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  1. Real Woods will be sleeper of 2020. I think he will face Lee in the finals. I’m surprised he isn’t talked about more. How Murin is ranked ahead of him is beyond me.
  2. I follow NAIA pretty closely. Being an Iowa guy, mostly Grandview and Graceland. There are guys in the NAIA that are D1 caliber but don’t have the academics or ran into some issues at a D1 school. Makes for some good wrestling. 9-10 years ago GV was full of uIowa washouts. It won’t happen in the NCAA but I do think the NAIA will see the success of women’s wrestling and move the men’s programs to freestyle.
  3. Pretty farfetched. I really don’t think Pletcher would be riding Spencer Lee into BJC.
  4. You know when you used to go pick out a movie on a Friday night and you ask the college kid working there if he has seen the movies you were thinking of renting. After all, you are just trying to figure out which one you should get and don’t mind wasting a little time talking about movies. But instead of answering your question, he goes off telling you how little you know about movies, that everything you picked is garbage, and that you are what’s wrong with film audiences. He instead points you to some indie flick about a giant talking whale in Korean. Russelscout is that guy.
  5. Actually most did die. Archeologists and historians in Rome have been able to determine that most died at the precise moment they were about to be cradled to their back.
  6. Video of Desanto doing it the proper way via Imgflip GIF Maker
  7. The majority of the senior level athletes are actually enlisted. Like 90% of them. Wrestling for the military is in no way guaranteed-the military’s needs come first. Better chance of becoming special ops than wrestling full time
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