch these two wrestle 10x in a row at NCAA’s. Skip the rest.
  13. how often do they change back points which also requires a count.
  14. If you watch his face after his barn burners even if he loses, he has a big grin. Seems to have a great time in epic matches. Not everyone actively enjoys the moment in a loss. I respect that he does.
  15. Total shots ADS-7 RBY-6 not such a difference I would say one guy was stalling and the other was the main aggressor.
  16. “he avenged a prior loss in each of his NCAA tournaments (and both by fall, IIRC).“ You said both by fall. His win against Picc wasn’t a fall last year and was just letting you know.
  17. He only avenged one prior loss and that was two years ago (2018) when he lost to NATO at B10s and pinned him at NCAAs. He pinned Picc in the 2018 NCAA but didn’t lose to him until the OkSt. Dual last year (2019). He beat him by decision at NCAAs last year. His only other losses were to Seabass and Break Dancing Bresser neither he faced at NCAAs
  18. Have to look at proportionally to percentage of body weight. The lighter they are the bigger difference weight differentials make. 103 to 112 is huge. 174-184 not really. Guys in the upper weight classes can bump up or down relatively easy. The lighter weights-not so much.
  19. Instadeath for 4m of riding time? I’m all for it but the top guy should be the one that loses.....
  20. Crazy the refs doubled down instead of acknowledging they couldn’t count and then afterwards even the tournament committee refused to overturn the decision.
  21. I wonder if you’ll be able to see the subtle techniques or nuance. I like watching the slick set ups and hand fighting. The atmosphere will be undoubtedly awesome.
  22. “Hold my beer”-Maryland
  23. Coronavirus has a 2.3% fatality rate. Common flu is .1
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