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  1. Iowa St. cheats and still sucks. At least the Astros won.
  2. I wouldn’t forget Daniel Cormier-Accomplished Wrestler/Olympian/Two division champ in UFC/great commentator/non abrasive personality
  3. A middling college wrestler, convicted felon, with multiple time drug failures, who in MMA choked every time it counted-coaching the most dominant program in decades? Seriously?
  4. Jason T-Shirts and T-Ram were good. David “Magic Man” Taylor was the worst.
  5. I know I’m new but how come nobody told me Cael posts on here?
  6. Force118


    You forgot Religion
  7. OkSt. did that to Iowa last year. Turned out okay for Iowa. Smith and his team have some serious firepower coming in with two great recruiting classes. They will be fine.
  8. via Imgflip GIF Maker I thought the OP was stating all things being equal as in similar training, access, etc. If we are just looking at skill levels. It wouldn’t be close. I don’t think many of you realize how much better athletes of today are. Low AA’s of today would be 3x champions of the 60s
  9. Yes and Yianni would crush Dan Gable....... Edited: comparing skill levels only- Lee would beat Uetake and Yianni would cruise over Gable. The scrambling ability alone of guys today would give anyone pre askren fits
  10. In Corvallis, American Dream Pizza and Benny’s Donuts.
  11. So Dresser sent out two wrestlers in an actual NCAA sanctioned competition with an already predetermined outcome. How is this not throwing a match and subject to rules against match fixing?
  12. You think Lee will make the trip to Pittsburgh for the ACC tournament this year ? He has ducked it 2x already.
  13. I think part of it is that for 28 days they have to schedule 16 hours of activities for campers. The easiest way to do that is running and mass conditioning style programming. Stuff that requires very little supervision-maybe 1 guy for 30-40 campers. So that’s what they do. Not because they are using up to date training methodology. Most of the time they are just trying to kill time. Just giving my perspective.
  14. Personally, I got nothing from those camps. Ran a lot and did a lot of live wrestling but nobody was really around to correct us or give advice-just too many campers and so few instructors. It’s not like the competition was that great either, I think I was the only state champ in my group. It was the 90s so maybe it’s changed but at the time I was frustrated with how little instruction we got. It seemed like the only goal was to make us really really tired. Obviously, others could have had a different experience.
  15. Agreed on Lovett. Schwarm at 25. He has been pinning everyone. Witcraft at 33. Grant Willits at 41, Verk at 149, Berge 157, Wittlake at 165, Anthony Valencia at 174, WADA at 184, Bulsak 197, Gas Tank at 285
  16. Are you arguing that PSU recruited Hall over Kemerer? Kemerer was like 138 in high-school while Hall was 170. They didn’t choose Hall over Kemerer. You could maybe say that they recruited Zain, Nolf, or Joseph over him sure. Joseph did pin him in the state finals.
  17. Well he kissed the Purdue guy’s headgear trying to get a reaction. Then acted like an idiot when he got rightfully shoved.http://via Imgflip GIF Maker
  18. 18 is actually more than I thought. Thanks for the detailed stats. Good stuff.
  19. You mean at Senior Nationals only? In NCAA, Lee has been taken down more than you think but almost always after he fades in the later periods. Bresser, Glory, Picc, Guiterrez, Rivera have all found good success against him once he gets tired. Last year, I think even Mackall took him down late (not sure though) Lee is almost untouchable until he gets tired. He is certainly beatable though. He is not top 3 in the world as another poster suggested. He might not even be top 3 in the country. Gilman, Fix, Gross, Suriano, Colon would have something to say about that.
  20. Has to wait until the end of the season to apply for a medical.
  21. I would like to see Nelson at his natural weight of 174 against an AA in Joe Smith. That said it is senior night in IC and although Kemerer will probably get a medical year back; on the off chance he doesn’t, Brands will have him on the mat for a proper send off.
  22. woods beat Gfeller, who is pretty tough-he holds a win over finesilver at 149.
  23. Murin got thrashed by Red which means he shouldn’t be third.
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